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Can you use HTML Encryption and show us a live preview please?

Hi Xees,

Yeah thanks for your concern, sure i’ll do so. Should be up in a few hours time. In the meantime you can let your eyes enjoys looking at the preview images.

Thanks, CodeTensae

Live preview is now up.

Thanks, CT

If you need a hosting space, i will offer you some test space:

-5GB DiskSpace. domain.

Contact me for more information about the server. ;)

Howdy FadiAB,

thanks for your interest and for your kind offer, unfortunately i have a server but been working on the encrypted version should be up in a few hours time. but in the meantime i have a uploaded quite a number of screenshots, they are 26 in total this should be able to sort you as you prepare to get your demo live preview

Thanks, CodeTensae

Live preview is now up.

Thanks, CT

Awesome dude, if i like the live version i will consider buying it.

Sorry for my bad english.

thanks, much appreciated but you may wanna consider having a look at the images in the previews as i sort the live demo issue

Thanks again

Live preview is now up.

Thanks, CT

There is no such thing as html encryption. Stop wasting your time with it. The browser needs to retrieve the source code in order to display the web page. Once it is decrypted with a javascript in the browser, it is open source as it should be.

You may choose not to make a live preview to prevent stealing or you may choose making a live preview to increase your sales. I’d make a live preview, since preventing stealing will not make you money, but sales do.

PS: Copyright your work.

Yea Ertug76,

You damn right! also thought of this. I will upload a live preview but with limited stuff,

Thanks again.

Live preview with a portion of css, is a good idea. Looking forward to see it, your work looks very nice and promising.

Best of sales

Live preview is now up.

Thanks, CT

wow! amazing!

Live preview is now up.

Thanks, CT

What have you made in this template ? I don’t really feel any difference with the free Bootstrap. Even you demo is the same. Oh, I see the difference ! The footer ! It’s here; twice. :)

No, really, what have you done … A mixture ?

I might buy it if I am convinced. :)

Hi PunKeel,

Hope you fine and yea hehehehee…my aim to make this is to make you not feel something has been changed! That’s the point of it, I have added icons, buttons, 2 more new javascript plugins and much more. also modified and added are new notifications and beyond, just see through and you’ll tell the difference

There is problem with the grid.

Hi elementpz,

Thanks for the update, please expound further.

Regards, CT

Hi All?

The long awaited update is here fixing a couple of things and even spiced more!!! Hope you enjoy!

Thanks, CodeTensae

Demo links are broken…

Hi Xenon69

Ooops sorry! I will fix this ASAP. Somebody tried to kill my server but thankfully i got it back.

If you have any request please do let me know. Regards, mySudi

The requested URL /catchystrap/ was not found on this server.

Hi zeb101,

Thank you so much, i will look into fixing this.


hi, i can not visit the live preview page.

Hello, Oops sorry for the late response, am sorry currently demo is offline, kindly have a look at the demo screenshots. Regards, though i am working hard to get the demo up and running ASAP!

I am back now! let’s get the moss rolling! Thanks for being patient!

Great work! Good luck with sales!