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external xml? also are you going to make the ios version?

Its not XML its json…will launch its ios version soon

soon like how many days?

within 2 weeks because 1 week for development and 1 week by codecanyon for approval..as of now you can download android app

Hello we can hope for a wordpress vs soon?

its not for wordpress it for joomla only

Is k2 simple gallery pro supported?

Is k2 allvideos plugin supported?

Is k2store supported?

its not supported gallery,video and store but if you need will do that.contact us if you want to integrate it

demo admin panel ?

I have already add demo admin details in description

this is add only article ? not add picture gallery ? or sobipro directory or other joomla modules ?

Its support joomla k2 plugin

Please you can tell me this how can install in my Joomla website I really want this application thanks very much.

ok I can change the logo, color and translate too ?

And I need this app too for iOS you can do it ??

I can change the logo, color and translate too ? Yes And I need this app too for iOS you can do it ?? We have already upload its ios version so may live soon

Any idea about the iOS release? Want to buy but need the iOS version.

Here is the link for iOS version we have already launch it.http://codecanyon.net/item/catalog-app-ios/9949762

Hello, I just bought Catalog App but i need some help to use it. Can you help me ? Do you have a skype or something ? Thank you in advance. Kind regards.

hope your issue is fixed

Perfect ! Thank you very much for your help.

Hi Paresh, I have Purchased app , As discussed please start customization.

Thanks, Sandeep

Hi, I was trying to test your android app, but it keeps saying internet not available or not available to get data. The app didn’t show any info just the title bar and a white screen.If you could give a link to add data as I tried adding to the given link but nothing appeared. I wanted to try the buy option, if it goes to an external site, or what exactly it does. Thanks

Hi, As our server was under maintenance so link was not working,But it will work with you server.Still If you have any doubts let me know

Hi, don’t know anything about coding can you change the color, name and add my google admob on the app for me?

Sent you a request as Franklyn

i cannot instal this app mr :’( please help me, remote me on team viewer mr

Please add me on skype: excellent.web1

Hello I am searching app for my website joomla.is this one for that???? thank you

This is app Use Joomla Backend with K2. For more please contact me on skype pmayur355

demo apk download link not working .. please update

Hi mate, does your android app runs on android studio? and ios app runs on xcode? i want to buy your app but want to make sure it can

dear sir, i tried open your app using android studio to open your project but cannot open. can you tell me how to open?

hello, As we suggest Eclipse so please try with eclipse.as we have already give documentation for it.

If you still having any issue then contact me on skype : pmayur355

Hi mate, does your android app runs on android studio? and ios app runs on xcode? i want to buy your app but want to make sure it can

how do i configure joomla?

how do i configure joomla for both android and iOS?

Just place fetch.php file in joomla root folder and define its path n client.je

Main thing configured fetch.php with database details.

If still any issue contact me on Skype: excellent.web1

Hello i have some problems opening the project in eclipse, i’m trying to contacting you via Skype on excellent.web1

does signup & login via social available ?

and if not, how does it cost to add it ?

Yes it has not support login you have to add it..Skype me= excellent.web1

Can i add youtube videos?

yes that will be done if you want will add it using code

please add me on skype if you need custom app skype: excellent.web1

hello, i bought your app but i cannot compile it, it’s not working i need help please

Add me on Skype so will check. Skype: excellent.web1