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Where is the LIVE preview of the actual widget? The link sends me to a video of it.

hi morfi, great plugin and nice customization!! but is so inaccurate – in my case corralejo, canary islands. at least 5 degrees difference for all the days. it is possible to use the yahoo weather api, or another? regards, kunstwerk

Hi! Hab gesehen Du aus DE. Ich bin jetzt im Urlaub zwei Wochen und melde mich nochmal wenn ich zurück bin. VG

Hi Morfi! wie ist deine Email Adresse?

You can write me email on profile page, block on sidebar?

Javascript error preventing UberMenu from loading if this plugin is activated. Throws a “Failed to load resource” error for the following…

<link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’otw-bm-custom-css’ href=’http://*****.*****.com/wp-content/uploads/otwbm/skins/custom.css?ver=4.2.2' type=’text/css’ media=’all’ />


Can you send me code error to email?

Hi, Can i use Yhaoo weather API or other? I’m in Trieste, Italy. is inaccurate. Please Help me


Can you write me email?

Hello, can this plugin work in French or Arabic ?

Hello Caretta Weather Shortcode has French language. What city is interested for you?

Hi, i’m getting an error.. Error loading data for q=Amsterdam,Holland Have a look at: Could you help me?


Can you write me email with data for admin user? (login and password)?

On your hosting is available file_get_contents or curl?

Thanks for your reply! Is there a specific IP-adress that has to be de-blocked or something like that for it to work (my hosting tells me sopmething about that) I’d like to try that and otherwise i’ll email you the logins , to what email adress? Thanks!

You can write me email (sidebar on and i will send changed version for you. (static IP for weather api service)

Dear Morfi,

Thank you for the hard work.

The plugin stopped working completely and I don’t seem to be able to find out how to fix it.

Can you pls. look here? Thank you


Answered to email.

Hello. Like @princessannam, the plugin stopped working completely and I don’t seem to be able to find out how to fix it…


New version in review on Envato. Or you can write me email and i send new version to you.

Hello Morfi! Now works like a charm! I would comment that if someone has problems with location, use this link to get the correct coordinates Thanks for your quick support!

Hello – the plugin is throwing all kinds or errors and not working at the moment: – don’t want to abandon the plugin just yet so I disabled error messages in wp-config currently. These are what they showed:

The widget should be displaying in the middle screen between the web cam and buttons and its not loading any data.

I just updated my plugin files this morning from codecanyon as well. Running the latest wordpress.

Hello – I should say that the plugin was working fine before and it just stopped working. I have not reconfigured it nor was aware it needed to be again.

I will check and see. My main concern was that it just stopped working and didn’t know what had changed in the plugin or as you indicate maybe new API rules. I will check and report back.

p.s. I do not see any documentation in the download package and having trouble finding settings (if any) anywhere in the WP Dashboard.

Thanks for good idea, i updated readme and added changelog.

Hi, We have your excellent plugin which appears to have stopped working, unfortunately my partner paid for it and passed away in July, can I mail you his details or should I just buy another license. Either way need to get it working quickly.


Can you send me access to WP admin ?

Hi Morfi, I’d rather not, if you give me a email contact I can send you more information. Thanks

Hi, i need a weather plugin for wordpress but i need it to install it in header , i have a header with the logo in the middle, so i would like to add the great wether plugin to the header, can i do that? Canyou help me with it if i purchase it?



Your header supports shortcodes?

The plugin breaks Ultimate csv importer plugin, can you fix it?

We are using the plugin to import dozens of articles to wordpress for over a 2 year with the plugin (Ultimate csv importer) when we activate you plugin we can’t import the articles, the csv ask for the file, but won’t upload it, when we deactivate your plugin every thing goes to normal

Sorry, i don’t have this plugin (license) and i can not test it.

hello I’m getting this error on my website,

file_get_contents( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized in /home/dakhlaattitude/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cs_weather/weather.php on line 21

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/dakhlaattitude/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cs_weather/weather.php on line 43

Warning: array_splice() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/dakhlaattitude/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cs_weather/weather.php on line 47

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/dakhlaattitude/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cs_weather/processing.php on line 100

can you please help?

my email is:


I solve it adding the api=”xxxxxxxxxxxxx…...” to the shortcode.

Problems with Yahoo API? Please take a look at left sidebar bottom THX

I added new version 2.0 to review. It is based on OpenWeatherMap API.

hi morfi, the OpenWeatherMap and this data is so much incorrect. what’s wrong with the yahoo weather api?

NOTICE: As of March 15th 2016, Yahoo! requires API Keys for access to their weather data.

does not work with WordPress 4.5


Can you write me email and explain problem?

What version do you using?

It is working on my server. (Wordpress 4.5 upgrade)

I am having trouble writing the text in the master slider plugin. Conflict with your plugin.

Theme AVADA 5.0.6 WP 4.7 Master Slider Pro v. 3.1.1 Caretta Weather Shortcode v. 1.8.5

Sorry about retardation isolated case. Can you check compatibility with Avada 5.0.6 because there is a problem with writing text.

Can you send me link to theme?

Hello….great plugin.

I need a different Weather forecast for each location on a huge website I have under one domain. Is it possible to have

New York Weather on page 1

Washington Weather on page 2

Boston Weather on page 3 and so on for unlimited pages??

I need this under one domain. Thanks


You can see demo. Three different element on one page and it’s not limit. You can create unlimited elements on your site. But first i recommend check accuracy of forecast on

I have some pre-sale questions:

1) Whats the difference between this and your Bonobo plugin? 2) Can you tell me how the shortcode for the weather widget looks like? I have to know that because I am working with variable via the Custom Content Shortcode plugin and I need to check this first. 3) Is this plugin full responsive and lightweight?

Thank you! It looks nice at the first view.


1. Bonobo – widget, Caretta Weather – shortcode.

2. You can watch demo on page

3. Only 3 width. Small, Medium, Big


1) Ah okay! 2) I really have to see the shortcode not the outcome of the shortcome :) 3) Ok!

2. you mean code itself? For it you will have visual editor

cs_weather block=”true” width=”236” height=”208” searching=”title” api=”API KEY” city=”Washington” region=”USA” latitude=”38.89” longitude=”-77.03” units=”imperial” language=”nl” format=”d.m.Y” size=”cspw-small” sicons=”white” icons=”white” background=”color” background_color=”#1e73be” font_color=”#ffffff” animation=”slide” position=”left” margin_top=”0” margin_left=”0” padding_top=”10” padding_left=”10” padding_right=”10” padding_bottom=”10” margin_right=”10” margin_bottom=”10” shortcode-icon=”” /cs_weather

I just bought your plugin but I get always the same message:

“Not found city”.

I put “Stuttgart” in the “city” field and “Germany” in the “region” field. I added an API ID. Whats wrong?


morfi Author

I need link to page with Code. And i will check. Maybe cache(plugin cache) is disable on your page. Please write me email.

Hey morfi, the page is not open for public yet – it is a new website. Can I write you an email with login details?


morfi Author

Of course