CardSlider - jQuery 3D Card-Style Image Slider

CardSlider - jQuery 3D Card-Style Image Slider


CardSlider is a responsive CSS3 3D Card-Style jQuery slider plugin which get inspiration from FWA landing page’s awesome slider.It can make images in to 3d card-style and animate them use CSS 3D transforms and CSS animations.

CardSlider Skins


  • Responsive.
  • 3D Card-style with CSS3.
  • Dark & Light Skins included.
  • Pagination & Navigation controls.
  • AutoPlay supported.
  • Hardware Accelerated CSS 3D Transforms & Animations
  • Slide in six direction width shadow and animations
  • Work on all modern browsers that support CSS3 3D Transforms.
  • Step-by-step guide to help you with usage and customization.

Many thanks to Alexander Zaytsev, the demo used some awesome ui graphics of him.

NOTE: IE8,IE9 doesn’t support CSS 3D Transforms so the slider will fallback on them.IE10 doesn’t support “preserve-3d” so the media images will be tiled but lost other faces in 3d and some 3d animations.

Change Log

2016, Jan 11  v1.0.1
- Fixeded: small css change, fixed when uer apply css transition to all 'a' tag may cause the slider flicker and not work correctly.

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