CatchyStrap Bootstrap Skin

CatchyStrap Bootstrap Skin

Introducing CatchyStrap for Bootstrap

Check the LIVE Demo, be aware that some elements have been pulled off the live demo


catchyStrap has now been updated. Thanks for the wait


Thank you for taking a keen intrested in the catchystrap for twitter bootstrap. It’s a highly customised skin to help your projects and future products have a unique feel and touch.


  1. You might think that there is no difference between this version and the free version of the bootstrap, but there is i have introduced over 50+ new set of classes each with it’s own function, also introduced are a new set of notifications and new set of notification styles, some aren’t available on the demo preview.
  2. New button styles and more, so enjoy!

I have also bundled a new set of code snippets check em out:

Live Demo:

Code snippets demo:

I will also be updating with new sets of snippets and page templates to make your work easier.

Built for the lovers of design and beautiful web, hope you enjoy.

In this skin quite a number of things have changed and it comes with a quite a number of bonus files,

tired of the basic default bootstrap icons? yes, never mind i have covered you: there are over three unique sets of icons including IconSeets2, FamFamFam Icons and more

i have also included quite a number of addons:

  1.  more custom jquery scripts : mask plugin – ensure people type what you want to get, : fileupload – replace the obvious boring file and picture uploading form with a new intuitive uploader with quick preview
  2. also added is new buttons and more styling heavily done on the default elements to give you power over your projects.


Credits to:

  • FamFamFam Icons
  • IconSweets2
  • LED Icons

...and other respective holders

Get it, download it and enjoy.