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hi how should i edit the native 520×600 resolution ? bg_canvas,main_canvas,game_object,gameboardWidth,gameboardHeight? thanks!

at first you have to change the values in the HTML (game_object, bg_canvas, main_canvas), then you change the values in the JavaScript-Code (gameboardWidth, gameboardHeight, gameBoardInnerHeight, rightBoundary, bottomBoundary). don´t forget: if you change the code, you have to create new images (backgrounds) too.

hi i understand the cheeses, but how about the points? Can pls explain how is it calculated?

points are the rest of the timelimit. the faster you are the more points you will get.

Great idea! GLWS :)

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Its really good game ! I played it many times. Good luck with sales ! :)

How about statistics and winning result tables?

maybe in a new version. for a highscore table i have to learn php …

Can you make the game work on an ipad?

at the moment i have no experience with touch-events for iphone/ipad, so i have to learn it for a better version of the game. it´s the next step of learning game development, so maybe you´ll find a better version of the game in the future ….

Here is my customised mouse game: http://historyofliverpool.com/mouse/ Shame it does not work on an ipad. I have bought a very similar game to yours from Code Canyon already, and it works fine on the ipad, maybe you could figure out how it was done? http://codecanyon.net/item/arrow-in-kneeturret-dodge-game/6139305

Can I edit the graphics with photoshop or illustrator?

Yes, you can edit the graphics with photoshop. Within the package there are two psd-files (photoshop cs2). You can change the graphics very easy.

hi! i have purchased the game and i am having difficulties to change the code, because i would like to let the screen bigger. could you help me? could you give me your email?

great work! looks beautiful!