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How can I add picture on construct 2 ? Do you have some construct 2 .cpax like your demo ?

Thank you

Hi, Thank you for purchasing my item. 1. Just drag & drop into exported folder (my documentation can help you). 2. Can you explain more. My package included the capx file.

Your demo have 20 pic image puzzle but in .capx just have 1 pic

Hi, There is no need pic in the capx file. Just export the app and create the puzzle folder. Regards


Hi, Thank you for purchasing my item & your comment. It very helpful for buyer. My Bad, i will update the documentation later. But I think the plugin is free here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5426011/plugins/Paster.c2addon . How to install: Open the construct 2 software then Drag & drop “Paster.c2addon” into construct 2 software. Done! Regards.


You are welcome :D

good job, i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Hi, Thanks, You too. Buddy! :)

How to build this code for iOS ?

Hi, sorry, i don’t support to build this code for IOS, but you can build yourself by read the below tutorial: https://www.scirra.com/forum/tutorial-upload-your-ios-game-to-app-store-using-intel-xdk_t148447 . Regards.

I mean this code support for iOS or not support ?

Because folder puzzle not working on iOS App (can’t change picture in app)

Hi, This code support html5 only. However you can build a good IOS app by export from my construct 2 project. (construct 2 project include). Regards

I have 2 question before buy jigsaw game

1. Can i manage jigsaw to another piece such as 4 8 16…? 2. Do i need to create jigsaw piece by piece by myself or can auto generate ?

Hi, 1. you can’t manage jigsaw to another piece. 2. it auto generate. Regards

does this have admob or can you add it

this source code is a html5. if you rank me, i will give you a source code to export the mobile platform (include admob)

Which is the process to add images on this game? If for example I’ ll add 5 files more? Greetens

You can drag and drop your pictures (png format) into the “coloringbook” folder. The game include the documentation “How to add/remove your pictures”, so you can easy to edit the game.

So the code make each oiece of ouzzle automatically? Without edit with psd?

Do you have ready the export code for mobile platforms? I would buy it if its possible export to android.

yes! i can help you to build android app with admob.


how difficult will be to implement admob banner and interstitial?

currently, i am not support to export mobile app. I will integrate it in the future. thanks

how i remove buy picture function? i want all images free

https://goo.gl/QPgjCK when i click right arrow to change image somethings do not change inmediatly. Is required to click many times.

it take a sec to load image from your data. pls give me your email. i will send a custom code without buy picture function via email. thanks!

pls check your email :)

how i can move the SOLVE BUTTON to a bottom corner.. during practice many people click by mistake solve button during gameplay in that position

Hello, pls check your email :)

you delete the button :( i was looking just to move it to some bottom corner

Hi, my mistake. please check your email again :)

Hi nhandsig thanks for sell this game, it’s a very nice work. I need the custom code without buy stuff ¿Can you please send it to me? my email is juans@bextsa.com

pls check your email :D

Thank you!!

Would I be able to auto generate a 8 piece puzzle?

i will help you to do that. regards

I want to add AdMob to the game. I’m confussed: I have to do it from Cocoon, Construct 2 or both?

pls contact me via email. i will help you for free. Regards

Ok, I’ve just sent you an email, thanks.

may you not recive my email. i resend email

Dear I want to run the game localy (Offline) With Xcode Project ( i get black Screen)

Sorry, the game doesn’t work on local

Your games are AWESOME! Can you send it to me ready the export code for android app with admob, as in your application, only without buy stuff and buy camera. regards

have you using https://cocoon.io/ to export it?

Ok, i will check it and respond you soon. Regards

hi, just purchased the code but Construct 2 is crying for a LiteTween behavior. Googled and found a page: https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=70700&start=0 , but download link is not working. It was also missing Paster but I found it in the package. :)

Hi, thank you for your purchasing. Pls contact me via my email. i will send it to you :)

can i change the title and translate the text to spanish?

sorry, currently the game don’t support multi language. i will add this function soon. please wait. thank you