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Hi, I am using a Genesis child theme. How would I modify your code to work with their framework?

Hi Tatiana, thnx for your message. Some frameworks make it hard to work with code outside their own Theme. There’s always a way however. For now it depends on what you want to do and where you want to show (or how to use) the Colors you selected per Category.

Do you have a bit of knowledge of PHP? Does the support section help you at all? >


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I’m learning, but it is a very slow and painful process. What I would like to do is change the post titles mainly, so that they are the color of the category it is associated with. I am building a fiction site, and this would be useful for the different stories I am working on.

I have found that I can do it the long way, via CSS like so:

.blog .category-fiction a:link, .blog .category-fiction a:visited { color: #2da5b3; }

.blog .category-fiction .entry-title a:link, .blog .category-fiction .entry-title a:visited { color: #2da5b3; }


But that is a long and tedious process, and if I can get your plugin to work, it will definitely streamline everything. It’s just that Genesis codes everything through the fuctions.php page, and I don’t know how to modify your code to work with theirs.