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is advanced carousel random showing of slides option available?

Hello there! Randomized Carousel is possible for the plugin, but only for Carousel Posts: you can only randomize posts in the Carousel. :)

Hi, can this plugin create careousel for courses in LearnPress templates ? (the goal is to have course carousel like the Udemy.com website…. with 6 courses per line)

Hi! This depends on how LearnPress was made. What Carousel can add are Any VC Elements and shortcodes. While we also have a Carousel Post where you can add pages, posts and custom post types.

At the very most, if LearnPress is a Custom Post type, Carousel will render Post Name, Post content, Featured Image, Author and/or Excerpt. But this doesn’t include Custom Fields.

Ok thanks and can we configure the height and width of each carousel item ? And configure how many items per line will appear in the carousel ? Most carousel display 4 items per line…. I would like to display 6 items per line…

Yes, you can configure height and width for Carousel. By default, the size will depend on the contents in your Carousel slide, but you can adjust it using WPBakery Page Builder by adding Padding/Margins or Empty Spaces.

As for the items to display, Carousel Anything has settings where you can change the amount of items to display on desktops, tablets or mobiles.

Also, when you decide to purchase Carousel, we also kindly advice you to file a ticket to our Support Site at http://support.gambit.ph/ so we can send you the latest Carousel update in advance. This will be uploaded soon, but we’ll be very glad to send you the copy if you want to have it asap. :)

Hi, is there lightbox functionality yet? if so, how do I enable please?

Hi there! Carousel Anything doesn’t have Lightbox Functionality itself. But it is possible to add a Lightbox coming from another plugin.

Since Carousel Anything is a WPBakery Page Builder addon, you can also simply add Single Images and set their OnClick Action to Open Pretty Photo. This is a built in Lightbox Feature when you add images using WPBakery Page Builder.

Alternatively, any plugin that you can add in Carousel that has Lightbox Feature should also support the lightbox behavior while being there. :)


We are looking for an easy way to maximise speed/performance/SEO on our homepage, http://www.helpfulamazonreviews.com, whilst creating sliders similar to the one on our homepage now: with post metas displayed in an image, like ‘site rating’.

Basically, instead of pulling the rather big featured images from the post automatically, we’d like to fully optimise other images for the homepage, and use those newly created, smaller dimensions, images instead of the featured images.

Do we make sense?

Is it something your plugin can help us do?

Kind regards Christophe

Hi Cristophe, We’re sorry but Carousel Posts can’t support Custom Metas from Custom Post Types. What Carousel Post can display by default are the Featured Image, Post Title, Content, Author and/or Excerpt (can be activated/deactivated if needed). The only way to make it possible at the moment is to add filter hooks to display results from custom post metas.

We do have a basic documentation with Filter Hooks here: http://gambit.helpscoutdocs.com/article/119-filter-hooks

Hi, is it possible to create a carousel with images of different widths? I’d like both horizontal and vertical images in the carousel that all remain the same height.

Hi! Yes, it is possible to create a Carousel with images of different widths. Any height and width is supported for Carousel. All you need to do is to add your Carousel and WPBakery Page Builder Single Images inside it. :)


emmaray Purchased

Hi, I am using the Carousel Anything – Post Sslider on my home page, and by default, it wraps the post title in a <h2 /> tag. I now have 12 x <h2 /> tags on my home page! Not great SEO practice.

Is there any way i can change or remove the H2 tag in this case? Thank you :)

Hi there! Thanks for bringing this up. We agree that we have to change the H2 from the post titles in the Carousel Post. How does H4 sound for the post titles instead? We’re going to add these changes really soon. If you want the copy really soon, you can send us a ticket via http://support.gambit.ph/ :)

Hi Gambit. Is this plugin compatible with X-theme on wordpress 4.9.4?

Hi there! Carousel Anything should work well with X-theme or any themes as long as they’re using a standard WPBakery Page Builder environment. We also tested it with the latest version and its working well. :)

Thanks for the quick responds very much appreciated

You’re welcome! :)

Hi, how can I get my own custom buttons to make the carousel go prev or next?

I have find this code on the owl-carousel FAQ :

var owl = jQuery(”#carousel-anything”); owl.owlCarousel(); // Go to the next item jQuery(’#my-button’).click(function() { owl.next() ; });

but it doesn’t work, the browser says, owlCarousel() is not a function..

Can you help me no this?

Thanks a lot!

Hi there, sorry about that. Since you’re using the Carousel coming from the plugin’s interface, you might need to use owlGambitCarouselAnything() instead of owlCarousel()

We’ll also check in our end and see if we can reproduce this.

Ok thanks it works!

Here is the right JS code to use :

var owl = $(”#your-carousel”); owl.owlGambitCarouselAnything(); $(”#your-next-button”).click(function() { owl.trigger(‘next.owl.carousel’);}); $(”#your-prev-button”).click(function() { owl.trigger(‘prev.owl.carousel’);});

That’s cool! Thanks for sharing us the code too. :)

Hi there, Pre-purchase question, I want to achieve this: example

Is this something I could do with this plugin? Ideally the item in the middle would be the more prominent.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi there! Sorry but the specific animation you showed us isn’t available with the plugin, looks like this animation can be only achieved when you specifically customized the plugin. The current version of Carousel Anything (to be uploaded soon) particularly have new animations for such as Fade, Bounce, Flip and many more.

Hi there, I tried your demo page and really like your plugin. I would like to use the carousel inside of tabs. It seems to be possible on the backend to add the carousel inside the tab and create rows inside it with some content . But once I save it and look at it in the preview it’s not working and even showing some weird shortcodes…

Hi there! How did you add the Carousel Anything in the tab by any chance? And what kind of Carousel and elements you’ve included?

Also, we tried it in our sandbox here: http://sandbox.gambit.ph/carousel/43-2/ It is working well as long as you add it inside the tab as is and not inside an inner row. :)

Hi, thanks for your quick reply. Carousel Anything was used inside an inner row and this problem occured. It’s a bit confusing that you can add a Carousel Anything element inside a inner row element but then ist doesn’t work. Maybe black it out when trying to add it to a inner row or even better make it work inside an inner row.

I’m planning on a quite complex structure inside the carousel Anything rows. Is there a posibilty to add an inner row inside the Anything carousel rows?

Cheers Julia

Hi Julia! Thanks for letting us know. The Carousel Anything used to automatically disallow using it in inner rows. This is because WPBakery Page Builder can only support up to 1 nested row. Carousel Anything is also a row, so this means that a third row may not be supported and will be converted into shortcode. I’ll let our developers know about this for fixes. :)


emmaray Purchased

Hi, is it possible to have thumbnail images as navigation, not dots or arrows?

Like this (Owl Carousel demo) http://gijsroge.github.io/owl-carousel2-thumbs/

Thanks :)

Hello! Sorry but using image thumbnails isn’t available with the plugin. We only use arrows and buttons for navigation at the moment.

But if you’re familiar with Owl Carousel and can do a bit of coding, you can still create a Custom Button like this one: https://owlcarousel2.github.io/OwlCarousel2/demos/urlhashnav.html

Please do note to send us a ticket as well if you want an updated copy of Carousel Anything with Owl Carousel 2 library. :)

Hi can it work for pricing tables? For example a 6 column pricing table. And does it have to be a simple, static pricing table or can it work with advanced tables e.g a pricing table with conditional logic?

Hi there! Making a pricing table to work inside the Carousel will depend on what kind of pricing table plugin it is. With Carousel Anything, you can pretty much add any element: (1) It is a WPBakery Page Builder element (2) A shortcode (you can add this as a text box) (3) Post Type as a content, as long as it is not in a Custom Field.

Please do note as well that using Carousel Anything requires to have WPBakery Page Builder in the plugins. Please make sure that the Pricing Table plugin you’re adding is compatible with WPBakery Page Builder itself. In example, the Pricing table should display properly within the WPBakery Page Builder environment. :)


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The update on your plugin has the wrong year listed on CodeCanyon’s website. It says March 20, 2017. It’s 2018. Thought you would want to know.

Hi! Thanks for pointing it out! We’re going to correct it asap.
Also, if you have any other question or concerns, please let us know. :)


I am interested in your plugin to create a partner area in my website. I would like to ask if is possible to create a carousel with images and links for mhy parterns website. In your demo, the partners carousel only have images and I would like to include links.


Hi there! This is possible! :) All you need to do is to add your images via Single Image in WPBakery Page Builder, then set the On click Action to Open Custom Link. This will also allow you to add the URL for the link.

Can we create a carousel using multiple embed codes? Like 5-6 youtube videos in a carousel

Hi there! Yes, it is possible to create a video embed carousel. Either you add the embed as Video Player element or paste the embed code in a Raw HTML element inside the Carousel. :)

If you wanna give our plugin a try, please go to our Live Preview: http://demos2.gambit.ph/carousel Clicking on the Launch Demo will take you to the backend and will allow you to edit the pages and see the settings as well. :)

Hello. I want to buy your plugin but I have a question before that. I have to do responsive carousel slider of HTML element s like div, I have a grid (3×3) in the desktop version and I have to make carousel slider with one element with arrows and radio button below the container only in the mobile version of the page.

I know that I can make a different container for desktop and mobile, but I want to make that only from one container (must be simple for the client to add new element).

Can I do that with your plugin?

Hello! :) With regards to Carousel, the container you’ll use for desktop will be the same for the mobile. WPBakery Page Builder (the prerequisite plugin for Carousel Anything) is the one responsible for responsive behavior for mobile.

If you want to check on our plugin’s responsive behavior, you can also give it a try with our Live Preview at http://demos2.gambit.ph/carousel clicking on the Launch Demo will take you to the backend which will allow you to try using the plugin. :)

Hello, I’ve installed your plugin. It works fine except one issue. As soon as I scroll the page, the elements disappear. I am using it to insert polls and surveys via embed code. Please see this page: https://handyntrendy.shop/fun-stuff/

Hello, do you mean by the elements disappear since the Carousel slide moves?

Also, we checked your site. Basing on the browser inspector, looks like the setup of the Carousel was the elements is inside one same row. Normally, if other rows doesn’t have any content, it will make it look like as if the elements disappeared since there’s no content on the other Carousel Rows which is added as a Carousel Slide.

By any chance, please confirm us your current page’s setup so we’ll know better how we can help you. Aside from this one, it will be best to escalate this matter with the Support System at http://support.gambit.ph/ so we can help you better.

Providing us a login to your site via Support will be also helpful so we can replicate your setup. Thanks! :)


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