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Hi Can we see a screenshot of the notification? in the demo it is not. Is it possible to configure alert categories for different users \ agents?

Ok, it is simple. Please check Demo other here: http://demo.mycatchers.com/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=ticket_category&post_type=stgh_ticket

Click on a certain category and you will see “Assign agent” (dropdown menu)

thank you)

No problem :) and thank you to you. I will add more detailed info about this case for the next visitors.

To work properly plugin is needed, email piping?

Hi, there are 3 ways how we catch messages from clienfs: contact form, embed contact form and e-mail ( like support@yoursite. com) So if you want to fetch messages from your e-mail, then yes – you need email piping ( we call it email fetching) You can find how it works in plugin description – E-mail fetching.

We already use a ticket system. But we think change for yours. I have a couple of questions, if I may:

Is it possible for the customer to check out the previous tickets? We want to give our customers access to their old tickets. If so, is it in frontend or backend?

I looked on your website but I did not find. I also connected in the backend but I did not see the traces of tickets. Can you tell me more about it?

Thanks for your time!

With pleasure.

I think adding a photo (in item details) of the customer’s tickets in the frontend would be a good idea. This option is very important (in any case, it was for me!). Customers can refer to their previous tickets and this avoids answering the same question.

In your description, it is indicated ticket history. But the picture is in the backend. It would also take a photo of the frontend :D

Hi, we just add it. Please check special zone for client here – http://demo.mycatchers.com

Also, we added front end page screenshot for a client. Please check now plugin description (Front end for clients). https://codecanyon.net/item/catchers-helpdesk-premium-plugin/17938670

Is it good?

Not good, perfect! :D


I test the free version, how to change the color of the “Submit” button in red Why not add a faq with the questions that are already asked by customers

Thank you

Hi. Sorry for the delay. I answered from my phone 3 days ago but didn’t see it now. Anyway, I wrote that our contact form inherit style from your WordPress theme, so you can make changes there. As for our embed contact form (Help Catcher – there is a special setting in Help Catcher tab. As about FAQ – yes, we understand that it is a helpful feature for the customer support, and we are still trying to find an appropriate way for auto posting it.


I sent an email on your profile

Thank you

Hi, thanks for the purchase. We receive your message and answering to you very soon.

Hi, I want to purchase the plugin but ran into a snag. Can you help me understand Email Fetching and how to configure it? If I am having emails sent to Support@mysite.com, I want them to show in my tickets. I also want to have the form on my site. Can I do this with your plugin? Earlier, gdaq commented that an email piping plugin is needed. If so, is there a recommendation?

Also, is there a way to initiate an email from the ticket system? For an example: client emails info@mysite.com instead of support@mysite.com. I do not want to respond on the info@mysite.com and would like to have the conversation contained within the ticket system. Is this possible?

Hi, I think the best option for you to try free version first – https://wordpress.org/plugins/catchers-helpdesk/ It has the same e-mail fetching settings as PRO.

There are 2 basic ways to receive messages from your clients: contact form and e-mail. So you can set up e-mail settings in the free version and see how it works. Also, we have the shortcode (ticket form) which you can add to any page of your website and get tickets from it. ( see how it works in Free)

Anyway, if you have any doubts you should better try the free version. If you still have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks for your quick response! I do have the free version on my site. I am just having trouble getting it to import the emails from Gmail into my site. Do you have a blog post or know of an article that can describe the steps to me? Sorry for any trouble. I have already answered a few of my customers through the system from a form on my site. It is working great!

Hi. Sure, please drop us a message – https://mycatchers.com/support/ and we will help you with email settings. Sometimes it is a real challenge because of server settings, PHP version and so on. Telling the truth we haven’t not now any guide and tutorial but we are working on it.

Hello, I am interested in buying this. Will it work with Woo Commerce?

Thanks Luke

Hi, Luke. I guess you have already bought the plugin. :) It works, but not so closely as it can be. We plan to add a WOO key metric like Lifetime value and orders right on the ticket page.

Also, I saw your ticket in our helpdesk and will answer you very soon.

Hi, thinking of purchasing your plugin. I have an existing form based on contact form 7. Would it be possible to map those fields to your contact form. I do understand that it is a ticket system and not a form plugin. However, it would have been great to be able to not to reinvent the form wheel . May be a better control over the css would be enough to just use the built in form. Thanks in advance

Hi, thinking of purchasing your plugin. I have an existing form based on contact form 7. Would it be possible to map those fields to your contact form. I do understand that it is a ticket system and not a form plugin. However, it would have been great to be able to not to reinvent the form wheel . May be a better control over the css would be enough to just use the built in form. Thanks in advance

Hi. I’m going to discuss it with our developers. The CF7 is the most popular form and we need to develop clear integration with it. Now, we have custom fields and you can rebuild your form, but I understand it is a double work for you. So if you have some time, please drop us a message – https://mycatchers.com/support/ and we will notify you if we find an appropriate solution.

I am not thinking of purchasing . I did. Would it be possible to use the saved replies as a FAQ so the customer can search them to find an answer before asking the same question. Do you have that function on your requested features?

Hi there. Sorry, but saved replies works only for Helpdesk manager. For the users and external clients, we are preparing a separate plugin Knowledge base and FAQ.

So, generally, you can build a FAQ page manually to copy-paste you popular questions and answers. Once again sorry that we haven’t this option in our Helpdesk plugin.


We have errors with plugin, we asked for help on your support We have received no replies since 4 days. Ticket #3656: I am very disappointed

Thank you

Hi, sorry for the delay. We can help you only on Monday. Our developer will be available on Monday, 27. As for the french, we check and add these words in the translation file. It will be released in next version. As for the color of the button, please wait, I need to ask our developer to check your theme. Before we check it, can you please try Embed contact form? is it work with this theme?

Plugin looks great,

I just need to be able to have one department not be able to see another departments messages. It is for different neighborhoods in a development.

Hi, thanks for your opinion. We really trying to develop it in WordPress style and manner. Without any noisy and stranger elements. We are happy that you make a not of that advantage.

According to you case, I have to say that we have another pattern now: all managers can see all tickets, but we already realised that we need to create an option for separate rights. It takes some time, but I will notify you as it will be done.

Let’s keep in touch.

Hi there. I checked the demo, this is really sweet.

You should actually build a CRM based on that ! (It would actually be easy given the fact that you have pretty much everything there ready You would just need to add custom fields to User Profile and ability to use a pipeline by displaying categories in a fancy manner (instead of drop down) plus allowing to add/edit what is currently the status (answered, not answered, closed) and a couple other things. That would be amazing.

Question : is it possible to use the plugin in multilingual environments ? I Settings I see only one locale, but we actually need at least two languages… How to do that?


Hi. You are right. We are just returning the price back a few hours ago. It was a special promo week for our potential clients.

But, please don’t worry, I just create a promo code for limited time and you can buy it for a previous price on our official website – https://mycatchers.com/pro/ Here is promo code: wplift

Hope it works for you.

Works fine, thanks. Appreciated. Will now install & test with WPML.

Well, great! Thanks. Please use the support form from our website to writing us about testing results, ideas, and suggestions. See you there :)


can I customize the ticket form adding more text boxes to the default form?

The customers that use the ticket form should be registered with the plugin o regularly with WP?

Hi, sure. we have custom fields for that. Please check how it works here – https://mycatchers.com/blog-post/how-to-add-custom-fields-to-a-contact-form-video-guide/

More than that you can try it in Demo. Please, let us know about your test drive :)

As for the customers – no, not necessary. E-mail is the required field, so our plugin auto creates WP user after ticket submitting. (if it is unique email)