CarSale In App

CarSale In App

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Take your salon cars in an iPhone application.

With this project, Xcode you have a powerful and comprehensive system to show your Car showroom in iPhone application, your application.

You can:

- Add your car from phpMyAdmin. Automatically appear in your application.
- Ability to set up the first screen with logo, description, speed dial, email and Facebook.
- Ability to set the map.
- Reach Your Car Showroom with a click, route calculation from the current position.
- Cool graphics.
- Much More …
With this template you will learn to communicate to a server with your application. Then update the content whenever you want without sending it to Apple.

Add cars to your list.


Map, address and directions with a single click.



Huge thanks to people who suggested improvements.

v1.4 (10/02/2012)

  • Adding the search for Brands.
  • Added logo of the Brand for the list and details of the car.
  • New way to refresh the list of typical iOS 6.
  • Sort for Brand and Price.
  • Fixed some problems with sorting.

v1.3 (09/27/2012)

  • Minor bug Fix

v1.2 (09/01/2012)

  • Added “Search” function.
  • Ability to sort the car list for “Name” and “Price”.
  • Search cars by name, price, and All.
  • Now the characters (ò à ù ä ö ü) Special typical of German are supported.

v1.1 (08/13/2012)

  • New gallery to make uploading data fast.
  • Added Twitter button.
  • Greater stability and delete all alerts of Xcode.

v1.0 (07/05/2012)

  • First release version

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