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Love the app!

One question though, are users able to submit locations?

I want to customise the app, say for reporting graffiti as an example.

I need users to be able to send me locations of the ‘graffiti’ so other users can see it and so I can track the areas with the most problems. I also want to keep it local if possible so only users in a certain town/city can use it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, no users are not able to submit location, you would need a different kind of app where users will be able to take pictures and then send them to the server along with their current location.
Based on the location and graffiti pictures sent, users who are xx Km nearby them will be able to see them in the Home screen. This is an idea, and you would have to change several parts of the code of this app in order to make it work as described.

Can I use the camera as orginal game

No, this is not a clone of pokemon go, we’ve got inspired by it but made a little different game :)

can we change monster adding style to random?

not in this template, you can do that with Gems app

in gems users can create account too right?

correct :)


Great work!

Two questions: 1. Can I change/replace the maps with something indoor? 2. Can I get the backend to host it on my own server?


1. the map view cannot be replaced, it’s iOS native MapKit and it has its code to make the core of this game work.
2. you may search on Google for Parse Server self hosting tutorials or guides

Hi I am looking to buy this app but I have two questions.

1. Is it possible to control the number of times a monster can be found?

2. And is it possible to control the distance a user has to be from a monster before it shows up on their phone?


you’re welcome ;)

Sorry Last question – If I purchase both the Android and the IOS versions do they share the same database from back4app?

absolutely yes, use the same App Id and Client key for both Configs files in the apps

Will this work with iOS 11 and latest xcode