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Recruitment Software for Staffing Agencies

CarePro is loaded with everything you need to effectively manage your staffing agency. Create a beautiful and customizable website, receive and manage orders, manage employer and candidate relationships, and recruit new candidates easily with job posts, computer-based tests, and powerful filtering tools.

New! Deep AI Integration

CarePro now ships with powerful AI features that leverage OpenAi’s gpt models. Features include candidate recommendations, candidate bio filters, employer job vacancy filters, contract generation, candidate bio generator, Job vacancy generator and more!

Software Built for YOUR Agency

Do you run a Staffing agency? Then you have come to the right place! CarePro is the Staffing Agency Software built just for agencies like yours!
CarePro is a PHP web application that enables you effectively manage all aspects of your agency’s operations. With features such as Order Management, Employer and Candidate Management, Placements Management, User Records, Candidate Recruitment and lots more, your agency will never be the same again!
Buy our system and install on your server with just a few clicks! With CarePro, you can be up and running in minutes!

Detailed User Guide!

CarePro ships with an extensive and comprehensive User Guide. Discover in-depth details about the application by checking out the Guide. Click below to view now.

Order Management

CarePro comes with a complete order management module that makes it easy for employers to place orders for your Candidates!

Customizable Order Form

CarePro comes with a complete form builder that allows you to create custom fields for your order placement. You can define the questions you would like to ask or options you would like to be selected when an employer is placing orders for your candidates.

Powerful AI Features

CarePro now ships with deep integration with OpenAI’s gpt models. Our AI features include
1. Candidate Recommendations: Employers and Admins can now find the best candidates for a given role using the power of AI. Our Candidate Recommendation feature is a powerful tool that will change the way you recruit forever!
2. Candidate Bio filter: our candidate bio filter will drastically reduce the manpower needs of your agency. You can configure the AI model to filter each candidate’s bio to remove any text that violates your terms of service.
3. Employer Job Vacancy filter: Our job vacancy filter will ensure that each time an employer creates a job vacancy, it will comply with your policies. You can even have the Gpt model automatically re-write each job posting to enforce quality standards.
4. Contract Generation: Automatically create contracts with the AI contract generation feature. The system will use the signatories you have configured to draft a professional legal document.
5. Candidate Bio Generator: Easily create professional bios for your candidates with the click of a button. The system will gather all the candidate’s data and draft a professional bio.
6. Job vacancy generator: Employers and admins can use AI to easily create professional job listings.
7. Blog post generator: Easily create blog posts with the built-in blog post generator.
8. Email creation: Save time drafting emails with the built-in email template creator

Sell online courses to candidates

CarePro ships with a powerful learning management system that enables you offer free and paid courses to your candidates. Create courses with multiple types of content such as text, videos, images, quizes, Zoom meetings and more. You can also issue certificates automatically to successful candidates.

Candidate Shortlisting

Employers can optionally shortlist candidates while placing orders! You get to define candidates that are available for shortlisting on your front end. You can also create orders from your backend and shortlist candidates yourself

Automatic Invoice Generation & Checkout

You can configure the order placement module to generate an invoice when an order is placed automatically. This is especially useful for mobilization fees. Employers will be emailed an invoice immediately after they place the orders and they will be redirected to make an online payment via your selected payment gateways

Multiple Payment Gateways

You can configure the payment methods you would like to use to receive payment for your order invoices. We support multiple methods such as Paypal, Stripe, Paystack, 2Checkout, Rave, Bank Transfer, and many more! All payments go directly through your selected gateway straight to your bank account as you will get to save your gateway credentials directly on your CarePro settings page.

Order Statuses and Notifications

Easily update the status and comment of orders during the course of each placement. Employers will receive email notifications once their order is updated. They can also view the history of their previous orders

Employers & Candidates

CarePro comes with powerful features for managing all your employers and candidates. Easily view and manage all employers and candidates from your backend. Shortlist candidates, hotlist employers, and more!

Customizable Employer & Candidate Profiles

CarePro allows you to define fields for Employers and Candidates. Set attributes for each user type that employers or candidates can fill in during registration.

User Registration and Confirmation

Optionally enable or disable registration for Employers or Candidates. You can also enable email confirmation for employers or candidates. Social login is also available for Employers and Candidates.

User Profile Management

Employers and Candidates can easily manage their account details by logging into their account area. Candidates can also upload profile pictures, resumes, and any other type of files you may require e.g. Identification documents

Employer and Candidate Records

You can view and create different types of records for candidates and employers. Such records include Placement History, Invoice Payments, Comments, and Attachments. Easily search through all types of records using our powerful search feature


Easily manage placements with CarePro! Create placement relationships and define start and end dates. Specify salary and also attach documents for placements.
You can also create comments for each placement. Employers can log in and view all comments for a placement. They can also create comments for placement and attach documents.

Contract Management

CarePro comes with a powerful contract management feature that helps you streamline the process of managing contracts between employers and candidates. Please note the following regarding this feature:

  1. Each contract is unique and is created specifically for the signing parties. A contract is only visible to admins and signatories assigned to it.
  2. A contract requires a minimum of one signatory and can include an unlimited number of signatories.
  3. Signatories can sign contracts online using the web-based signature capture feature.
  4. Signatories are not allowed to modify contracts.
  5. Signatories can download PDF versions of their contracts only after signing.
  6. Other signatories are notified via email whenever another signatory signs the contract.


CarePro comes with a powerful invoicing feature. Easily create invoices and send them to employers or candidates. Invoices are sent as a PDF attachment and a link is provided in the email for online payments. The link sent via email enables automatic login for easy payment. Users can also view all their invoices by logging into their accounts. Outstanding invoices can be paid from this area.

Vacancies & Recruitment

Easily post vacancies on your portal! Receive applications for each vacancy from your candidates. Download resumes for each applicant. CarePro also provides powerful filtering features for selecting the right candidates for each position.


CarePro comes with a powerful Computer Based Testing feature! You can create online examinations for your Candidates. Our tests are highly secure and immune to cheating or hacking. You can create time-limited examinations and specify if multiple attempts are allowed. Easily filter results to get candidates with the best scores!
You can create an unlimited number of Tests.


CarePro comes with a powerful messaging feature that enables you to easily send Email and SMS messages to your users.

Email Messaging

Our Email messaging feature is designed to make it easy to send documents to Employers and Candidates. Some features include

  1. Resume Attachment: Easily attach the resume of candidates to an email and send it to an employer with the click of a button! Resumes are automatically created by the system and all have a uniform format. You can also specify the resumes as partial in order to restrict the data included in the resume.
  2. Email Resources: Easily create resources that can be reused in emails. Items such as Guarantor forms, Agreements, and Terms of Service can be uploaded as email resources.
  3. Invoice Attachment: Easily send invoices as PDF attachments and clickable links.
  4. Email Templates: Create Email templates that can be easily loaded onto the text editor. This saves you the trouble of having to recompose common emails.

SMS Messaging

Easily send SMS broadcast messages to Employers and Candidates. CarePro supports multiple SMS gateways. Simply save your credentials on the settings page and start sending messages easily!

Website Builder

CarePro comes with a powerful and easy to use website builder. With this, you can easily install one of our multiple templates and have your site looking gorgeous! All templates are free to use. If you are using CarePro as your main website or adding it to an existing website, we have a template for you!
Our website builder comes with powerful tools for customizing your selected template. Easily upload images, change colors, text, and much more!
Update 23rd September 2023
- Added approval option and settings for employer-created job vacancies
- Added cover letter text field for job applications 
- Added admin email report for pending job vacancy approvals 
- Added employer notification for job applications 
- Added candidate notifications for new job vacancies
Update 21st September 2023
- Upgraded candidate listing page
- Added a feature for restricting candidates profile
- Added a feature for sending automatic reports on new users to admins
Update 14th September 2023
- Added open AI integration
- Created a feature for employers to create vacancies
- Upgraded the settings page
- Added feature for candidates to set profile visibility
Update 28th August 2023
-Added education and skills data for candidates
Update 26th August 2023
- Added work experience records management for candidates
- Added bio and location fields to candidate profiles
- Enhanced employer's candidate profile view
- Updated resume pdf to include new candidate data
- Minor bug fixes
Update 20th July 2023
-Added cropping feature for candidate profile picture
-Upgraded Paypal to support latest sdk
Update 15th Jul 2023
-Added hourly and weekly salary support in the placement feature 
Update 14th Jun 2023
-Added learning management system features
-Upgraded to Laravel 10
Update 9th Mar 2023
-Added setting to enable unspecified gender in candidate forms
Update 7th Mar 2023
-Fixed bug with private categories displaying on the profile page
Update 1st Mar 2023
- Added automatic update feature
- Added settings page for controlling candidate profile filter form
- Updated WordPress plugin
- Fixed private categories showing in candidate registration and profile forms
- Added bulk delete features for candidates, employers, orders, and invoices.
Update 4th Jan 2023
- Added newsletter feature
- Added mailing list feature
Update 9th Dec 2022
- Improved candidate filtering feature to support check-boxes, radio, and select fields
- Fixed error when updating candidate profile
Update 24th Aug 2022
-Fixed email settings bug
Update 27th July 2022
-Changed invoice currency field to support larger numbers
Update 15th June 2022
-Upgraded to Laravel 9
Update 23rd March 2022
-Fixed Discus comments not showing in blogs
Update 25th Jan 2022
-Fixed bug with vacancy editing when the category is not specified
-Fixed dollar symbol in JobPortal theme.
Update 18th Jan 2022
-Released free WordPress plugin
Update 15th Dec 2021
-Fixed bug with automatic order invoice amount
Update 26th November 2021
-Added new feature to disable front-end (
-Added profile and vacancies to employer and candidate dashboard respectively.
-Added REST Api

Update 7th September 2021
-Added  Contract Management feature
Update 1st September 2021
-Fixed candidate category visibility and sort order issue in frontend
Update 15th July 2021
-Fixed validation issue when there are multiple order forms.
Update 14th May 2021
- Added support for images in email templates
- Added support for google recaptcha
- Changed default display of candidates and employers to latest records and added remembering last selected sort order
Update 26th March 2021
-Added a new Bootstrap 5 theme
Update Feb 11th 2021
-Fixed delete buttons in admin section
Update Jan 18th 2021
-Made SMS gateways system modular
-Added Twilio SMS gateway
-Fixed bug selecting users while composing a message
Update Jan 12 2021
-Added new payment gateways: PayTabs, PayFast, Ipay, Ipaymu, Payu,
Version 1.4 - January 4th 2021
-Upgraded to Laravel 8
Version 1.3 - October 5th, 2020
  -Fixed bug with order creation at the back-end
Version 1.2 - September 30th, 2020
  -Fixed candidate image detection bug.
  -Enabled embedding of video content in dashboard notices
 Version 1.1 – July 13, 2020
    - Fixed bug on SMS settings page
 Version 1.0 – June 20,  2020
    - Initial Release

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