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How do you justify the premium pricing?

Hi I understand you refer to full paid version of our plugin. The main reason is a complexity of our tool. Catchers contain features like e-mail fetching, embed contact form, Saved replies, Private notes, Notifications and so on. If you would decide to buy a separate plugin for each of them, you’d need to spend approximately $20 on each.

Secondly, is build using fully from native WP design, giving clear and neat interface, in opposite to competitive plugins, where the interface is heavier and not so readable.

Please check the live demo and give us your feedback. We’d appreciate knowing your opinion.

All Best Catchers Team

You’ve partly answered my original question by reducing the price by 50%

Yes, your comment was helpful. Thanks

This price is out of reality

Hey guys, great to see you here at CodeCanyon!
I have been using your premium plugin for more than 6 months on two sites and after a loong research I found

  • a Helpdesk plugin that support email replies
  • a support team that is always ready to help with a smile
  • nice, well thought out interface, no clutter

I also know that your planned features are amazing and I look forward to the upcoming versions!

Warm recommended!


Thanks for your kind words! :)

Looks good but not $99 good. There are apps on here 10x more feature full than this that cost a fraction. I seriously can’t understand why your app is about 70% more expensive than all the other similar apps on here. Am I missing something?


Thanks for your comments. We will check price policy again. Our price is the estimation of our efforts and proves of our qualifications.

We hope you have reached the previous comment. The main idea was to create a complex solution for the customer support through the email channel. The main benefit is that you don’t need to collect a few plugins. You don’t have to create a few accounts in external sites. You don’t need to account users or time using.

We have hundreds existing users and a lot of happy comments from them. And as you see it really looks nice, like it was made by WordPress team.

did you set this price or did envato? cause its the 2nd most expensive wp plugin to date ever listed on the site

Hi, we set the price themselves. But we have reduced the price by 50% after a further consultation.

Great job but a bit too expensive.

Thanks for checking us

Good plugin, i wish it could support ticket managers to be linked only to assigned departments. Ticket operators have to see only tickets sent to their departments and give response

Hi, thank you for the feedback. I think it is a good option. We going to check how WP manage viewing rights and will note about results. Now, we have a ticket category, which cam be set for the special agent.

Thank you for the category addition. Now, i have every reason to buy this plugin.

Yes, we use a category for the different types of request. For example e-mail settings questions go to the special, well-equipped manager, and feature request and ideas go to another agent.

Great work! :-)

Thank you so much. we are happy to hear from you. We also like your Rhythm – Muse Template.

This looks like a promising plugin, but there appears to be no frontend interface for users to track and reply to their messages. This means that for the customer there is no integration with WP at all, correct?

The integration of email fetching is fantastic, but without the integration for the customer I unfortunately don’t see the benefit over other non-WP solutions.

OK, thanks, I must have missed that. Then I have a few other pre-purchase questions:

- How does the plugin match incoming emails to user accounts? If a user sends an email from a different address than the one he is registered in Wordpress with, can the ticket be assigned to that user’s account? Can the plugin handle multiple email addresses?

- Does the plugin enable email communication with third parties, for example if an agent needs to forward a message to someone to get a answer that is then relayed to the client? In the demo there appears to be only cc/bcc but no forward option.

- Can an agent initiate email communication with a client or only reply to incoming requests?

- Are there any filtering options available / planned, enabling for example the automatic transfer to a category or autoresponders to be sent?

Thank you.

Hi, 1. The plugin can’t handle multiple email addresses for one user. One e-mail for each client. 2. Yes, you can forward a message to someone to get an answer. Please click on e-mail address (at the Reply to field) and note email address in opened field. 3. Now, you can only answer to incoming tickets, but we have already added this option into our backlog. So, it will be available soon. 4. As for the filters, now, we have a WP standard filtering options. For example, if you need change ticket category for e few tickets, you can do following: mark tickets – Bulk actions – Edit Apply add a category – save. The same way you can change status or assigned to another agent.

Please let me know if I missed anything.

Hi, we just release the option for an agent to create a ticket. Please enjoy. (thanks for your request: Can an agent initiate email communication with a client or only reply to incoming requests?)

1) is it possible to customize the ticketing form? 2) is it possible to have multiple ticketing forms, each one associated to a single department? 3) there are departments to assign to each ticket?

Thanks for the reply. What about multiple forms? I mean, I need some custom fields in the ticket of category1 and some different custom fields for the ticket of category 2, and so on. Is that possible?

Sorry, but we haven’t such option right now. We will add your suggestion about customizing a ticket form in our scope. Now we are working on new feature “Reports” and some integrations with woo commerce. Thanks for the interest. Please let us know if you need anything more?

Hi, First of all, thank you for your comments, suggestions, and requests! It helped us to improve our plugin for you.

Now, I am pleased to announce you two new features. Both allow you to create any form you want with any field your need for successful customer service. Please enjoy:

1. Custom fields constructor 2. Contact form constructor


Pre-sales question:

With the embedded widget, is there an option for it to recognize logged-in users, so they don’t have to add their name and email address when they’re already logged in?

I’ve only seen this on one other plugin at the moment, but I’m surprised it’s not more requested.

Thanks and regards,


Hello, we haven’t yet this option on embed contact form now (like on regular contact form). But I guess you are right, it is a good option for saving time. We added this feature to a backlog. This week we plan to finish custom fields, which actually allow you be free with the type of contact form. I will let you know, then it will be released. Is anything else you would like to ask?

Hi, thanks very much for clarifying. No other questions right now. I’m using WooCommerce at the moment and I see that you’re working on an integration for that, so I’ll come back when the update is released.

Thanks and regards

hi, do you offer personalization service?

Hi. I’d really appreciate it if you could send us a request in our e-mail (support@mycatchers.com) and describe what kind of personalization do you need. Honestly, it depends on the task, I mean we prefer to do tasks, which may be useful for the other people.

ok, thank you


Awesome product!
I got few questions btw,

Will this work with custom WordPress theme? WP theme from ThemeForest for example?

Can I use Gmail email for both incoming & outgoing mails? If so, is there a guide how to do that?

How does the registrations method works? Is it use default WordPress user registration?

Best regards!

Hi Deni, thanks for your first impression. As for the questions, I can say that yes, it works with WP themes (we use one for our website – http://mycatchers.com). As for the E-mail fetching – you can use Gmail for both types. Please send us a request in our website – http://mycatchers.com/support/ and I’ll send you all plugin documentation, which we provide with purchasing item. Then you receive a ticket our plugin creates (registration) a new user and adds it to the standard WordPress tab – Users. After that, you can see all previous tickets of a certain user on the ticket page. I’m looking forward to getting a letter from you.

some questions and suggestions

1. Price seems to high if you compare with another great plugin that does the same and it cost $26 (published here in codecanyon with 674 sales and 4.8 rating). You should try a low price – high quantity strategy!

2. Log in as client (in your demo) means log in as a wp user? Can wp users log in with their wp credentials?

3. In the client ticket list page you should add a “New ticket” button (top right) so they can create a new one right there

I hope you can improve more your great plugin with user comments!


1. Thanks for suggestions about strategy. We will think about it.

2. Yes, it is WP users with the Helpdesk client role (special role, which we added). By the way, if you have some time, please check how it works here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/catchers-helpdesk/

3. Ok, thanks for the good advice. We will add it soon.

User comments are very important to us and we always trying to catch something useful and appropriate for our users. So let’s keep in touch and you are always welcome to new ideas and suggestions.

Definitely great work. Goodluck with your sales

Thank you so much. We are happy to receive that kind of messages.