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Crashes instantly when running in android emulator. Copied to my phone and works but its very glitchy, and bugs out the cat will just run along the screen and I tap the screen and nothing happens. then the monsters will run into the cat and then game over. Then the new game starts and everything is fine.. but as I stated its very glitchy/buggy as it stands. It seems as if it was rushed.

Can you contact us threw our Profile page under Email Dulisa1, so we will have you email to send you fixed code.

We will update code here now, so you will not need to wait for approval.

Thank you again for letting us now about glitch, and for patience, waiting us to fix it.

I have requested a refund and gotten it, best of luck on sales. Thanks.

All the best!

Hello . Beautiful game but the way running is not pretty , If make running easy method Without jumping and when arrived the monster the cat is jumping , I will buy the game


This is not running game is Bouncing Game, so Cat bouncing in game and this is how its moving and jumping over monsters.

Thank you for checkin your game.

Thank You , but I want the Moving is run , If made him running I Buy it


We are now on trip and we will answer you later on. What we can do if you purchase this code, we can send you custom code where Cat running instead Bouncing.

Please contact us threw our profile page, under Email Dulisa1 that we can discuss details threw email.

Leaderboards is there ?


Yes Leaderboard in integrated in code. Just enter your Google Play ID and Leaderboard ID in code and you will see your Leaderboard.

Good Job ;)
I’m to buy it soon.

Thank you for interest in our codes.

I asked before buying.
This game can be shared score on facebook ??

You can share your score if you have Facebook installed in your device, with share option.

We are working on implementing FB share, which will include FB App and FB page of game from your side. As soon as we implement all we will update code.

is there android support?

Hi, How do you mean Android Support?

We give you support that you need for game. If you gonna have any question you can always contact us. Check our Support Tab for game.

if i never change any thing do google will accept this game with out any changes ? even i haven’t any google play store id do you please help me to buy google play store id ?

You will need to change main character, or modify it, as same as for monsters in game.
We should respect other people hard work and not take it in our advance.

And for Google Play Store ID, we are not sure that we understand question.

If it s concerning Google Play Store Developer Console, you will need to purchase it from Google, and there are simple steps which is well described in Google.

Hope we could help.

hi, how to change the languange for the game ?

How do you mean change language in game?

If you think about text in game that’s all image text, just change them in your own language.

yes the text on the game.. thank you.

Open from Artwork PSD file in PS and from image that you want to change click on small box in bottom left corner, it will bring that image in another window in PS.
Just add you own image with text in your own language and save it.
After saving you should see changed image in main PSD file.
As you fining all change save main PSD file in atlases like PNG image.

How can i change main character, i don’t know how to do that ?

We just try to download file from CodeCanyon and import into Eclipse and everything is working fine.
Please contact us threw our Profile Page Under Email Dulisa1 with your TeamViewer ID and Password.

I send a message for you. Hope you can help me

We have send you reply.

it keep on loading when trying to connect to leaderboards. do you know why? i have put my leaderboard ID

Please contact us threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

hi i have send you email. thanks

We have already reply.

import com.google.android.gms.R; has a line error.

Try to unzip source code with Newest 7Zip, as we compress all our files with 7Zip. It can be that did not unzip properly and that’s why you seeing this error.

Make sure that you have 5.0 or 5.1 google-play-service-lib installed in your SDK folder. Do not still install 6.0 as there is still a lot of issue with that SDK.

We are now on weekend break, spending time with family, if you gonna have same issue let us now and later on we can assist you.

Please contact us threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1

hello .. can you provide me a screenshot for the pictures i have to reskin please ?? i have to confirm if it easy to reskin or no ?? i want clear screenshot for the main character please

Please contact us threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1 with your request.

All images in our codes are Atlas Images = Multiply Images in One Big Image.
Also we providing all images that have been used in game in PNG and PSD format.

Hi, i want open the app in my Samsung Galaxy S3 but i have this error message : unfortunately Cat Bouncing has stopped.

Why i have this error message ? And how can i fix it ?

Thank you.

Hi there,
Can you send us your files for checking, contacting us threw our Profile Page.


kafiya Purchased

hello dulisa tell me how to fix that


Update Android SDK to 6.0 or 6.1.
Delete Project from Eclipse an from your Computer ( one that you have already imported which is unzipped )
Download new Project and unzip it.
import new unzipped project into Eclipse.


kafiya Purchased

ok i will try it

You welcome.