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hello.. in reporting income report and expense report not working .. when i try to open page it is showing only background colour no data .. it is working fine in localhost

please send us ticket at http://support.dbcinfotech.net

Can I have a VAT report that will show me what VAT shall I have to pay or reclaim?

Hi,For this you need customization.If you want to hire us you can send us ticket at http://support.dbcinfotech.net. Thanks

Can I have a VAT report that will show me what VAT shall I have to pay or reclaim in a specific period of time?

Hi,For this you need customization.If you want to hire us you can send us ticket at http://support.dbcinfotech.net.Thanks


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hello, I tried Update Languages from database and cms , The issues is not take any action in cms , Mean the Languages not update in CMS

Please send us a ticket at http://support.dbcinfotech.net

I am looking for a system where customers can see their own balance and account statements

Please send us your requirements at http://support.dbcinfotech.net

Pre purchase question, Hi there i had been testing this, i am looking for a function to do qoutations, i saw invoicing only under sales, please advice

Hello Sir.

I am having issues with the installation of Cashflow Accounting & Bookkeeping Software, I have followed all your instruction in the documents, but I am getting a blank page and the software is not showing up. Here is the URL http://cashflow.studio1solution.com, please let me know what I have to do to fix this issues, please, also I purchased your script Store Appointment Management System and the installation went will.

Extremely sorry for the late reply. I was sick for last couple of weeks. Please send a ticket with ftp access. I am installing it on your server.


is your script based on any MVC or pure php ?

Hi, it is based on Codeigniter MVC framework. Not pure PHP. Thanks

Hi, I would like to have one admin account only plus more accounts for accountants and procurement specialist. Do you support this?

Hi, currently no accountant module is supported. But it can be easily customized to support the accountant module. Thanks

I’m interested in purchasing this..I have one question. On the reporting (account statements in particular), can the total be added to the report…it just prints each individual transaction but I would like the total added.

Hello, send a ticket to you. I am amateur in these things.. I followed your instruction and I failed to load the page could you reply here or on support platform. thanks

Hi, internal server error usually occurs due to server configuration error. We have replied your ticket. We didn’t find any issue on the code. Thanks

Would u help me to fix it please? I replied ur email with link address

I would appreciate if you could reply my ticket.. I bought it 10 days ago and I can’t do anything…


do you still spport this software.

I bought another app here in codecanyon https://codecanyon.net/item/quantik-multi-lingual-crm-advanced/15748432 oddly it looks same as your but with less function.

ı will buy your app nut I need to fully test before I buy, an I need quick responce to my support related mail.

Please update when you can.


sent you a ticket, Please reply. Thanks

I made changes in language file but it did not reflect on front end, when I check at phpmyadmin the sql data has chnaged.

Hi, sorry our support staff was on vacation last week. He is back now. Can you mention your ticket. We can assist you fast now. Thanks

Hi, do you think is possible to modify your project to be a SaaS company? Like users signup, and each one has you own access

Hi, yes it can be possible. Please send your details to our support ticket. We can provide an estimate for you. Thanks

What CI version you used ? Are you used 3.1.2 ?

Well the code is seriously mess up where I found many bug on your app also its not MVC even you used the framework. Its not worth with the price. I request to refund for the caused.

Hi, we modified the mvc to use it as HMVC. Can you point out the bugs you are referreing to? Thanks

Hi Author, well you create this app not me so why you’re ask to me ? Is there any bounty for this ? Are you not check the app before you sell it to your customer ?