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Hi, I don’t quite understand what this will do?

I am after a plugin or a way to have each category to have a unique colour that will show in the Meta.

For instance we have 3 categories at work (News, Work, Clients)

We will be creating posts that will have one of the above categories selected.

We will be using a plugin called Justified Image Grid found here in CodeCanyon.

Each of the boxes will show a post, and we want to display the meta category name in each unique colour.

Will this plugin do the colouring of the meta category name?

I have added an image with the categories marked by red rectangles to better describe what I would like to do.

Hi there, I have mentioned your plugin in the Justified image Grid plugin about the functions that your plugin will do for colourising the categories. However the reply from the developer is looking like I cannot use this plugin with his? Here is the link to his reply.

You may advise if this is the case, or if there is a way I can still use your plugin to work with the JIG plugin.

Am off to bed now, so will look forward to reading any reply tomorrow… thank you for your help thus far by your replies.

It will work, but the only difference is that he gets the category names and not the ids (check ). It’s pretty easily resolved like this:

$the_category_id = implode(", ", wp_get_post_categories( $post->ID , array('fields' => 'ids')));

          if(function_exists('cc_get_color')) { 
            $category_color = cc_get_color($the_category_id); 


From there on you have your six-figured colorcode $category_color and can you add a ’#’ and put it in your inline stylesheet.

Ofcourse I think you’ll also want to show the category name still. Once you have a Category id you can show the name again through a diffferent (easier) function:

<?php echo get_cat_name($the_category_id);?>

No issues on all the replies above… Have just purchased using our business account. Thanks for responding. Should I need assistance I will call out. Hopefully all should be smooth sailing. (mcollins)

Much appreciated, fantastic support already.

Hi I am a bit confused too, is this for the font end? So you can customize the link color, or background of the post based on category? Or is it just changing it on the backend for ease of use?

You can use it for everything actually, that’s just one example. If you want you can color the titles, or the category names, the tags, backgrounds, etc. On I colored the category name in the top. I’ll put up some more examples online if I have some more time.

As an extra example I added a page background color in the Category overview and single page as well, you can see it here.

I don’t get what this does, no live veiw?

I’ll have a live preview up next week, I can see how it can be a bit confusing without an example (check item details for more info for now)

Allright, I have a demo site up and running here. You can also log in here with user “demo” and password “demo” and try for yourself :-)

Hi there, Quick question – I’d like to keep the background color of the page, but not the background color behind the text. Is it possible to do this?

Hey Chris, yeah no problem. The Plugin just lets you select a color per Category which you can use in any way in your template to style your items with. I think this: is what you mean right?

It would be neat if you could add custom css to categories and not just select color.

Basically yeah.

I could write extra functions, but I’m curious as to what exactly would be interesting. The reason I didn’t sofar is to point out there are no limitations in using the assigned color.

For instance I could create a function in which every Category will be listed in the assigned color, one for creating a Background color in the post, etc. Or I could create widget with a few functions?

Each have its own css class, as well as ability to adjust timestamp and colors on time stamp based on post.

Can I use this only on categories or is it possible to use it on sides?

Allright, well if each of those is a Category then you could use this plugin. If they are pages then you should use something else :-) Do you have a link to your website ?

My website or my “new” webside isn’t online yet. I think I am gonna to use ACF

Allright, good luck :-)

Hi ! I’m french and no programmer… I buy your plugin and I really don’t understand PHP code install, the plugin are activate but don’t work. Can you help me please ? I just want my category post and category portfolio can change colors one by one. Thanks for your help. My web site in progress :

Hey Chaud, did you read the documentation and do you know how to assign a color to a Category? After you have selected a color, in the Template you can add a code. I explained it in the FAQ here ->

What part in your template do you want to have the colors?

Hi, Work with custom post types? Cheers

Hey Vieradel, what do you mean exactly? To add colors to custom post types? Or to custom post taxonomies?

Hi, Maybe, custom post taxonomies. I need to assign a color to each category of a post type that my theme was created.

Yeah those are Taxonomies indeed. It is not compatible yet with those, but it’s a good addon actually and I’ll work on incorporating that.

Hi. Literally just bought/installed your plugin and am getting an error message:

Warning: mysql_query(): Access denied for user ‘—’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) in /--/—-/public_html/wp-content/plugins/category-colors/cc-index.php on line 55

Warning: mysql_query(): A link to the server could not be established in //-/public_html/wp-content/plugins/category-colors/cc-index.php on line 55 db problemen: Access denied for user ‘’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

I have this installed on multisite. Did not realize (assuming) this would be an issue before hand or else would not have bought it. What adjustments would I need to make to get it to work with multisite? OR barring that, how do I apply for a refund?

I haven’t even added anything to my theme template yet; just wanted to get the colors set up first. Please help, because I think this could be extremely useful and I haven’t found another plugin like it yet.

When submitting a color. Had no problems with the install, which is why I thought it would be okay. Did not network activate, since I only need to use it on one of my sites for now.

Allright, I may have found the reason of the issue. I replaced some older functions in the plugin with the new WP queries. If you can e-mail me on I will send you a new version. (it’s 23:00 here so if you could mail me now maybe?) :-)

Sent you an updated version earlier, let me know if you got the e-mail and if it solves your issue.

For anyone else experiencing the same issue: I will be uploading an updated version soon. Thanks for your support and comments.

The plugin does not correctly pull the default color. It is set to pull the string “default”. I had to edit it as follows:

//get the Category Color. Main function for Wordpress Tempate usage function cc_get_color($the_cat_id) { global $wpdb; $the_cat_color = $wpdb->get_row(“SELECT cat_color, the_cat_id FROM category_colors WHERE the_cat_id = ’$the_cat_id’ ”, ARRAY_A); if(is_array($the_cat_color) && sizeof($the_cat_color) > 0) { $cat_color = $the_cat_color[‘cat_color’]; } else { $cat_color=cc_get_color(‘default’); } return $cat_color; }

Hey Danep, thnx for your reply! You’re right, somehow I missed the default value there (probably because it’s in the actual function itself). I will change it in the next release.


Is this plugin support for Wordpress latest version (WP4)?

Hi ceffectz, yes it is. The testsite on is also running on WP 4.0. Greetings,


Hi. I’m interested in purchasing the plugin but I have 1 question. What if I have multiple-categories post? Does the plugin give the right color to each category slug? From your demo I don’t think it’s supposed to do. Am I wrong?

of course I did but it refers to the first category $category0. maybe inside the foreach($categories as $category) might work and give the right color to every category name.. Anyway I’m gonna purchase the plugin and have a try. thanks

Allright, thnx! just email me if you have trouble to get it working.

Is this a bit more helpful perhaps? -> Another solution would be to make a new variable of each category color so that you can use it later in your code.

Hi there…

I purchased this plugin thinking in would do what I needed but I’m not sure if it does??

What I have is a basic blog page on my website with posts appearing from lots of different categories. Each post has a title, thumbnail, category name, brief description with a standard click though to the actual article.

So what I’ve explained above is a basic wordpress blog.

All i want to do is have a different color font for each category title. Is this possible?

I just replaced my code with the code you gave me…

I’m not too familiar with php… how do i use it within a loop?

Allright, Wordpress calls on specific functions in your templates to get the content from each post or page, starting with “ if (have_posts()) : ”. To paste the whole thing you will need to have this in your template:

<?php if (have_posts()) :  ?>
<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

//get the categories
$category = get_the_category();
//loop through all categories
foreach($category as $the_category) {
//the category name
$category_name = $the_category->name;
//get id for each category
$category_id = $the_category->cat_ID;

//now run the Category Color code
if(function_exists('cc_get_color')) {
    $category_color = cc_get_color($category_id);
        echo "<font style="color: #" echo="">" . $category_name . "</font> ";

<?php endwhile; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

(I notice that copy/pasting here doesn’t always come out as it should. If this doesn’t work for you just email me at

It seems to be coping and pasting ok but there is an error in this line of code. echo “ ” .

I’m inserting this into a zone file for a one page website not in a template. (if that helps)


Hi i have your plugin with template that i have. when i try to update the color of category i get the error: db problemen: Aucune base n’a été sélectionnée. and this error in edit_tags.php file if i can see it right in url. what is this? can you help me? and yes, i have category_colors table in db.

version of plugin is 1.1. and theme is Gazette purchased.

so do you have an answer for me?

could you email me at I will send you a new version of the plugin and see if that helps you. cheers!


Yesterday I have bought the plugin. I am getting a SQL error like mentioned by a user before:

Warning: mysql_query(): Access denied for user ‘—’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) in /-/—/public_html/wp-content/plugins/category-colors/cc-index.php on line 55

Warning: mysql_query(): A link to the server could not be established in /—/-/public_html/wp-content/plugins/category-colors/cc-index.php on line 55 db problemen: Access denied for user ‘—’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

It occurs after color picking. Is this pulgin compatible with current WP versions? Is there a solution to this problem?

Hi Rebecca, sorry for not noticing your message here earlier. Seems some of the plugin-update-email was lost in my spam box. I noticed the issue and updated the plugin to match the new database functions for Wordpress. If the update is reviewed you can download the new version (1.2). Please let me know if this works for you. Greetings, Marten

Hi Rebecca, the new version of the plugin is approved and ready for download.


as1974 Purchased

Hello!!! I bought you a wonderful plug-in, but what time can not I bring it to mind (does not work). I’m not strong with PHP codes. Where I can not understand what to insert. Help me please. The Avada template. If you need to send which files or the template completely, I can do it via email. The site is not yet uploaded to the hosting. My Email is I have almost a day, tomorrow I leave for work for 20 days, so I wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Hey! Thnx for buying the plugin :-) You do need to insert some PHP code indeed, but it also depends on what you want to show in your Theme. If you are using a Theme like Avada I would suggest to not insert the code in the Main Theme since that will vanish with future updates. Instead use a Child Theme, or a code insert plugin ( for instance ).

First of all, what do you want to do with Category Colors and do you have a test-link I can see?