2 App Template| Car Service Appointment Booking App| Car Service Provider App| CarBath| Carwash App

2 App Template| Car Service Appointment Booking App| Car Service Provider App| CarBath| Carwash App

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Simplify your car service bookings with our CarWash App Template

Carwash is a powerful car service booking and finder app template. With features like car washing, interior cleaning, engine detailing, and more, Carwash is the ultimate solution for all your car service needs. Perfect for startups and businesses looking to create their own car maintenance or repair app. Carwash Template is built with high-quality code to ensure smooth functionality and better user experience. The UI is designed in a way that provides a seamless experience for the users. The design is visually appealing with a modern look and feel that enhances the user experience.

CarWash is car service appointment app template with 30+ screens.

List of Screens

  • Splash Screen
  • Sign in Screen
  • Forgot Password Screen
  • Sign up Screen
  • Verfication Screen
  • Social Login Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Select Car Screen
  • Select Services Screen
  • Select Tmings Screen
  • Select Location Screen
  • Select Address Screen
  • Service Provider Pop up Screen
  • Service Provider Screen (3 Screens)
  • Confirm Order Screen
  • Payment Screen
  • Booking Confirmed Screen
  • Menu Screen
  • My Booking Screen (2 Screens)
  • Add Review Screen
  • My Cars Screen
  • Add Car Screen
  • My Address Screen (2 Screens)
  • Select Language Screen
  • Contact us Screen
  • Favorites Screen

  • Changelog & Update History

    Version 3.7
    16 November 2023

    Update: Documentation Update

    Version 3.6
    9 October 2023

    Update: Improved Template Documentation
    Update: Performance Enhancements
    Update: Various fixes and improvements

    Version 3.5
    08 September 2023

    Update: Performance Enhancements
    Update: Improved Template Documentation
    Update: Improved font readability
    Update: Various minor styling improvements.

    Version 3.4
    17 July 2023

    Update: User interface design
    Update: User profile settings
    Update: Improved loading speed
    Update: User-friendly navigation menu.

    Version 3.3
    31 May 2023

    Update: Documentation updated
    Update: Image improvements
    Update: Responsiveness improve
    Update: Minor Bug Fixes
    Update: Screen Linking Issue Fix

    Version 3.2
    7 April 2023

    Update: Resolved UI responsiveness issues.
    Update: Other improvements and bug fixes.
    Update: Product Description update
    Update: Minor update
    Update: Improve UI / UX
    Update: Add Sentences to translation files.

    Version 3.1
    22 February 2023

    Update: Compatible for Android 14
    Update: Compatible for iOS 16
    Update: Documentation Update
    Update: UI Improvements
    Update: Minor Bug Fixes

    Version 3.0
    2 November 2022

    Update: OTP screen added
    Update: New screen added
    Update: Minor margin padding
    Update: Coding structure improve
    Update: Image improvements

    Version 2.5
    19 July 2022

    Update: Documentation Updated

    version 2.4
    15 March 2022

    New: Updated for IONIC 6
    New: Multiple new languages added
    New: Android 13 support added
    New: iOS 15 support added
    Fix: Dark Mode Toggle state bug fix
    Fix: Login screen bug
    Fix: Scrolling Bar in lists
    Update: Documentation updated
    Update: other minor bug fixing

    Version 2.3
    17 November 2021

    Update: Image improvements
    Update: Responsiveness improve

    Version 2.2
    18 June 2021

    Update: Other minor bug fixes
    Update: Other ui fixes
    Update: Smooth scrolling fixes
    Update: Login flow improved

    version 2.1
    23 December 2020

    Update: Documentation Updated
    Update: UI Improvements
    Update: Minor Bug Fixes
    Update: Screen Linking Issue Fix
    New: New Screens Added

    Version 2.0
    12 April 2020

    New: IONIC 5 Update.
    Update: Language File Improved
    Update: RTL Improvements.
    New: Arabic Langauge Added
    New: Spanish Langauge Added
    New: French Langauge Added
    New: Indonesian Langauge Added
    New: Portuguese  Langauge Added

    Version 1.1
    12 April 2020

    New: New screens added.
    Update: Language File Improved
    Update: RTL Improvements
    Update: Code Cleanup
    Update: Unused Resources Removed
    Update: Junk Code Cleanup
    Update: Multi-Lingual Improvements
    Update: Minor Bug Fixes

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