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If I don’t want to add a link to each image, can you instead just click on image to cause it spin around / become the foreground image? Is there any video support (self hosted, youtube, etc)?


You can only add a link to the photo.

Is there a limit to the quantity of images in the Carousel?


There is no limit to the number of photos.

Is it possible to set it up in a sidebar by the widget?


This is not possible. This is a plugin (not a widget)


LayerSlider: old jQuery issue It looks like you are using an old version (1.4.2) of the jQuery library. LayerSlider requires at least version 1.7.0 or newer. If you are using the WordPress version of LayerSlider, you can try out the “jQuery Updater” plugin from the WP plugin depository. If you don’t know what to do, you can write us a private message from our CodeCanyon profile page. We need a temporary WP admin account (or a temporary FTP account in some cases) to solve this issue.

Have already installed the PLUGIN: JQUERY UPDATER And no avail


Send me a private message and enter the data into WordPress (host, user, password)

my images are not uploading to the carousel, after uploading image via WP media uploader, and clicking “insert into post” the overlay window goes blank with the title “Add a swf or image as the page”. Tried 3 browsers with no luck. any ideas?


Send me a private message and enter the data into WordPress (host, user, password)

I have the same problem, when uploading images and click inset into post, an overlay window goes blank with title ” add a swf or image as the page”. I go to All images (admin) to check and the showing the images that I’m trying to upload. I tried to use the shortcodes and view the page, it’s not showing any images, page is blank.


It is not necessary to press “inset into post”. Close the window and press Publish. If the problem is on. Send a private message and enter the data into WordPress (host, user, password)

Hi flashmaniac, I just downloaded and installed on WordPress 3.6 but it seems I could not upload any images. A script error “Uncaught TypeError” was reported in console related to a metabox added by http://premium.wpmudev.org/project/wpmu-dev-seo/ which I notice is inserted before/above (!) the carousel metaboxes… After disabling that plugin, the error is gone and Carousel v1 upload works but sadly, I need the SEO plugin too… Any chance of addressing this incompatibility?


Send me a private message and enter the data into WordPress (host, user and password)

I finally decided to go with another carousel plugin… Thanks anyway :)

Hmmm… After resolving the previously reported conflict (by disabling the other plugin) I can now upload an image via the WordPress media uploader but cannot actually ‘insert’ the image into the carousel post type. There is no button to do that. Just ‘Save changes’ but that only saves title and such.

Is this an issue with WordPress 3.6? I need to make this work for a client this week :(

Plus, I cannot edit the carousel category settings. Or rather: modifications do not get saved :(

So I found out that if the category slug is carousel_1 the carousel seems to work but not if it is something like my-own-category-name… Plus I find that the Image redirect URL is not used. Instead, it’s http://www.activeden.net where images are linked to…


I did update now. You will be in a few days (I think tomorrow) If you want – send me a private message (I will send you the file already now)

Hi Before purchasing one question: I use premium wordpress theme(Jarida) & jquery version is 1.8.3. I have faced conflicts while installing carousel plugins like 3d carousel. Will there be smooth working of this plugin with my current theme?


Send me a private message. I can check for you.

Hii Flashmaniac, I realy like the demo for your plugin, But i want to know does it work on Headway theme ?, I have added a slider plugin, precisely royal slider and it worked. But my client wanted your carousel plugin, so i want to know if your plugin works with headway theme as i am building the site with headway theme.


Send me a private message.

How do i contact you privatly as i dont hv ur email.

Click on my profile. The form is on the right at the bottom.

please can you tell me how to increase the size of the images on the carousel to display say 550px of width and 400px , I have looked around for the settings, all to no avail.

You dont want to reply me, here is the transaction id : 0SX46202PD4867920 and he registered wwith the email markgbillah@gmail.com if u want the receipt i can orward it to u. U are realy delying me, and if u know u cant fix this thing…Please refund us our money….i am really getting angry Your carousel keeps conflicting with other very popular sliders like revolution slider…..

Still no email from you. Make sure your email is working properly.

I sent a message to markgbillah@gmail.com

Try to even send an email here:
(Send your messages via codecanyon does not work)

Hi, just bought the carousel V1 and there’s a conflict with other plugin. As a star, He works but alone… It brakes all other like wp-jquery-lightbox, Shashin(picasa) and… User Profiles Made Easy (members). Have you a solution ? It look like a javascript conflict… thanks for your help. olivia

hum… i’m back ! Now looking for how to “really” stop on mouse over, cause the carrousel never stop. I’ve been in the js cloud carrousel and try to play with but he doesn’t want to play with me, still dancing on mouse over. Any idea ?

ok I found something,( autoRotate:’left’,) it’s not exactly what I’m looking for cause it still shake a little bit, but it’s better. If you have a better way to really stop the carrousel on mouse over, let me know…

This is normal operation. When you hover the mouse over the carousel – must rotate (this is needed to see all pictures)

But I will add that turning off the next update.

Update 2 – 23.XII.2013

  • do not use a library jquerymobile
  • insert scripts in section head – only subpages where is the shortcode carousel
  • uses the built-in wordpress jquery ( there are no conflicts )

Update 3 – 31.XII.2013

  • added a new attribute in the admin panel (rotating carousel on mouse over)
Hello, Your plugin works on my website with google chrome but not with Internet Explorer 9? It appears to me that the images next to each other? ... Have you any idea what I could do to make it compatible with IE9? Thank you in advance for your help. http://www.presentateur-jfb.com go to the page “qui suis-je?” Best regards, Nina


Delete code “console.log”. File pathway – “carousel / js / cloud-carousel”.
It should help. Today makings update.

Need my money back it is not working. I cant add any images and having to do it one by one sucks anyways I have 50 images to add


It works. Send me a private message and enter the data into WordPress (host, user, password)

Presales question.

Is it possible to have multiple carousels on the same site and/or page, and is there a way to forward to a specific post instead of the image when clicking?

Thank you,


You can create an unlimited number of carousel. But on one page can be only one carousel. Link to the photo can be any (to a photo, post, etc.)


I just bought your Carousel jQuery&pluginWordPress plagin and I am trying to make it work on the AVADA theme especially at the home getting some issues.

What can you help me about this issue?

Thanks. Avir.

Email – avir10@gmail.com


Send me a private message.

is this plugin responsive for mobile or tablet?


Yes of course.

Hi! How can I modify the height of photos?


You can load a larger or smaller image. But the image scales automatically – depends on the free space on the page.