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really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

thank you!!! :D

Can you add users rating?

to easily add users rating you can use our plugin CTL Arcade

Can I export it in AppStore/GooglePlay? How?

some of our customers use tools like Phonegap, Cordova or Iudei to make an app out of our games. But it’s something we don’t deal with, and we can’t be held responsible for eventual issues during the porting operations.

  • sry my bad, wrongly interpreted

can the game have something like “help” to show how the game is played?

Hi! we have fixed the game, the new version will be available in few hours. As for the help section, this is a customization, for further info, write at

Hi, I want to ask can this game be multi player?

hi! to make this game multiplayer we have to change the code totally. We can’t start from this version and make it multiplayer, we have to build a new project

I am serious of this product using your platform. can I send you an email? but what should I include?

you can send an email at with your requirements and the game features

hi i see that the win_occurrence: is 40 but . when i play this game i always lose.

olmost 100 times. i only won 2 times

only when i play with 0.10 cents or 0.20 i win. When i play with 5 or 10 i always lose

have you changed the game_cash value? Or are you pressing on the “fold”button? We just tried 6 match, with 10$ and we won 3 matches

You have uploaded the wrong screenshots for this game.

LOL you are right! we’ll replace the screenshots asap. We are very sorry!

hi! the correct screenshots have been uploaded :)

Hello I was looking for a script like this nut seems this plugin is for hobby I wanna to use it to run betting system. is this possible to config betting system with this Wordpress plugin? I wanna run something like this web site

I just sent you a mail.