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Trying to see the live demo of your product, but a Virus warning comes up when going to the Demo Site: JS:Injection-A[Trj] is the warning that comes up on Firefox and Avast

Hi We will check demo website and update you.


Testing on live demo I have some question 1.I saw Calculate shipping function on Product detail page, Why it is show on that page? because of your plugin or your theme option? “Cart page” I saw 3 lines about Fee option What is that? Is it come with your plugin?


1. Shipping function is not comming with cart based shipping plnpn. It’s comming from shipping calculator on product page plugin.

2.fee option is comming from woocommerce extra fee plugin

No it’s not comming with cartbase shipping rate plugin. All functions are comming from different plugin.

Please check our portfolio so you will get idea

Is it possible to have a shipping price for 2 produtcts and another price for 3 products. And so on?

Yes you can set shipping charge based on number of items in your cart.

Here in Sweden we can use the same VAT on the shipping as the product VAT. And to complicate things: If a customer buy 1 item with 12% VAT and 1 item with 25% VAT, the VAT on shipping can be split up with half 12% and half 25%. Can this Plug-in handle that?

no this plugin not handle that

Hello I just purchased today.

Which file should I upload ? There are 3-4 folders.


You need to upload zip file( that is inside package file

I have two shipping options: Flat Rate and Free. For flat rate shipping, it relies on how many items are in the cart (1 item, $6. 2 items, $12. 3 Items, $13) Can I set this up to also have free shipping as an option, and if so, how?

Why is there no response or support on these questions?

Hi, sorry for not reply as we missed your comment.

You can not set free shipping with this plugin. But if you want to provide free shipping when your cart item is above or less then you can add $0 charge

I am not sure I understand this. It’s not free shipping based on a number of items, it would be free shipping based on the item itself. There are a number of items that will be free shipping, no many how many of them you add to the cart. Is this possible?

Am i able to set it up so that each item added to the cart adds shipping? So if i add a product to the cart that has a particular shipping class and then add another product either the same or of a different shipping class it will add both shipping prices in? 2 items and 2 lots of shipping added.

No you can not set shipping per product using this plugin. You can set shipping rate based on cart item using this plugin

Are you compatible with the latest version of woocommerce – 2.5+ and wp – 4.4+

Yes it’s compatible with latest woocommerce and WordPress version

forgot my second question – we have 2 types of shipping – ground and air – they are both based on cart value BUT they have different prices – so cart value = $50 then for ground it costs $7 but for air it costs $12

Can you work with this?

no, you can only set one option using this plugin

Hi,I have a pre-sale question. If I use a coupon code for “free shipping” if user reaches a certain minimum will your plugin stop showing up? The reason I am asking is that there is another plugin being sold that does not deactivate when a coupon is used (making the coupon useless) and I want to make sure that your plugin will cooperate if coupons are used before I purchase it. Thanks.

i cant see the shipping calculator on this page :


Can you please explain in detail your issue?

For you information,This plugin is not for display shipping calculator.

Hi, I love the price per weight feature which between 1-100 costs x amount. Could this be applied to different countries? For example, for UK between 1-100 costs X and between 1-100 for USA costs X? If not, is there a combination of your plug-ins that allow this? Thanks!


stukkis Purchased


I just bought your plugin and installed it successfully.

But when viewing my site I get following php alert:

Warning: Declaration of RPWC_Cart_Shipping::calculate_shipping($package) should be compatible with WC_Shipping_Method::calculate_shipping($package = Array) in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 7

Any idea ?

Best regards


Can you please send your site detail on so we can check issue and solve it.


I just purchased the Cart Based Shipping Rate for WooCommerce. I didn’t realize at the time that it supports WooCommerce 2.3.x, I have WooCommerce 3.0.7. I added the plugin and tried to use it in the shipping area. After I setup it up it does not allow me to use it as a shipping option. Is there a newer version? I really need something like this for my client as this is exactly how they have charged for shipping for years, by cart amount, in their current shopping cart. If you don’t update on a regular basis this is useless to me and I would like to get my money back. Please HELP!

Does anyone support this plugin anymore??? I sent the above message 11 days ago and nothing.