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Good day,

I have a few questions for you before purchase. 1. Can top bar and font colors be changed 2. Instead of when I click on the “post title” which takes me to the actual post page can I easily set the action to redirect me to a custom url?

Thanks much, Shane@Valiant

Also, What kind of customization would be required to pull content from my subfolders in a multisite environment. As all the categories I will be displaying are titles for (5) subfolders (MU) and the content of each menu item will be posts/ content from these sub sites.

I would like to bypass creating/ duplicating all of these posts in order to display the content on the homepage. Which is simply a landing page for the network.

Any thoughts. Shane

1. There is no color customization for different category menu items. 2.There is no option for custom links it only links to the actual post page. 3.This would not be possible with such a Multisite setup. Sorry -Nolan

Hi mate, This plugin is super cool, i am thinking highly of buying it. but i’m really finding it in my way when i try to scroll down my page or even click into my page to make the popup slide back into its place. if it functioned like Wah-Menu i would think it would be superb. Is that a bug on my side or is it coded to slide up and stay slid up regardless of a click or scroll on page?

regards mate, bootlip

When you hover out of the popup bottom panel it hides and on touch devices there is a swipe action to close it. -Nolan

Okay i see, it seems that it does work like that only if you hover over any of the items you slid up.

Is it possible to have an X button to close the popup? without hovering over the popups, the slide just sticks while im browsing the page content and makes me wonder if its bugged. Even though its really not. If i could get an X button it would allow the user to click that and close it instead of finding out i have to hover over it then hover over my page content to have it auto close.

Regards mate, bootlip

By changing 2 lines in the CSS it can be a top down version. Please see demo here – -Nolan

Hello (google translation)

Question: can you adjust the size for displaying posts in length and width, number of posts?

Do you have any illustrations of the backend configuration options?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

You can adjust the width and height of the content bar items and exclude certain categories but cannot set how many posts are shown.

Here is the backend Doc page with all options:
Add shortocode to page.


[catbar bottom_bar_height='0.4']


[catbar bottom_bar_height='0.4' bottom_bar_posts_width='500' body_content='.content']
Shortcode Options:

    //set to '' for all child levels

Category List Option Exmplained

    (number) Number that represents a percentage of the window height - 0.3

        0.3 - default 

    (number) Number that represents a in pixels the width of each bottom bar item.

        300 - default 

    (string)The selected element on your post pages that is displayed inside each Category Bar bottom bar item.

        .entry-content - default 

    (bool) Set true to show the comment/view/users posts links.

        true - default 

    (string) Type of category to retrieve

        post - default

Note: type=link has been deprecated from WordPress 3.0 onwards. Use taxonomy=link_category instead.

    (integer) Display all categories that are descendants (i.e. children & grandchildren) of the category identified by its ID. There is no default for this parameter. If the parameter is used, the hide_empty parameter is set to false. 

    (integer) Display only categories that are direct descendants (i.e. children only) of the category identified by its ID. This does NOT work like the 'child_of' parameter. There is no default for this parameter. [In 2.8.4] 

    (string) Sort categories alphabetically or by unique category ID. The default is sort by name. Valid values:

        name - default

    (string) Sort order for categories (either ascending or descending). The default is ascending. Valid values:

        asc - default

    (number) Category ID's to exclude from the menu. To find a category ID right click on the browser and view page source. Each .catbar .top-level-ul li h2 has a data-catid attribute. This is the ID of the category.

        null - default
        17,3,9 - will exclude category ID's(17,3 and 9) 

See for complete list.

    (string) Excludes one or more categories from the list generated by wp_list_categories. This parameter takes a comma-separated list of categories by unique ID, in ascending order. See the example. 

Setting Icons for the categories.

Add a div to the page with a class of "catbar-icon" then add the data-category-name="yourcategory" then add the data-icon attribute with a icon class value data-icon="icon-home".

See below for a complete list of data-icon classes to use.
<div class="catbar-icon" data-icon="icon-pacman" data-category-name="games" />
Demo Page Code Example:

[catbar bottom_bar_height="0.4"]

<div class="catbar-icon" data-icon="icon-pacman" data-category-name="games" />

<div class="catbar-icon" data-icon="icon-quill" data-category-name="design" />

<div class="catbar-icon" data-icon="icon-film" data-category-name="movies" />

<div class="catbar-icon" data-icon="icon-podcast" data-category-name="New Media" />

<div class="catbar-icon" data-icon="icon-library" data-category-name="newsstream" />

<div class="catbar-icon" data-icon="icon-tags" data-category-name="Uncategorized" />

<div class="catbar-icon" data-icon="icon-ticket2" data-category-name="videos" /> 

(google translation – sorry if bad translation)

Thank you very much for that, I located the possibilities better.

Last question, since I’m not a developer, is what to enter parameters code line by line as your example (in your response) or the options are configurable easier by enabling and disabling the options?

Thank you for your reply

I am not sure what you are asking – all options are set using the shortcode on the page as described in the docs posted above.

Hi there,

Question, can’t really find it. Can I make a sort of a expandable menu with say 5 main categories with a dropdown option for subcategories?

Hope so,

Thanks in advance!

No, sorry there is no subcategory menu – all posts from the top category will include all child category posts or exclude them depending on the shortcode setting. Sorry.

Hi this is very beautiful. Do you plan to have navigation buttons for mobile devices? I find it not as responsive when swiping finding myself swiping a lot just to get to the next image.


There is no plan for additional nav buttons. You should be able to swipe and scroll the container with ease. What mobile device and browser are you using? -Nolan

can i ask if if it support Sub-Categories (show Categories and not posts ) ?

Sorry, it shows the posts in the categories not the category itself.

hello! looks awesome

Question 1.. can I call up a product category (woocommerce) or just a post category?

Question 2.. can I use SVG icons and no text??


1.It is setup for Posts at the moment. 2. No sorry, there is no way to add SVG icons and omit text. Thanks, -Nolan

hello! looks awesome

Question 1.. can I call up a product category (woocommerce) or just a post category?

Question 2.. can I use SVG icons and no text??


1.It is setup for Posts at the moment. 2. No sorry, there is no way to add SVG icons and omit text. Thanks, -Nolan

Got it,

Thanks for your answer NuvuScripts!


Hello, I love this plugin for the top menu bar. but I want this for sitewide… is that possible in future?

You could try the do_shortcode() method of adding it to your themes header template. Example:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[catbar bottom_bar_height='0.4' bottom_bar_posts_width='500' body_content='.content']"); ?>