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Hello Can I change the monsters to different images, i want to create my own characters.

sure you can, and you should :)

Is this on back4app or where

back4app.com, check that website out. monster images are stored locally in the app, you will store their names and coordinates in the Parse dashboard on back4app

Can some one plz send me there appstore link in order to check the app or is there a demo to check it

we’re not aware of any link yet, let’s see if somebody will post their here

If I buy the regular license can i update it to the extended license by just paying the difference or I should buy the app again. Thank you

you may contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll handle it.

ok thnks I replied on your profile form

ok thanks, we haven’t received your email yet, we’ll get back to you asap

app store has rejected my app:/

1.0 Binary Rejected Aug 11, 2016 Performance – 2.1 We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad and iPhone running iOS 9.3.4 on Wi-Fi connected to an

go to our profile and scroll down, there’s a message box on the right side: https://codecanyon.net/user/fvimagination

funny thing, for new update apple reject my app, and the question is: How does your app use background location? - Which features within your app require background location to run persistently when the app is minimized? what do you recommend to write in reply or better to use background location off?

Aug 6th 2016:
• Unchecked Location updates in background from the Capabilities tab in XCode since it's not needed.
That’s the update we’ve uploaded here, you should check your Capabilities tab in Xcode and uncheck the Location updates in Background, then resubmit a new binary.

Instead of 50m, can we make the distance lesser? Maybe 5-10m?

yes, just change this number:
if meters <= 50.0
into MonstersMap.swift file

Hi can this be added to a point filed and login be connected to a members database to read they overall points. Might be by MySQL or JASON

no MySQL, php or json, everything is handled by Parse SDK, you would have to rewrite the entire code to make it work with MySQL.

Would be cool if you added rock paper scissors mini game to catch the monsters!

hi, not in this app, anyway that may be requested as an extra customization job. Cheers!


zone88 Purchased

you think in a next update we could have all strings in one language file? This would allow easier translation without touching core

no, it’s not possible, monsters names must be set in the MONSTERS folder into Assets.xcassets. Anyway all strings and labels are already in one language, English, and if you want to localize the app you must still create Localizable.string files for each language you want to insert


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How hard would it be to implement augmented reality in the app? Like for example once you are in the 50m zone to catch a monster it loads the camera to see the monster in front of you.

we think it’ll be pretty complicated to do, anyway we’re not experienced with AR at the present.


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Hello, i’m having an issue with one signal

please find the error i have http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1517368/d6d22c2fb5b39936c37fcf83d3d1c5bd

any idea what is wrong here?

One great thing to do is to email the support of OneSignal, they’re awesome guys and reply within 1-2 days, they can surely help you with that issue.
Btw, are you still getting push notifications on your real device? Have you tried sending you a message?


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It’s sorted out. thanks.

you’re welcome!
Don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page on codecanyon, we’ll really appreciate it ;)


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Is this app universal and possible to run on an iPad with Wifi?

i don’t know but don’t show any monster…...why?

You must provide us more info, otherwise we can’t help you.
Have you created the new class called exactly Monsters, with capital M in your Parse Dashboard?
What about the columns names, gps coordinates around you, right monsters names, as the User Guide explains in details with clear screenshots?

yes exactly, i see the user but i don’t see the monster

still poor info, please contact us by our profile’s contact form and send us your login credentials for your back4app account, so we’ll check your data out and see what’s wrong in there.
PS: you’re testing your app on a real device, not simulator, right? Simulator may not work fine.

Hello, is there a way of X or Y monster to respaw automatically every now and then? i don’t want to add monsters everyday, only new ones.

Hi, you may use a random function to spawn a few new monsters after the user has caught one, based on his current location, but you can’t control random, so the app may place some monsters in an inaccessible place, like in the middle of the sea, the top of a hill close to you that you can’t reach, inside a private building, etc, it’s random and it’s impossible to check if there’s an inaccessible place at a random location. This is basically why we will not add such function in this app.


Is it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS 10

Need Code without ads & Inapppurchse Can you provide?

It supports Xcode 8.1 and iOS 10.x
For customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.