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Amedya Purchased

Hi, It looks like you updated the plugin recently. Where do we see change logs for this update? Thanks.

Hi there. I guess we should add the whole change log here soon. As for the last version: 1) Add invisible reCaptcha on the contact form

2) Fixed conflict with old version Select2 library

3) Fixed error with the Data type custom field

So it was quite technical update (not functional). The next version will be right next week because we found some miss bug with ticket statuses.

When will WooCommerce integration be finished?

Hi there. Hopefully, we will release it in the begining of April.


HRDF Purchased

Hi, can I configure the running number?

You can change the name of this two roles (from our plugin) only if you create a new file with translation (po.mo) and write there your own names.


HRDF Purchased


Thanks for your prompt reply. Can I get clarification for questions listed below? a) Will there be any notification for Helpdesk Managers when a Case assigned to them? If yes, where can I configure it? b) How can I disable functionality for Helpdesk Managers to delete Tickets? (Only administrator can delete it) c) How can I disable functionality for Helpdesk Managers to Assigned ticket? (Only administrator can assign it) d) Where can I add another roles the Tickets, for example Helpdesk Supervisor? e) What happen when I enable ‘Open Tracking’ functionality?

Hi. Sure no problem. Let’s do it here :) a) We have a special place to manage it in Plugin settings – Notifications tab – there you can see and manage Agent notifications. b) The agents can always move tickets to trash from tickets list page or just delete it from ticket page. We don’t have the option to set it, but you can try User Role Editor plugin. But we can’t recommend it this way because it will back again after an update. c) Sorry, but we don’t have such option for configuration. d) We have only 2 roles, and you can’t add your own role. e) Open tracking allows you to catch the moment than your client read a message from you. (green round (on the ticket page) shows you that he already read it.

Just for your inconvenience please use our knowledge base or send us messages via our support here – https://mycatchers.com/support/ Let’s keep in touch and see you around.


Plugin looks great!!!

I have question. When visitor send us tickets, system automatically create user but without password. This user is saved in to cookies, but if user clear browser history in this way he lost login because he dont have password to login in to the system. Please can you give me solution how to get user logged in if he clear browser history.


Hi, thanks for your opinion :) and interesting question. Hope you are enjoying to use it. User always can get to ticket via link in notification letter (authorization hash)

Hello, i have send you a mail yesterday morning but no response yet.

Hi there. Sorry for the delay. We just answered you. Please check and follow the instruction. Keep in touch.

Hi Dev team,

Can I add/import all my previous ticket recrds that i have in excel format to this ticketing system ?


Hi, I can see how that would be useful, but I’m afraid we don’t have that option now.


I bought it without waiting for my question to be answered :/ .

Actually I must upload all of are previous tickets that i have in a desktop application. Converted them to excel file already. I tried to find its tables in mysql to insert values manually but no luck. Is there any way around yet ?


Hi, I am deeply sorry for the delay. I just missed your message here. Please use our official website – or contact form for the issues. https://mycatchers.com/support/. I see it is 25 days, but please let me know if you still need help with import.


When do you intend to integrate the system here? https://fr.mailjet.com/support/ticket

Thank you


When do you intend to integrate the system here? https://fr.mailjet.com/support/ticket Thank you

Hi, Could you please explain what do you mean? And could you please use our support channel for the technical issues. The comment section is not so goog for detailed conversation. Thanks.


Amedya Purchased

Hello, How to hide a custom field? We want to add category field to a form but we want add default value and make it invisible. It that possible ?

Hi, I am afraid if you created a custom field and added to your form – it can’t be hidden. But if you tell us more about your case, I mean more specific, maybe we can help you. Please, use Envato support form or our official – https://mycatchers.com/support/


piglabs Purchased

what is the diff between the website version of the plugin and the one on here

Hi, now we have 4 products concerning Helpdesk and customer support. 1. Light version – you can download it from wordpress.org 2. Pro-version – you can get it here on Codecanyon and from our website. 3. Woocommerce add-on – you can get it only from our website. 4. E-commerce bundle (Pro-version+Woo integration) – also, only from our website. So, generally, Pro version is the same here on CodeCanyon and on our website. Same price, same license time, same support. I hope, now I got you question. Please, let me know if not.

Hi, looked at your video and it just cut off before showing what happens when the tech submits the ticket response back to the User?? How are they alerted? Where does the response show in their My-Account area? thanks

Well, thank you for the useful tip. I will definitely add this missed part on the video. While you can test it on the demo. Then agent answer to ticket, customer will receive notification via e-mail (with link to the front end to the ticket page with all history of communication)

Hi, I can’t open some menus, All Tickets and New Ticket in Admin. Other than that run well. Going HTTP ERROR 500 if I try to open that menu. Can You guide me for solving this problem?


[Update] I have update my wordpress core, and solved. Heheee :D Thanks again

Hi :) Cool! And could you please use our support channel – https://mycatchers.com/support/ for the technical issues. The comment section is not so goog for detailed conversation. Thanks. Keep in touch.

Hi, we are interested in plugin but there remains details that are not easily understandable on you page. Please answer the following:

1. When agent initiates a ticket, is this ticket associated with a order that the customer made?

2/ When adding a create new ticket button for a customer. When they open ticket is there a way for them to select the product they are sending ticket about?

3. Do you provide hooks for developers to for example show customers previous products purchased in contact form drop down?

4. With the forwarding feature can you forward to a persons email that is not a ticket manager for them to reply with answer by which the customer will see?

5. About 50% of our ticket product order inquiries from customers may have to be forwarded to people that can answer the questions but they are not ticket managers. Will they be able to be in the communication pipeline as the customer is in some way? How can we best manage this with your plugin?


Hi, sure, let’s try to make it clear: 1. When agent initiates a ticket – no, we didn’t think about this case. The only customer can open a ticket with the linkage to an order and product. Please let us know if it is a common case and you need it. 2. Yes, the customer can choose the items as a checkbox (plugin takes it from the order). You can check it on demo: please create your account, place order with two products and open new ticket from the orders page. 3. Sorry, unfortunately not yet. We will think about it. 4, 5. If the subject of the email (answer to forwarding email) will be the same – this message will be added to a ticket history and the manager can see it. Actually, your case seems very interested to us, please drop us a message here: https://mycatchers.com/support/ and we will help you with that case.

This is pre-sale question. How do I setup this plugin for Linode Centos server? Do I need to configure it via Postfix and Dovecot mail server setup? I am trying to understand how this works. I have installed PHP-Imap extension to my php installation, but the free version of plugin is unable to establish connection. I want to buy the pro version only when i am able to setup the free version correctly.

Hi. That make sense. We added a link to a free version, especially for such cases. Let’s try to set up it together. First off all, we need to set up incoming messages. What type of notification do you receive, when you trying to check it? Any screenshots from you? Also, we have an option to set up it remotely via temporary access. Anyway, please contact through the official support channel (https://mycatchers.com/support/)for clear and fast communication. We are online now, so just drop us a message and we will start.

There is no Woocommerce integration in this plugin as this product page mentions. This is a rip off. Since when going to Woocmmerce add-on page, the first thing you see is Download free.

WooCommerce Integration Add-on – additional paid option for all our customers. You can buy and download it from the link you have already had. Yesterday, we deleted Download link which was link to a download free version of Helpdesk plugin. Once again, WooCommerce add-on – was always paid add-on, which you can by link through the admin panel.

Presale question, is it possible to create multiple forms ? example one ticket “form” i need is for TECH Support lets say this form needs around 8 custom fields, other for “General Product support” which needs 4 custom fields and depending on the client needs also i need to create ticket forms dependeing on the Support level each client has lets say i have baisc, support, Premium support and VIP support so that will give me another 3 forms each one has its own custom fields and each form has assigned an agent.

Also are you planning on give more power and features to this plugin near future?

Support ticket forms. You can create them right on our demo and see how it works. One for your tech (8 fields), and so on. Let’s test it there – I can help you.

Thanks i already tried on Demo and played with a custom form and looks kind of cool, I’m convinced its a nice choice for my needs in the matter of the forms. But one last question: Is it possible to customize the Front END ( ticket list ) on the demo there are columns Status , Title & Date so i may want to set something like Date | Title | Support type | Status

Support type (its a custom field)

Or if this is not possible right now could may be possible to use another plugin like wpdatatables and retrieve the data from database tables someway ?

Cause i need to customize the list and let user may filter & check the submissions he has made.

Well, for now, we have only this view. But we have two options for you here: 1. You can do it via JS script by yourself, 2. We can do it for you later when we will improve our front end. There is no concrete data but we have some plans to improve it. Keep in touch and see you around :)


Before the purchase of the plugin, we asked for the function

I do not see any options for

1) Satisfaction Survey Automatically send a survey to your customers when a ticket is closed. Make sure your customers are satisfied with the help you give them!

2) E-Mail Support Email piping allows e-mails sent to an e-mail address to be automatically imported into the support ticket system. As result customers can respond to tickets by email without needing to connect to the support system first.

3) FAQ

A searchable public archive of your old tickets can reduce the number of tickets you get so many customers are already conditioned to search for information before sending a support request.

Tickets add-on for impressive support allows you to reduce the cost of support by allowing you to create a searchable archive of selected tickets that your users can access at any time.

Tired of getting tickets on the same issues and more? Drastically reduce the number of frequently asked questions with the FAQ addon.

4) Adds a new checkbox to the registration form encouraging new users to subscribe to your newsletter. This is a great way to feed your mailing lists.

Thank you

Hi, thanks for the reminding :) 1. Satisfaction Survey Automatically will be part of new add-on Reports. We will plan to release it in September. 2. Customers can answer to all tickets from e-mail now. Please write us a ticket and we will schedule skype call and show you all features. ok? 3. We plan to develop Saved replies and add the possibility to turn it into FAQ. It can be released in August. 4. We plan to develop HelpCatcher as a chat bot for engaging customers, but it will be in autumn too. Now you can use different tools for that. I can tell you how we use it for our purposes. See you around.


wedge Purchased

Hello, I just bought the plugin and i have a problem with the form constructor. The custom field is empty and i already added 2 custom fields. any idea how to fix ?


Hi, Sounds quite strange. let’s make it clear. Could you please send us any screenshots with your fields and tell what type of fields you created. Please use support form from our website – https://mycatchers.com/support/


wedge Purchased


I sent you a ticket support to your support. I think there is a big thing to change quickly. The problem is the automatic register/login of user

1/ if an unlogged user open a ticket, if the user email doesn’t exist, an account is create. but user don’t receive any login. And the problem is that they can’t register to the website because the email already exist.

2/ if an unlogged user open a ticket, if the user email exist, the ticket is added to his account. The problem is, anybody can use an email of someone (by hack, knowing the guy) and so found all the history of all messages (example, login access, credit card number etc..) because we got connected by cookie after submit the form.

This is a big issue and I think an update should be done quickly. For example, auto register and send the login access. If email exist, ask to get connected before send the form.

Hi, we just answered to thus issue via our Helpdesk. Let’s discuss it there, please.