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CAn you make it so we can navigate through the carousel? By swipe and clicking on the images (so it will bring the clicked on image to the forefront of the carousel?

good plugin, i dont know how to add my own image, when i add images, it does not display in the preview.Please help.

Did you buy it?


How can I navigate into same window when clicks on an image instead to go to new window?

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I find where is stated a new window opens on click image on cloud-carousel.1.0.5.js , but how can I get it out, I means I need to navigate trough same window.

Any help will be appreciated.

$(container).bind('click',this,function(event){ var data_redirect=$(event.target).attr('data-redirect'); if(data_redirect){ var array=data_redirect.split(","); var _url= array[0]; var _window=array[1]; window.open(_url,_window) } })

See html file. There is an attribute of “date-redirect”. Replace there “_blank” to “_self”..


It’s works! , thanks.

I am planing to buy this product.. i want to know is it possible to make smooth rotation..


There is no such function.

Nice carousel. I have purchased this product. I want to know that can I change the size of the images?


Photos can have any size (will adjust automatically) But all images must have the same size.


What might be wrong when even example code doesn’t work? Example code is sent to lamp-server, where does multiple other jquery apps run without any problems?


Maybe jQuery version conflict ?


I got it sorted out, it was nat-loopback(Yeah i devel locally) which caused problems. No worries anymore.

Hi, the live preview shows a js error (using Chrome dev tools):

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function www.flashmaniac.securityhost.pl/carousel_v1_jquery/js/jquery.mobile-1.2.0.min.js:2

If you don’t use the min version, you find it is something to do with parseurl.


For me, it does not show this error.

i have a requirement for my client where i want to give my client functionality to upload their monthly book in pdf or image format and it shoud display in book list in archieve automatically. like january 2014 ferbruary 2014 etc…. is it possible with you plugin explain in brief and i buy it now. also i want all images or pdfs watermarked with their logo. also i want it mobile friendly.

This is not a WordPress plugin.

Good sales =)