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Hello This app seems interesting. Quite ready to buy Some silly questions : - compatible ipad ? - if there is no network connectivity, is it possible to browser through the catalog ? (images are stored inside the ipad or on the internet) thanx

Hello, at the time the application is optimized for iPhone 4/iPhone 5. It is not optimized for the iPad. The application uses the internet to upload catalogs and therefore also the images.


Hi, This application works with phpmyadmin?

Hello, no, this application uses external plist file. Regards

This application can draw pictures of a group of facebook?

Is it possible to merge this with your store locator app? I like the catalog function however I want the multi-location function as well with both the map and list that loads closest to the user.

Hi, we can add an item to the tab with the list of stores.


How do we go about getting that done?

We can integrate the two applications for you, contact us at info@egimobile.com. Regards

Hello engimobile, I think the merge with store locator app is a great concept. Can you consider offering this on Code Canyon, or would you prefer the customisation approach, as you have done with sand mob? Good luck with your sales.

Hello, it is a good idea, but I do not think codecanyon approves this merger. who is interested in this please contact me at info@egimobile.com. Thank you very much

have any desktop to insert the images of the catalog?

Hello, images are loaded on any web space, and then insert links in a. plist file

That’s all. regards

Sele can add a link to a website for purchase?

Do you need a different link for each product? We can develop this for you. Contact us at info@egimobile.com

hi Catalog In App >> 1 if we buy your product do you help publish it onto app store? if yes, how much will that cost? 2 can you do the Catalog In App in android if yes, how much will it cost?

many thanks

Hello, this application is compatible with ios. If you need help to publish on the AppStore, please contact us at info@egimobile.com You already have a licensed Apple developer? regards

Can you point out in which file I can change the area that causes the top section with the icon to drop down in the app? I want to change the image to have a pull tab on the right rather than in the middle. :)

Hi, please contact us at info@egimobile.com

Dear egimobile, you can integrate its fantastic store locator with the app in the App Catalog, so that a selected item is displayed the list of stores that sell this with the features of the Store Locator?

thanks in advance for your reply and congratulations for development.

Hello, you can integrate the two applications together. But unfortunately it is not possible with the function that you have requested. Thank you very much, I am Italian. Regards

grazie dell’immediata risposta. Ho acquistato l’app Store Locator. Per integrare anche il catalogo (lasciandole indipendenti ma integrandole in una unica app) cosa devo fare? Acquisto anche Catalog in App e mi mandate le istruzioni per renderle un’unica app? (chiaramente se c’è qualcosa da integrare indicatemi il costo senza problemi)

Grazie ancora e ancora complimenti per lo sviluppo!!!!

Scriveteci a info@egimobile.com Saluti :)

Is in error in IOS7 already decided?

I just bought it and it won’t run on the new SDK at all

Hi, we have not yet tried it with ios 7, but we will make it compatible as it becomes available to all the official version. Regards

thank you, I can’t wait!

any update on iOS7??

hi 1-first this nice app 2-i am new in swift2 . i want add items from site www.konj.ir to this app. please guide me 3- in our site we have some slide in first page . is it possible i add this slide to home screen? if yes please send me how again tnx

i want only when i select category1 .category 2 , category 3 … each selection go to url in my webpage for example : 1- category 1 -> url:http:\\www.konj.ir.\section1 2- category 2 -> url:http:\\www.konj.ir\section2 ... please help me to write

Hi do u mean the data is maintained in an external plist file which we can continue to update new record after launched without republish the app ? Do u support notification ?

Can you please optimize this app for iOS 9, it crashes upon launch….