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can you change the speed of the carousel? I would like it to be slower and on mouseover stop rotation totally …


Sorry … You can not change the speed of the carousel.

Make this work on iOS / Android 4.x devices and you’ve got a winner. Mobile is increasingly important for most sites.

JQuery versions will be available, too. I need time to prepare. Follow my profile.

This is not responsive hmmmm…..I agree with wpwiseowl if this would be responsive this would be a hit, would buy it my self!

Regards Levt

JQuery versions will be available, too. I need time to prepare. Follow my profile.

Thanks, will do for sure!

Regards Levt

Bonjour, j’ai installé mon carousel sur mon wordpress mais je n’arrive absolument pas à y mettre des images. Est-ce une question de version de wordpress ? Est-ce une question de types et de tailles d’images ? Quand je vais sur “upload image”, je clique sue l’image mais celle-ci ne s’inscrit pas dans un dossier de carousel. Aidez-moi svp !


Sorry but can you write in English? Thank you.

Good morning, I bought a carousel slider in june 8th and i put it to my wordpress site with MAMP. I put the Carousels short code in my wordpress pages. And i take my photos to put them in my carousel slider. At the end, when i put to the button OK, it doesn’t work and there is nothing. I don’t know why ? I try many things and it doesn’t work. It’s very impossible to send my photos to carousel slider. I’ve got JPEG photos, width 150px and height 200px. My photos are ok, so what’s appen with that carousel slider i’ve just bought yesterday ? Could you help me please.

Best regards


I need to see it. Send me a private message and enter the data into WordPress (host, user, password)

Hi, i just purchased this widget but cannot upload pictures. I’m trying to select from my existing media folder but there is no “add to post” kind of button to make the image stick to the carousel’s new image file i’m trying to create within the application.

i sent you an email via your profile email option this morning. i tried the method in the video as well as nextgen. IF the option to insert into post appears i get a while screen that crashes the process before the photo becomes uploaded to carousel

**Update: I believe this broke my jQuery cause i can no longer insert media to a page from my library. Is there an incompatibility between the jQuery this calls and the one in 3.5.2? [note: i dont really understand what jQuery is so that may not have been a novel insight but i’m trying, and i have NO clue how to fix it]


I did not get a message from you. Send me a private message and enter the data into WordPress (host, user and password)

Click on my profile and the form is on the right at the bottom.

Is it possible to open full size image(like lightbox) on click but not page?


You can provide a link to the large photographs (but not the lightbox)

Hi, I just purchases this plugin for my site. Please tell me how can i change background color of slider? Your quick response in this regard will be highly appreciated. Regards, Said


There is no such function in the admin settings.
But you can do it in the html code:
“plugin_carosule/ lib / shortcode.php” and ‘bgcolor’ in this file.

I can’t add an image – not possible – I wasted my money.


Send a private message me and give me the data for WordPress (host, user, password)


Sorry I was on vacation. Thanks for your message. I am working on it now.

I’m sorry, but I have spent a several hours trying to get something to run properly. It seems that I am not getting images added to a new carousel that I built. [carousel_v1 cat=”dragon-carousel” width=”950” height=”500”]

I went to add images, but that never seems to do anything. I built a carousel page from your menu and added 3 images, That just looks like 3 images on a page… so that’s not right. I have no clue what that page is.

In the one I built, I tried add images. Expanded a few, clicked save changes. That did not seem to do anything.

This is very confusing. I’m pretty sure the short code is right, but no images. Just a large blank area. And the Count is Zero, so no images added. I am probably just missing something basic.

Do you have some written step by step instructions or a video that I can watch.

Thanks ScCrow

Maybe some expanded help would be valuable.


Send me a private message and give the data to WordPress (host, user, password)

Sorry… but

I am selecting an image from the Media gallery as all my images are there already. I don’t want Duplicates.

So here is what I did

1: I am editing and existing item that has no images associated yet. TOp one… Dragon Carousel 2: Scroll down, click on upload image icon 3: “Add a swf or image as the page” pops up ... i am pulling from Media Library, so I click that 4: I find an image and click show. It expands the FileUrl is already filled in, but I click it anyway, no change as expected 5: At this point, the only options I see are Edit Image. Don’t think I need that Delete Not that one Save all Changes, which is what you said to do. of course I can close the window with no changes 6: Close window

I click Save all Changes. 
    The window seems to reload (the expanded item is no longer expanded), The window doesn't close
    NO messages  good or bad

Nothing was saved. No Images. “Please upload a photo. Click the icon at the top.”

OK. So I did what I think you did. I uploaded from computer 1: selected file and uploaded it.. worked 2: ON the expanded image window as before, but this one has a Insert Into Post Button added clicked file url, just in case 3: clicked save all changes No images

repeat this time i clicked Insert Into Post button. Page went blank. The only option is to close window No Images

But Now there is a Gallery with 2 images in it. I can look at the gallery and show or delete
  items.  I have not found a way to use that yet.
Still, there are no images on this Edit page.

I have to be missing something Obvious to you.

I’m just not seeing it. I’ve just gone through this like 20 times.


I am going to try as you suggested. I’m sure it will work, I just have not tried it yet.

Please fix the use Media Directory option.

I am going to have around 3000 images. I really don’t want to have duplicates created due to having to upload from the computer. Then any pre existing pages with links would have to be updated, etc. It’s going to be a big enough pain with out that. So, I’m going to limit carousel usage.

I’m building the site, so I can live with it for a while. Still, my opinion, it needs to be fixed.