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Your site is down. No documentation after download. Functions are not enough: can not assign a Category to an agent, Custom field is hidden, can not use the function Conversation feed filtering, and contact that no one answer. If you do not update the plugin and give me documentation, I need refund and vote 1 star. Your site is down and can not do anything.

Hi. Yes, our website has been hacked. Now we are making it alive. It will appear hopefully this evening. Could you please send us a message to support@mycatchers.com and we will send you pro-version and we will help you with all settings.


If you do not update the plugin and do not give me support, I need a refund

You have a 403 error I have more access to support center , 403 error there is already a month that we are waiting for a support and a patch to solve the bug on the title in the “mail”

The author always has excuses. A blow its their developer is sick Another shot we have not received your ticket etc …....

Ticket #10346: Re: Ticket #10155: Re: Ticket #10096: Re: Ticket #10089: Re: Ticket #9873: Re: Ticket #9822: Re: Ticket #9618: Re: Ticket #9549: Re: Ticket #9385: Re: Ticket #9354: Re: Ticket #8316: No replies on codecanyon.net 16 days ago

Thank you

Hi, sure, no problem, just request the refund here on CodeCanyon. We were helping you last 8 months, and if you still don’t like our Helpdesk – it’s time to move forward. We received 78 tickets and around 20 messages from you. Thank you for your attention and help. Every time we update our plugin you stay negative and demand more and more new features. Good luck with your next Helpdesk! We wish you to find a perfect solution.


I’m sorry, I’m not the owner of the project

Thank you

Hello, Is this only a WP plugin, or can I use it with any PHP site? Thanks!

Hi, this is only WordPress plugin. We made it, especially for WordPress users. Sorry about that.


hingex Purchased

Does this plugin allow for adding images or any attachments to the ticket? If not are there steps for customizing to accomplish this? Also, you have two negative reviews above from two months ago from dissatisfied users. Have these been resolved? I want to make sure I do not waste your time or mine. Thanks

Hi. Yes, you can attach any file. As about negative client. It was the untypical case for us. It was a unique case, which actually stops our sales here:( Maybe he was one of our competitors. Anyway, you have two options here – check our demo or try the free plugin.

We would be happy to help you here.


hingex Purchased

How does one attach a file? You demo page only shows the demo and does not explain how to


Simple question? The next update? is planned for when Wordpress 4.9.4



hingex Purchased

What are the steps for attaching a file to the form and or customizing your form?

Hi. Where is “File Upload Configuration option” on the General settings tab. If you turn on it – this field will be available in a contact form. fo As for customization contact form – we will send you detail instructions via ticket system. You will be able to add custom fields to your contact form.

I just purchased and installed “codecanyon-17938670-catchers-helpdesk-premium-plugin”, but the “Open Ticket” button is not showing up in “My account”(woocommerce) as it appears in the demo Link: http://demo.mycatchers.com/my -account / orders /

I await an answer

Sandro Straube

Could you please write us via our site and we will assist you there. does it work for you?

Thanks for the quick response. What is the link for acquiring the Woo-Commerce integration?

Sandro Straube

Sure, you can see more details and get it here: https://mycatchers.com/woo/


piglabs Purchased

when activated it spits out all sorts of notices and warnings

Hi, could you please tell us some detail about notices and warnings? Any screenshots would be great. Please send us to our support – https://mycatchers.com/support/

Did you set up email settings? Did you receive any tickets?

Hi! Pre sales question: Is this plugin compatible with WPML and WP Customer Area plugins? Thanks!

Hi. As for the WPML plugin – we are testing it together with WPML now. It should work now. We have the Spanish language in the plugin, but it is provided by one of WordPress volunteer. As for the WP Customer Area plugin – frankly speaking, we didn’t have any contacts with this team. But We have Woo Commerce integration as well. So I’d like to suggest you some join experiment to set up it. I will be happy to help you with all settings and so on. Just please let us know if you decide to try it. (help & support – https://mycatchers.com/support/)

Hi! Thank you so much for your answer. I would love that join experiment! :) The idea is to make a user area, each user would have access to specific information AND a ticketing system, in both english and spanish (by the way.. sorry about my english! ) Ill contact support as soon as my client accepts the proposal.Thanks!

Hello, i’m interested in your plugin, and has this questions: -Has the option to configure a flow? when a new ticket of category X is created, do a call to some api or wp filter -Not all my customers can had support, how can validate it? -This plugin create a custom menu on user admin? Thanks

Hi. thanks for your request. We have a basic common flow: New – just arrived tickets. Answered (if you send reply), Non answered( if you send the reply and receive the message again), Pending (if you want to receive a feedback for example) and Closed (can be automation).

Automation with ticket category. We have a custom field “Category”. You can use it if you want to send a ticket to a certain agent. It can be delivered automatically. All you need to do is assign agent for each category.

Paid support. Telling the truth, we are not separating customers in this way. BUT you can use the custom field like Item license – you can set up this required field on a contact form. It can’t validate automatically, but in some way, it will definitely help you to receive tickets only from paid customers.

Sorry, I didn’t get what is the custom menu? Could you please explain what do you mean? I am looking forward to receiving a message from you.


how Pro version is different from the free, what addons are included in this paid version?

Hello. Now, at CodeCanyon we have Premium version of the Helpdesk Plugin, which consists of Free version + Team Collaboration Addon + Productivity Add-on. Regarding the category field, there is one agent who can be assigned to a certain category. We haven’t department term in the plugin. But if you set up redirection for all agents to a common email (like sales@) all of them will receive notifications and can answer to a ticket. (if you create the pre-sales category). Please, make sure that category field is a part of Contact Form Constructor Add-on.

Hello, can we restrict access to certain category? we need that certain tickets can be viewed only by certain agents.

There is no option to set up rights for a certain agent. You can only use a different agent email for each agent. Please keep in mind that all agents can see all tickets – that is how it works now. So, unfortunately, we haven’t the configuration for agent permissions.

Hi, Is there any way to make it where I put Name and Email I can have it have Company too?

Hi it can be done with the addon: contact form constructor. you can create your own contact form.

Do email piping works with attachments?

Yes. If you send a message with an attached file, it will appear as a ticket with attachment. Actually, you can test it on the demo.

how much memory required to run this application ?

I’m not get it, ho use you custom field on category and redirect to a certain email which I’m not seeing any email configuration beside incoming mail and outgoing mail. could you elaborate ?

Sure. In the WP admin panel – you can see Categories – there you can configure (create or edit) Assign agent. After that, you can add field Category to your contact form.

Oh I see, well then so let say sales@company.com nah how can I add into the staff on the sales using that sales department email so it’s distribute

Hi. Ticket / contact form and GDPR: Can I set checkboxes for asking to consent to our privacy terms?

Hi, yes, we have such option but it is a part of Contact form constructor add-on. Please check more info about this here – https://mycatchers.com/contact_form_constructor/

What license do I need for a WP multisite (1 company, 3 language versions)? Single license or 2-5-sites-license?

Hello, for multisite, you can use single site license. But I am not sure that it will work in different languages. We didn’t test it. You can try it and please keep in mind that we have 30 days money back guarantee without any questions.

Hello, I’m cconfused and don’t know if this comes with the WooCommerce extension. Please clarify.

Hello, this item is Helpdesk plugin itself (free version + team collaboration add-on.) Also, on CodeCanyon we have Woo commerce Int bundle (free version + Woo integration).

On our website, we have five more add-ons (Contact form constructor, Productivity, Reports, Knowledge Base and Pop up contact form).

Hope, it is clear to you now. Anyway, please tell us more and we will help you configure your helpdesk.


piglabs Purchased

tried reaching out for a coupon code for the wooaddon but never heard back

Hello, what kind of coupon are you looking for? Currently, we have a special discount – 30% OFF here – https://mycatchers.com/woo/.

can you setup multiple mailboxes for different departments.

Hello, we have only one email, so all tickets will be forward to that email. BUT, we have a custom field “Category”. You can use it if you want to send a ticket to a certain agent (different email). It can be delivered automatically. All you need to do is assign agent for each category. For example, choose if your chooses – sales question – it will be forwarded to sales@youyrmail.com. That option available for you at Contact Form Constructor Add-on. Does it work for you?


diamondguy Purchased

Hello I just purchased this and I do not see any difference between the free version I had plus the code canyon version ? codecanyon . What am I paying for in the codecanyon version ?