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Good , my favorite plugin. Tanks. My site Kisisel blog

Oh this is very bad, which is not listed here, it is ONLY suitable for Layers. I need the addon for VC. Now bought in vain.

I did stated in the “Item Details” page that this plugin is built specifically for Layers powered themes. It won’t work on any other wordpress themes.

Hi there, I got this error message on my page after installing your theme.

“Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /wp-content/themes/layerswp/core/customizer/registration.php on line 393”

Firstly, what you purchased (Layers carousel mojo) is a plugin, not a theme. You’ll still need install Layers theme (which wasn’t mine) in order for Layers carousel mojo to work. Based on your description above, I suspect this is a theme issue – hence why I’m asked which version of the theme you’re using.

Secondly, why do I need your site url? Because I need to have a look at your site to figure out the issue.

If you don’t want to show your site url in this public comment section, then I would suggest you to submit a ticket here: https://smashingadvantage.zendesk.com – so that I can work with you privately to resolve this issue.

Nathanonn, I’m not an idiot. I downloaded and installed the Layers theme into my WordPress. You make it very clear to do so and I did. I already described above that I could not get anything working from your plugin. I don’t want to go back and forth with you on this. I’m going to ask for a refund.

You don’t even want to give me a chance to help you out. I’m no god – and I can’t determine what’s the cause of the problem by those error mention above alone – I’ll need to have a look at your site and do a few testing to figure out the issue.

Again, if you don’t want to show your site url in this public comment section, please submit a ticket here: https://smashingadvantage.zendesk.com – so that I can work with you privately to resolve this issue.

However, if you insist on refund, please go ahead – I won’t stop you. But just don’t say that my plugin won’t work – because you don’t even want to allow me to help you in the first place.

Can I configure the carousel to open a vimeo video in a lightbox ? Can you set the overlay text, thumbnail and number of videos to span across the template ? Is it responsive ?

1. Yes I can set up a link to open in a lightbox 2. http://whazat.ca – look at the top 5 images when you mouseover them

Basically I want to replace the plugin (Vimeography) that is used at top of the page on http://whazat.ca. It’s not responsive, doesn’t work on a multisite and I can’t set the thumbnails for the videos.

Just tested on my own. I don’t think Layers carousel mojo can do what you want to do.

Plus, you’re not using Layers theme – this plugin is built for layers theme. It won’t work in any other wordpress themes

Hey Nathanaonn, I bought and like this plugin. It´s very usefull. An issue I found is, that when I set a custom anchor in Layers the carousel mojo doesn´t write it in source-code. Is there something I do wrong, or has it to be fixed in the plugin? Kindly Marc

Sorry. I didn’t understand your question. Can you explain it further? Or maybe show me a screenshot or something?

Is it not possible to select which thumbnail size is used as the source for images? Or to crop thumbnails so the images in the carousel are all the same size? I don’t seem to have much control over what appears in the carousel in this regard.

Also, I can apparently only have the image and excerpt next to each other (style 3) if I stick to a one column layout. Can’t I keep that layout in a two column layout?


The plugin has its own custom image size. You’ll need to use this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ to regenerate all your images, so that carousel mojo can load the proper image size into your carousel.

As for your other question, you can only get the image and excerpt next to each other if you use one column layout. You can’t use it on 2 (or more) columns.

Hi! Thanks for a great plugin. Can I use this plugin without the shortcode and instead embed it in the php on a page? Is there any snippet for that?

I guess the best you can do is this:

echo apply_filters( ‘the_content’ , ‘[carousel_mojo id=”123”]’ );

But you’ll still need to create the carousel via the builder.

Thanks a lot for the answer! That works :) Another question, is there any chance to get the review theme working on posts instead of pages so that you can skip making both pages and posts to ad a review that shows.

Sorry, I don’t understand your question. Can you please elaborate your question? Or, maybe show an example of what you’re trying to do?

This plugin doesn’t work on me… not even showned in admin.. why???

Please submit a ticket here: https://smashingadvantage.zendesk.com, together with a temporary admin access to your site. Will need to look at your settings to figure out why it doesn’t work for you.

Hi there, I really like the plugin. I do however have a problem. When folks click on the thumbnail, it opens the picture in a new window rather than in a lightbox. The new window is not subject to copyright protection so they could easily download all the pictures from my friend’s web site. How do I get it to do lightbox instead of new window?

Actually I solved my own dilemma. I installed the plugin Simple Lightbox and now my links display a lightbox. Just in case anyone else needed to know how to do this. Thanks everyone.

Glad you’re able to resolve this on your own.

How can I edit the max amount of columns in style 3? Currently the max is 6 columns but I would like the images to be smaller on my site so need about 10 columns instead.

Just replied to your ticket.

Hey does your plugin works with images hosted on could-front hosting such as amazon s3 etc.?

No. It does not.

I have put the shortcode in but just the next and previous buttons show? No content from my ‘content’ type carousel?

Still blank even after adding images

I’ve hardcoded visibility:visible but if there is an actual fix please let me know.

Please check the support ticket for the answer. Let me know if you have any more questions.

We have avada theme with fusion builder (a plugin similar to Visual Composer). Is Carousel Mojo compatible with it for creating widgets via composer?

There is a shortcode generator in Carousel Mojo. You can use it in avada theme.

Hi, is there a way to disable the image transform for the featured image in the design settings? Thank you! Erik

Hi, the website url is http://www.triacta.nl Please scroll down to the section Investeringen and Team.

I’m also having trouble showing complete images in the carousel. On large screens it works but on smaller screens part of the next image is visible. I tried to tackle this by altering the max-width per screen, but that’s impossible with all the screen sizes available.

But… it’s a really nice plugin ; ) thank you!


You can use the following css to disable the hover effect:

.lcam-consingle-default .media-image:hover img { transform: scale(1) !important; }

As for the image issue in responsive mode, there is a minor css conflict with your theme. The following css should fixed the problem:

ul.lcam-carousel > li { margin-left: 0 !important; padding: 0 !important; }

If you not sure where to add those custom css, you can use this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/

Great job, Both problems are resolved. I’ve added the code to the childtheme. Thank you for your terrific and fast support.

Al the best, Erik

Hi, you implement an import/export? Why is indispensable for import and export from a wordpress to another.

There are no import & export feature in this plugin. I’ll consider your suggestion for future development. But I can’t promise you anything right now.

Cannot get it to work! I am using Siteorigin North Theme with their Page Builder with WordPress 4.73. The page with the carousel installed will not load. When I remove the shortcode for the carousel the page loads fine. Please advise ASAP!

Please submit a ticket here: https://smashingadvantage.zendesk.com

I’m gonna need your website url, as well as a temporary admin access to your site.

Pre- sale question: Will it work with salient theme? is there a visual composer short code for it?

is this plugin uptodate with the latest worpdress version

As long as your theme support shortcode. Then, this plugin should be able to work with your theme. And yes it works with the latest version of WordPress

Hello, does it work with PopupPress buttons?

Not sure – but you can try it out. If it doesn’t work, just request for refund, and I’ll approve it from my end.

Hello, this plugin finally didnt help with my request. Could you refund? Thank you in advance