CashCow - Affiliate Based Money Making System

CashCow - Affiliate Based Money Making System


You know many websites those earn Envato Affiliate Program (referral). You have an open chance to have a website similar those.

This plugin helps you to collect and show marketplace items’ information automatically (latest 50 items run once) and immediately on your site. Of course with your referral link. Therefore you don’t need to waste your time for creating posts with new marketplace items.

The plugin purpose is to create your site posts easily with the LATEST market items, it’s not generating original content for your site. Then you need to make significant content changes or something more on your site content after you run the plugin, such as adding more review message, reproduction of item features that let search engine consider as different contents.


  • Automatic Post Creation by Latest 50 marketplace items
  • Automatic Cron Job with Schedule
  • Unlimited Threats
  • Works on All Envato MarketPlaces
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Customize, has Codex
  • Automatic Category Creation
  • Automatic Tags Creation
  • Selection of Specific category
  • Included Free CashCow Theme

Updates Log

== V2.2.0 - 01 Dec 2014 ==
    UPDATED : All marketplace categories list

== V2.1.1 - 20 Jun 2014 ==
    FIXED : Category mixed up issue when categories have same name. Now categories extends (on slug) their parent name if there have same category created already

== V2.1.0 - 08 May 2014 ==
    FIXED : Duplication check by post title when creating new posts

== V2.0.2 - 09 Apr 2014 ==
    FIXED : VideoHive player issue

== V2.0.1 - 12 Feb 2014 ==
    FIXED : Product category issue
    FIXED : Removed unnecessary files and functions

== V2.0 - 10.31.2013 ==
    *UPDATED : Get content function
    *UPDATED : JSON parse function with WP core
    *FIXED : Featured image download function
    FIXED : Empty category
    FIXED : Image file name duplication

== V1.7 - 08.06.2013 ==
    *FIXED: Minor js issue of 3d ocean category
    *FIXED: Bug on 3docean selection
    *FIXED: Replace error 3d ocean

== V1.6 - 2013.07.30 ==
    *FIXED : 3docean selection issue
    *UPGRADED : Better parser for feed

== V1.5 - 2013.07.26 ==
    *UPDATED : Hierarchy of parent and sub categories
    *UPDATED : Content bottom links on posts that shows on any custom theme
    *FIXED : URL encode issue of preview name

== V1.4 - 2013.07.20 ==
    *ADDED : Featured image upload by preview image

== V1.3 - 2013.07.15 ==
    *UPDATED : Added filter before save post, prevent duplication

== V1.2 - 2013.05.22 ==
    *FIXED : Bug on datediff function

== V1.1 - 2013.05.20 ==
    * ADDED : Category selection on every marketplaces

== V1.0 - 2013.05.14 ==
  * Initial release

Sources and Credits

Thank you all of you guys for your amazing works. We always appreciated for you!

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