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when I setup the content to be articles, and the articles use vc themselves in content – the actual vc shortcodes appear and dont get parsed… whats the code toi include in functions.php to parse the vc shortcodes from within carrouseled articles? thanks the pluging looks great. hope I can sort this out before tomorrow…

Happy Holidays and my apologies for the late response. If you haven’t done so yet, feel free to file a ticket right away and we’ll send you a dev copy with the new capability.


Pre-purchase question.

I built a couple of VC Rows and added VC elements to these rows on my News7 paper theme.

Could I ask you to please take a look at my site I am building.

Please scroll down and you will see 2 row block layouts Is it possible to create a carousel type slider’s using a Preset something on the lines of this slider example with your Row Elements Carousel VC plugin?

Please let me know asap.

Thank you


If you meant the format of the items like the ones with image, location, price, etc., this will depend on the element you’ll be adding.

If you wish to add a template, this will mean that you might need to drag the elements from the template row to the Carousel row since Carousel is using a different row.

What Carousel Anything exactly does is rendering inner rows and their columns as slider elements. :)

Presales question: Can the carousel from this plugin expand to fill full-width layouts? That is to say, if I have a row that is always the entire width of the browser window, can this carousel expand to fill the entire row? Or does it require fixed width?

That depends on your theme, but typically full width should not be a problem.

Try our demo site and see if it meets your specifications.

Click Launch Demo in the product page of Carousel Anything here to go to the demo site.

Hi, I am trying to stop the rewind but its not working, can you advice?


Currently, there is no actual way to stop the rewind from the Carousel. The rewind behavior is Carousel’s reset behavior. On otherhand, we’ll study this matter and see if we can make this into an option. :D

Hi there,

Just wondering if is there anyway to disable to remove the rewind from the carousel? Meaning that when the item reach the last item, it will just play the next item without the rewind effect.

The current version of library version of Carousel Anything doesn’t support this behavior yet. I’ll remind our developers in case we can update the library soon.

Your demo isnt working

Hello! We just checked our demo site including the Launch Demo sandbox and its all working fine now. Feel free to check on it again. Have a nice day! :)

I just tried it again. I was using firefox which doesnt work but when I tried it in chrome it worked. Is there a video demo?

Can`t seem to see where the hero, testimonial setting etc are

Hello, apologies on the inconvenience. I just forwarded this matter to our developers so they can fix the demo site.

do you offer refunds? I just bought this plugin today but i can’t see how to slide the background image of a row including the text on top of it? please help!

Hi there! With regards of the refunds, this matter is only facilitated by Code Canyon. But if you need help with regards to the plugin, we can assist you by sending a ticket in our support site. :)

Can you check these out? There is a lot of problems going on with the carousels in the demo.

Hi there! We still have undergoing some major updates with Carousel Anything’s demo.

Since we’ll be releasing a new version soon, we are also doing some major testing in the demo (thus some of them still need fixing) to make sure that everything will work as how it should. We also need to add the Carousel Posts in the page. :P

But rest assured, you can still click on the Launch Demo if you wish to try our sandbox backend with our plugin. We’ll also let you know when we’re done with updating it. Apologies for the inconvenience. :)

I’m using the carousel for different content on each slide. Is there a way for the carousel to adjust its height for each slide so that there isn’t a big gap of white space at the bottom?

Hello Samuel, we just replied the ticket you recently sent to our Support System. Please do check on it soon. And feel free to ask if you need more help. :)

Hello -

Will this work with Custom Post Types? Also, since this is using Owl Carousel, it does have a setting to disable the “rewind” function :) – is this being updated in the new version?

Carousel can support Custom Post types. And with the rewind function, unfortunately, Owl Carousel 1 doesn’t have this option yet.

As for the responsive issues, I’ll let our developers know about this one. But it is also likely that the fixes are already introduced in our internal version.

Hello -

Why not upgrade the plugin to the newest version of Owl Carousel? I don’t think the developers of OC are going to update version 1 anytime soon. There are a ton of new features built into version 2 that are pretty slick.

Owl Carousel 2 indeed is better, but there are features from the first version that are not yet implemented in the 2nd version, and there are internal development concerns that are currently being addressed, in regards to the library. One of them is backward compatibility.

However, rest assured we are considering utilizing Owl Carousel 2. In fact, some of our plugins already carry Owl Carousel 2, such as Image Mockups.

Is it possible to have all the slides have the same height?

I am not looking to make all the slide maximum height. It makes sense to me that if you come up with such a plugin, the most basic feature would be that one would set the height of the carousel (in pixels or percentage of the page) and the content would adapt accordingly, being responsive.

Your solution still does not work. Might work on your test site, but look here: the last slide is not the right height.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to see the site. Providing us a sample will be very helpful as we can help you with which selector shall we use on your carousel. :)

Hello, I installed and presented this error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ‘)’ in /home/walltecc/public_html/wp-content/plugins/carousel-anything-for-vc/class-carousel-posts.php on line 287

Hello, thanks for the heads up. I’ll forward this to our developers as soon as possible. Also, can you tell us more how did this error appear? Did this appeared upon activation or upon creating your Carousel? And is there any particular setting that made this appear?

It would be best to escalate this via Support as well, so you can track down the progress and get a new copy as soon as we deliver the fixes.


When activating the plugin. It is a new installation of wordpress, just native plugins and contactform7, js composer ….

This is weird. Our sandbox doesn’t really produce this problem.

At this point, we advice you to post a ticket in our Support Site. This way, we can assist you further with your concerns. And if possible, providing us a login or a test site to see the problem will be very helpful. :)

Please do also note that our support system will reply on them at the next office hours.

How do I add this plugin to the VC is there a shortcode?

Yes there is a shortcode. Once you install our plugin, our plugin elements should be visible in the Add Element selection of Visual Composer. :)

See our demo to get a firsthand feel of it:

Is there a way to center align everything in the carousel?

Hi there SneakyPanda! :) There are different methods on how to align the elements at the center.

One of the easiest ways is by using columns to constraint and adjust your contents accordingly. Then you can proceed on adding your element on the preferred area.

You can also use text alignment (for texts), padding and margins to adjust elements as well. But in general, the content alignments will always depend on how you configured your VC row. :)

Will this be updated anytime soon.

I’m sorry, we already have an update for Carousel. This will be uploaded soon, but we’re also updating the demos, content and the other plugins at the moment. :(

But in case you want to get the copy really soon, we suggest you to file a ticket in our Support Site. This way, we can send you the next version in advance (also comes with change logs). :)

Thank you for your consideration. :)

Hi, I bought this because I wanted to do page carousels inside a tabbed element of Visual Composer. I have two tabs and each tab would have different carousels. When I want to add a carousel anything inside a tab section it doesn’t appear ?

Hi, Chromafunk! To explain what happened, this has something to do with how our element is treated as a container for other elements. Tabs and carousels are both ‘containers’ in their classifications, and were meant to prevent intentional nested carousels that would have unpredictable results.

But we feel that the prevention of nested carousels would be more of a disadvantage, as we learned from reading your message. We did some changes with the plugin to make this possible for you. :) Please do file a ticket in our Support Site, so we can send you a new copy. Thanks!