Casual Fitness - Gym Management and Administration System

Casual Fitness - Gym Management and Administration System

Casual fitness is an easy-to-use gym management and administration system. It helps you to keep track of the records of your members and their memberships, and allows easy communication between you and your members. Gym Management system also includes additional features that will help you in the management and growth of your club and gym.

Casual Fitness features
1) Membership Management
2) Payment & Remaining Due Collection
3) A user friendly administrative interface.
4) Create/Edit/Delete Membership plans
5) Add your gym logo and customize the invoice
6) Member plan expiration system
7) Income and Member growth plans and analytic
8 ) Photo upload of member
9) Edit/Delete/View Member details and history
10) Unpaid/new Payments
11) Over all statistics of month income and members

Why use Casual Fitness

Top Features 1) Online / Can easily backup data
2) HTML5,CSS3 & Bootstrap v4
3) Easy Integration with other Scripts
5) View/Delete/Edit and manage Trainers/Users
6) Jquery supported
7) Automatically manage user membership expiration and User Account Details

Our Objective

The objective of the Casual Fitness(gym managements system is to provide a system which handles all data of member and their payments it will keep track of their membership plans and will notify you if the membership is expired or if member has a due to pay. Using this software you can easily see the details and membership plan of each individual person. Casual Fitness (gym management system) have such a friendly user interface that you will not face any issue regarding the features of this software and the UI icons are used to guide the users how to use this software. You can easily print the invoices and if you want to edit the layout of invoice there are few steps which you can follow to change the layout of your invoice.

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