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So this is an IOS application that is linked to Joomla K2

Do you provide instructions on how to connect the app to my own Joomla K2 site? The slide menu with the categories, is that automatically updated if I add a category in Joomla? or do I have to add that in the app and re-distribute? Im pretty familiar with Objective-C, is this app pretty easy to update or modify? Im really interested in purchasing, Ive been wanting to make a backend to an IOS app for our school, this looks like a good starting point. Thank you.

So this is an IOS application that is linked to Joomla K2


Yes it support auto update when you update category and its items.also I have provide all instructions in documents no need to do any code.just follow document step and app is ready.

Thank you. Im a Drupal person so I will become a bit familiar with Joomla. I will be purchasing soon. Thanks again.

OK after buy app if you need any help please contact me

can make many apps of this app with deffrent content , and upload that to app store

My email paresh.sagar86@gmail.com. it issue happen because may be WordPress plugin or clientjs not configured

Still please contact me on Skype: paresh.sagar

ok , i am add you on skype

I have also accept request

Is iAD or Admob capable on this App? Thank you

Admob supported.

Thank you for your kind support

Hello I purchased and can’t get the fetch.php to work. I’ve installed Joomla and K2.

I’ve changed the fields but it nots working – do i have to do anything else. In the instructions you say ‘and give its path to application clientjs.js file’


Yes I will do help you..as I am on outside with family so I will contact you Monday

Shall I email you my joomla logo. Details?

Yes please send me details on my email so i will check

few questions:

Will this app support tags and search? Does it pass the apple store terms? Will this app support the all-videos plugin? Does this app depends on certain version of joomla or just k2 version? And what are the k2 supported versions?

Finally thank you and its good to see that someone has started to think about supporting joomla k2 with mobile apps

This is basic app of k2 so if you need that feature then please contact us will do that with some charge.

Nice support from developer also hard work to fix bugs but at lasted with no results. I have tested this app in different servers and joomla versions. On aruba.it and godaddy.com with different database, k2, host. I have fixed all the errors that developer asked me to do but the app was not working. So i have requested refund. If the app will one day work i will buy it again.

Thank you

Sorry, but I too cannot get this app to work. Ive done all I can and it never worked properly. I have given up too.

please add me on skype: excellent.web1 .i will fixed it

Hi, Please add me or give me your skype or email id will contact you and resolved your issue.

work with joomla articles or just K2 articles?

Just k2

hey is there a way for me to email you about a question i have?

yes please send email on admin@excellentwebworld.com or skype me : excellent.web1

Hi Paresh/Mayur,

Please do customization as previous.

please contact us

Hi Paresh, can I change the setting and instead of K2 to have another catalogue componend (Jreviews) instead?


No sorry my plugin setting is for only k2 it will not work with other.

even if I change the settings from the plugin?

Hello, If you want customise the app then please contact me will customize for you. My skype id is : excellent.web1

Can this handle user logins?

Thanks for Purchase. Default its not supported but if you want then we can customised it for you. For more info please contact me on skype : pmayur355

Hi, is this fixed? Did you make any fix? If you remember after you checked my site was unable to work and codecanyon refunded me.

Sorry I have no idea about which issue you are talking..also its display you have not purchased it.

how is the backend data been stored ? I need to do data update after the app is published which independent from the app ? Can this been done ?

Backend data store in k2 component.so you can update app data from joomla bakend,

sorry, joomla backend is something new to me, is it a WP plugin ? Anything to install ?

if you need using wordpress then please add me on skype: excellent.web1

i need help, Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/tjodist/public_html/ok/fetch.php on line 72 do you add me to skype : djalpha2

I hope now your issue is solved

yes, perfect support thank you

Hi, i have follow the documentation and get an error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/*/public_html/fetch.php on line 72

How can I resolve this issue?

Please send me FTP details i will check it.. send details on my skype: excellent.web1