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how are you. we want to synchronize the module orders crm with the customer’s order, I mean every time a customer order to synchronize the module orders crm while this associated with your client, if the client is already registered crm is not required to check again to avoid duplicate if a customer is recurring.

In our case the contact module is the module that we handle customers, we appreciate if you can help us with this requirement!

At the moment woocommerce order are synced with crm account module. If you want to synchronize order crm with customers then it is possible with customization. Please share your customization requirement list So we can give you time frame and cost.

Hi! I have some pre-sales questions here.

I have a client who is in food franchising business. So the website is not for general customers, this is exclusive for the franchisees of his business. He wants a CRM that can handle the following:

1. Can check/add/edit profiles of all his franchisees. Where he can send emails for news and updates, send a birthday message or a greetings during holidays.

2. The franchisees can order stocks like paper cups, crew uniforms and make an online payment and then they can process the orders just like a regular woocommerce shopping cart.

3. The website owner can monitor all the activities, from orders to payment inside the admin panel and can send report or comments if there is a violation in the part of the franchisee.

4. And one of the most important part is that, he wants to put a renewal date for the franchised outlet and the CRM plugin will send an automatic reminder (at least a month before) to the franchisee that they need to settle the amount due – something like a billing software.

5. Any notifications, account due, etc., will notify the owner thru email.

6. If a franchisee has a multiple outlets in different locations, is there a custom fields that can indicate there the different addresses of the outlets and their contract date and expirations?

7. Last login feature – where he can monitor who among his staff is the last one to logged in from the admin panel and made changes to it.

8. Google Map for the franchisees address or store address.

I just want to ask if your plugin can handle all these features including the password protected website? Or do I need to get a separate plugin for the password protection?

Do you offer a money back guarantee here in codecanyon in case the plugin didn’t worked or my client rejected it?

Thanks and best regards!

At this moment these features are not available.It is possible with customization.

Hi, I am interested in testing this on my dev server for multiple clients. I am having problems with your demo site. Is it possible to get an evaluation install?

Hi, I’m interested in this plugin but:

1) does it transfer to SuiteCRM, when a customer has purchased?

2) is there a price without the 6 months support?

1) Suitcrm is supported 2) Not we do not have that option

The product description mentions SuiteCRM 4, it is currently 7.8.0 – does it work with that version without error?

replied on email support.

The product description mentions SuiteCRM 4, it is currently 7.8.0 – does it work with that version without error?

replied on email support.


Is your plugin compatible with:

Wordpress 4.7.2, WooCommerce 2.6.14, SuiteCRM Version 7.8.0 (Sugar Version 6.5.24) ?


Yes, It is compatible with wordpress 4.7.2, Woocommerce 2.6.14, sugarCRM 6.5.24. We have not tested it with SuiteCRM 7.8.0. But it may work fine. If any issue occurs with suiteCRM 7.8.0 please let us know.

I am very interested in buying Cart2CRM – Woocommerce and SugarCRM integration plugin but do not want to see CRM Panel at wordpress. Is there a way to buy you a version with “NO POSSIBLE” crm panel? I do not want any of the wpress client having access to my crm information. or the possibility that someone could add this option later to plugin.

Thanks for your answser Kind regards

hi dasinfomedia, could you please explain yourself? CRM Panel is just one of the plugin options, why can not be removed?

I am still interested in the plugin, could you please help me with question?

I think we had some misunderstanding in previous mail, ourapologize for that. But if you don’t want to show CRM panel then it can be also hideen by some code customization. Please let us know you remove CRM panel for all users types? Like wordpress admin user also?

hi the demo its not working thanks

It’s working fine. You can check again. This is our demo link: http://www.mobilewebs.net/mojoomla/extend/wordpress/cart2crm/

Hi! I want to ask if this works with Perfex CRM? This is a CRM tool from Codecanyon. I want to integrate the woocommerce orders (clients) into this Perfex Crm solution. This CustomCRM option is build for this kind of CRM’s? Is if possible to not to use the CRM Panel option, bacause I really don’t need it only want my Woocommerce fields to “field mapping” or copiing into my custom CRM. Thanks for your reply.


I want to ask if this works with Perfex CRM?
=> It can't be integrated with other plugin.
This CustomCRM option is build for this kind of CRM’s?
=>Yes, Wocommerce orders can be sync into customCRM
Is if possible to not to use the CRM Panel option
=> It can be done with some code customization.

Best Regards.

Hello, I wish to connect Woocommerce to SuiteCRM with your plugin. At checkout customers upload files with the plugin WP fortune woocommerce uploads. These files are stored in the order of the client. Will it be possible to sync these files together with te client details with SuitCRM? Thank you for your time. Greetings Bas

It may not be possible with our plugin

Ok, thank you for your answer

Hello ! Does your plugin support a Wordpress Multisite installation ? We’d like to have suiteCRM linked to different sites of a wordpress network. Best regards,

Sorry but not tested for Multisite.


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Hi Team dasinfomedia. The demo site for this product does not appear to be working. On logging in I can only see a standard WP/WooCommerce installation. I’d really like to see the backend before buying :(

Sorry to say but We are providing admin demo. But you can check admin side screenshots from product detail page. product detail page link : https://codecanyon.net/item/cart2crm-woocommerce-and-sugarcrm-integration/8234719?s_rank=10


now4dw Purchased

Already bought and already integarted. Works brilliantly. Great tool. Thanks.

Hello, can i use it with vTiger?

no its no developed and tested for that.

Hello, I’m trying to get Cart2CRM to work. I’ve got all set up but the sync-fields does not show any fields for SuiteCRM. Can you help? I’ve attempted https://github.com/jobst/SuiteCRM/pull/1/files and https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/pull/3415/files but to no avail.

I can get the suiteCRM fields filled only on selecting CustomCRM but then it becomes a big questionmark what to synch where…


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Pre-purchase question – is it compatible with WooCommerce 3.x and WordPress 4.8.x?


ghogan Purchased

We recently had our sugarcrm instance upgraded from v7.9.2.0 to v7.10 and after that cart2crm will no longer connect to Sugar so field mappings, etc. are not available. Have others seen this issue?

Lets say I have existing data in the CRM let’s say email ID which is a unique identifier, when a new order is placed, can this add an entry to SuiteCRM as an opportunity under the existing customer profile?

Hi, I have a question. When I export an order to Sugar, how will store sugar the order’s products? Specially when the order has more than one product? Thank you.

Sugar cm Importing Products for Catalog The import function allows you to push multiple product records into the product catalog in Sugar using a comma (or other character) delimited file instead of creating them one-by-one.

Are purchases made by customers stored under opportunities in suitecrm or somewhere else?

Purchases /completed made by customers stored under Accounts and leads in SuiteCRM .

You guys are not giving 3 very crucial fields..

1 Coupon Code(what is the coupon code which was applied if it has one) 2nd Customer Notes if any so that we could put it in the Description. 3rd Order Date

please give me the code so that i can exchange it with the new file or tell me how can i edit it in the fields mapping or somewhere else i know some of the coding..

1 Coupon Code(what is the coupon code which was applied if it has one).

-->Coupon code field not supported in SugarCRM.

2nd Customer Notes if any so that we could put it in the Description. 3rd Order Date

--> coming soon. we will are release cart2crm package.we will be added this future and facility in this package.so please wait.