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Hello! Is it possible to link to another slide from within the carousel? So a link on slide #1 opens up slide #2?

Hello Laura! I’m sorry, but this feature isn’t available with the plugin. I’ll make sure to note this down as a suggestion. We’ll look it up and see if it is possible to be implemented in our future releases. :)


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It would be nice to have an option per “item” for the wait time. So that one item stays longer on the screen than an other one. Is that possible with a simple modification?

Thanks for reaching out to us, kavaa. the current version only supports a universal slide autoplay which applies on all items in the carousel.

But you can still further customize your Carousel (although it may require some knowledge with JavaScript) by using a Custom JS. Since we’re using Owl Carousel for our library, you can get more info about it here:

If you have any other questions, please let us know. :)


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Hi did you ever introduce a fade option instead of slide?

Hi there! I’m sorry, but we haven’t introduced fade option on slides yet. Although I have noted this feature down as one of the future features in case our developers are done with the next updates. :) Thank you for letting us know your interest about the feature!


aloud Purchased

thanks it would make it great! if your devs know how to do it now by changing some code, pls let me know and i can implement it

Currently, we can’t add this feature yet since our developers are also working on other fixes and features. But as soon as we’re done, then we can start introducing new features given if we can implement it with no problems. :)

I extend my apologies that we can’t name an exact date on this one. Since Carousel Anything have several unreleased updates with fixes and features, we’re running some tests to make sure that it works properly.

Is there anything I can do to do a continuing loop the of my image carousel. So instead of it sliding back it just keeps going forward until it comes back around?

Hi there! I’m sorry but looping the Carousel is currently not possible. The Carousel will always rewind the slide after the last slide. This is due to fact that Owl Carousel is currently not capable with this feature.

This aside, I’ll also remind our developers about the library update. :)


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I updated the plugin to the latest, but I’m still encountering an issue where it adds a blank first slide. Any ideas?

Hi there! Are you using Carousel Anything or Carousel Post on this one? Have you also tried sending a ticket in the Support Site? We can send you a dev fix copy of Carousel Anything just in case. :)

Great add-on.

One question, it’s possible to link a specific “tab/item” with link anchor like #tab ?

I used row ID but it seem doesn’t work.

Hi there, Geimsiello! Currently, doing this isn’t possible with the Carousel. The only way to add a custom button for Carousel is by adding scripts in the plugin. Pretty much similar to adding a thumbnail for navigations.

Rest assured, I’ll let our developers know about adding anchored links. This feature can be a good suggestion for a future feature. :)

It’s possible to have flexible height? If I have one tab higher of another, the second tab will have extra blank space under it.

We used to have an auto height on the earlier versions. But we have to remove it as it breaks the layout of the carousel. It would be best if the Carousel have a simple and neat layout that will be compatible with pretty much any theme. :)

Hi, which elements can be “carouselled”? I need a carousel for pricing table columns…

Any Visual Composer element or plugin that can be inserted via shortcode should be capable to be added as a Carousel item. Additionally, you can add the shortcodes as a textbox inside the Carousel. :)

Ok, but if I only can use shortcodes that’s not enough for me. I’d like to have the same functionality as if I’m making rows without the carousel. Only beeing able to use shortcodes isn’t user friendly, or better: a “normal” user wouldn’t be able to make content any more, which is the main reason why we use VC! And there’s even a free plugin that’s capable of that… If I try the plugin and it’s not user friendly, would I get a refund?

With regards to Carousel Anything and shortcodes, Carousel doesn’t need to be added as shortcodes. What we meant is the adding of shortcodes coming from other plugins that you may want to add inside the Carousel.

Normally, we can just add an element and insert it in the Carousel. But there are some other plugins that is “not” a Visual Composer addon. In this case, being able to add certain elements will depend on the other plugin’s feature and if it can work as a VC Addon.

In general, we’re just saying that Carousel Anything is flexible that you can add both VC Addon and some of the shortcode supported plugins (to be added as a text box) given if you need to use one. :)

But if you want to avoid using shortcodes all the way, it is also possible by just using VC Addons inside the Carousel.

Hi, when i add a carousel, the page is destroy, and hte 3 block (auto add) juste go away from carousel, how can i use it normaly ?

small precision: this happens only in a row that is in a row.

Hey there, siokoden! I’m sorry, but Visual Composer doesn’t support an another row inside the nested row yet. Carousel Anything’s items are created in similar way as creating a new row. Please create your Carousel Anything inside the main row instead.

If you have a particular result that you want to achieve that is only possible with nested rows, please let us know so we can suggest you a possible way to do so. :)

Hi Gambit-Alyssa,

I have recently added the ‘Carousel Anything’ carousel to the following page:

I am trying to have the thumbnails within the carousel appear in a random order, can you please let me know if this is possible to do and if so how this can be accomplished.

Many thanks.

Best, Alan

Hi there, Alan! I’m sorry, but randomizing Carousel Anything isn’t available yet. You can randomize the Carousel Posts though. :)


Is compatible with woocommerce??


Hello Pakito! Carousel should work along with WooCommerce.
But please do note that you can add Carousel Anything only in areas that uses Visual Composer. :)


Pero, podemos mostrar productos en carousel?

Yes, you can add WooCommerce products inside the Carousel. All you need to do is to add a WooCommerce Product element via VC inside the Carousel.

Hi ! I’m very pleased with the plugin, it works great ! Is it possible to go to a specific slide from the menu ? I’m working on a one pager and one element of the menu must (if it’s possible) take me to a specific slide on the page. Is there any way to do it ? Thanks a lot !

Hello Pierre, thank you for your feedback! :) About the Custom Navigations, this is currently not possible with the plugin. This is rather a custom work and can only be achieved by doing changes with the plugin scripts. If you want to know more how it is done, the Owl Carousel have a documentation for it:

Also, please do note that we just recently released the update for Owl Carousel that introduces Owl Carousel 2 updates. Please send us a ticket to the Support Site at to get your new copy. :)

HI, i would like know, if the carousel is capable to fade images at the side of it.. thank you stepan

Hi there! Currently, our Carousel only uses the scrolling animation. We don’t have fade yet, but we intend to add this in the future. :)

Hey can I change the arrow style ? Thanks :)

Hi! You can change the arrow styles using Custom CSS. Here’s a sample CSS that you can use for your arrows: // for previous arrows .gambit-carousel-anything.has-arrows .owl-nav .owl-prev::before, .gambit-carousel-anything.has-arrows .owl-nav .owl-prev::after { content: ""; background-image: url('image.jpg'); height: 20px; width: 20px; background-size: cover; } // for next arrows .gambit-carousel-anything.has-arrows .owl-nav .owl-next::before, .gambit-carousel-anything.has-arrows .owl-nav .owl-next::after { content: ""; background-image: url('image.jpg'); height: 20px; width: 20px; background-size: cover; }

All you need to do is to replace the background image with the URL of your image and customize the sizes. :)

Is this compatible with Divi?

The functionality should work properly as long as the Carousel is running exclusively using VC. Please do note as well that anything that is created by Visual Composer cannot be edited by Divi Builder and vice versa. This is applicable across any page builders.

Thank you

You’re welcome, Jason. :)

Hello, I’m trying to install the plugin but it fails. Here the error message: Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-8621711-carousel-anything-for-visual-composer (1).zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Could you please help? I can’t use either install the plugin…

Sorry downloaded wrong file… case closed

Hi there! If you have any other questions related to the Carousel. Feel free to ask! :)