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hello, is this plugin compatible with our woocommerce shop which supports social media login?

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Hi iconnect87,

The plugin is not altering in any way the login / logout / register process.

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Hello, I’ve bought, downloaded and installed Cart to Quote for Woocommerce however, the settings tabs are not appearing within my wordpress website. Can you help? Thanks.


“Cart to Quote for Woocommerce” plug-in needs to be addressed.

On the page where the proposals are listed, it is necessary to return to the proposal list page again after clicking on the “Login to submit proposals” button and logging in.

Could it be possible to keep the page address (session, cookie or localStorage) when the button is clicked?

I expect the solution to this issue as soon as possible.

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Hello! Does this plugin support the WooCommerce “Composite Products” and/or “Measurement Price Calculator” plugins? Thanks!

Hi rjehangir,

Thank you for asking. No it does not.

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When using your plugin (Cart to Quote for Woocommerce) with the Atelier theme, I am faced with the following issues:

1. After user submits quote for review and while the quote is in the review stage, the user cannot view the pending quote. The user is only able to view approved quotes. 2. When admin receives a quote request, the quote comes through with no items on it. Items can be added by admin before approving the quote, but the user’s submitted items are lost. 3. Of any products added to a quote which is then approved, those products’ names in Wordpress are changed to the quote number of the approved quote.

Please help me fix this! Thank you!

Hi CruxDigital,

Can you please ping me on skype (spyrosvl) in order to resolve this?

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Dear nitroweb, loving your plugin so far! Just a little technical problem i got.

When adding a variation product and click on “save” i get an error message:

I added a price aswell but still no changes.

How can i solve this?

I am using the newest Woocommerce Version. Disabled all plugins. Tested it with a standard theme. Same error.

Thanks for your time & help!


Hi SketchLab1,

Please contact me via skype: spyrosvl

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Will a future version be released anytime soon? I notice the last working version was back in May 2017 but it does NOT work any longer with Woocommerce 3.2.1. The quotes page does not auto calculate the fields nor save them. No emails can be sent.

In Woocommerce 3.1.2, the email failed where the href tags were corrupted but at least the emails worked and the prices were editable.

As it stands, this product whilst it was wonderful in older versions, does NOT work at all with Woocommerce 3.2.1

Hi aus969,

Thank you for the notification.
Yes, I am planning a new version within Oct.

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My client wants to change the default email FROM name and text that the customer gets when they submit a quote. Currently it reads as:

- FROM: WordPress <> - Text: “Thank you for submiting a new quote request. We will contact you soon with an awesome offer!”

I located the code within the /classes/frontend.php into the /wp-content/themes/mytheme/c2q/classes/ folder with changes but that didnt work.

Please advise as I am not seeing any settings in admin tools for changes these things.

Also is there any way to include the quote details within that initial email?

It should send from admin email though, as it is set on the wp-admin settings. Strange :\

Can you please replace wp_mail with wc_mail and give it a try?

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tpphost Purchased

That worked – it shows with the proper WOOCOMM email name and email address. Please ensure to add this to your plugin to avoid overwrite and thanks for your help.

Already edited my dev installation :)

Hi The qoutation on the demo site is not working?

Hi shendriks,

Works fine for me.

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Hi, does this plugin work for Grouped Products? We are looking for a plugin that will allow us to add the simple products from within a grouped product into the cart for quoting.

Hi OffsiderAU,

It will not.

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Thanks for the fast response.

I have installed anyway and am having an issue getting the cart to work when users are not logged in. I believe it is a hosting issue. We are on WPEngine and they use Varnish. We have excluded the path /quotelist but it is still not working.

It says the product has been added, but on the quote list page it says that “Your quote list is empty!” However, if you log in after doing this, you will see the quote list.

Can you think of any other exclusions for Varnish or alternate solutions to this issue?

Hi OffsiderAU,

Please post from the account you used to purchase the plugin in order to receive support :)

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Hi there

hope you are well

Im having an issue with the plugin, when i try and search for a product to add to quote, no products appear, this was not happening before

Please help

I have multiple issues with the plugin – it looks exactly what I need if it works -

Firstly – I can’t remove the ‘Show the “Add to quote button” for these roles only – they are all appearing.

Secondly – I get the following error when sending the quote via the button ‘Send New Quote Notification to User”. I’ve checked the files are in place via FTP and everything looks in place. Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘MpdfException’ with message ‘mPDF Error – cannot find TTF TrueType font file – /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/127091/domains/’ in /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/127091/domains/ Stack trace: #0 /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/127091/domains/ mPDF->AddFont(‘dejavusansconde…’, ’’) #1 /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/127091/domains/ mPDF->SetFont(‘helvetica’, ’’, 0, false) #2 /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/127091/domains/ mPDF->setCSS(Array, ‘INLINE’) #3 /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/127091/domains/ Tag->OpenTag(‘SPAN’, Array, in /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/127091/domains/ on line 3843

Hi rewarddesign,

Please downlaod the font eg from: and upload it on the folder: /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/127091/domains/

I will add it on the next version.

Bets regards,

Are you able to provide a list of the shortcodes used – a recent updated deleted all the shortcodes on woocommerce pages and I have to go back in and add them including yours for Cart to Quote. I have most of them figured out – but the links to view the quotes for the customer do not work, so I suspect something has gone wrong.

Hi rewarddesign,

3 shortcodes:


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I have successfully installed the plugin, and everything matches like what the videos show, but when I use the drop down under “Choose user to quote or enter email address”, there is only an empty option with a check mark. I cannot type an email address and nobody shows in the dropdown list…just the check mark.

Also, when I attempt to choose a product, no products show in the drop down. I have 71 products.

Both of these issues are in the WordPress environment. Please advise.

Hi cubicsupport, version 1.0.9 was released about 20 days ago. Can you please give it a try?

I would love to, but WordPress isn’t prompting me to do an update on the plugin. How do I get a version of 1.0.9?

Please download via codecanyon download. Uninstall the current plugin and install the one you downloaded :)

Is there any possibilities that I can include Tax and Shipping fields? I need those fields as well. Your fast response will really be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi jeremygrant79,

Where do you want to include those fields? Can you please post a screenshot?

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Is there a way to completely delete the plugin and all data in order to do a fresh install? I’ve deleted and re-installed without luck as it’s retaining existing data and settings (with conflicts). I did a sample fresh install on a test site and it worked perfectly, but I just can’t shake the issues from the previous install.

Hi rewarddesign,

Currenctly, there is no such option. I am adding this on the to do list.

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SketchLab1 Purchased

Running smoothly but just got a quick question:

How can i add some more input fields when checking out the quote list? Besides the e-mail adress i also wanna add ‘Name’ ‘phone’ etc. ?

Which specific file do i have to edit / take a closer look.

Thanks in advance