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How do you accomplish the flip animation? Do you use width and height only? Or is it more complex? Just curious. The script seems like it could be useful for a fancy image gallery animation.

The reason I ask how it is accomplished is I found a similar effect available for free here:

mine is just a front/back effect. I scale the image as well and do not apply the perspective you see on that link. however, the image scales with the flip, it doesn’t just disappear and reappear while the shape turns. Mine does not support HTML , only images.

Thanks for looking.

How can i buy this without testing it on my ipad/iphone/ and other browser platforms?

You click the buy button :)

It is so easy to steal this code if I post it, Therefore i am not offerring any preview besides the video version at this time. Sorry.

Hi there. I followed your directions regarding upload and put the shortcode inside of a Custom Code block of aHeadway theme. Unfortunately nothing is showing which means I’m doing something wrong. Can I make this work in a code block in headway? If so how do I could about doing that? Thank you for your help.

Did you write this on the right item? I don’t think it applies to this card flip file. Thanks.

No this is the right item. I’m wanting to display a musicians gallery where you have an image of the musician and then flip it to get an image that lays out their basic info. I purchased this plugin because this is one of the best ones for this effect. I’m using wordpress, but Headway as it’s theme. So my question was regarding if you knew how to implement your plugin into a headway theme or let alone wordpress?

ah. no. i have not tried to implement it with a wordpress theme… it currently just works through straight code i provide. without digging into the theme’s code, i’m not sure there is an easy implementation. there definitely is no shortcode to insert this flip.

This is just the effect I wanted – to show the backside view of our products whenever a viewer hovers over its primary view. The transition is clean looking and smooth.

I had tried another CSS3 based plug-in first, but it was not compatible with opening/saving as a PDF (for “hard-copy” handouts). Fortunately this JQuery based flip shows th e primary image just fine on the PDFs.

When I realized it did not support CSS3 corner radiuses, I emailed support for any suggested workarounds – short of manually recreating the images with radiused (transparent) corners. The author emailed me back a style-sheet fix the same day (Sunday)!!!

Hi I’m trying to integrate this flip into a pre-designed webpage. I believe I have the code and includes setup right but the images don’t display. If I remove display:none on ul id=card_holder both images show up. Any idea what is wrong?

Can you email me a link through my profile and let me know what browser your using.


Awesome support. Thanks much for your help!

Love it! Works a treat, and seems easy enough to use.

Just wondering when using links, what code I have to use to make URLs open in the same window, rather than a new one?

Where the effect of 3D? Looks bad, sorry for every spent cents, work extremely weak. – this is free and realy better.

i using autoflip:1000, how can i mouseover stop animation?

Got it…disregard.

cardflip-min.js, Line 1 Character 1433 – JS error causing this not to load on IE8 and IE9.

what operating system of windows are you using? windows 7/8, windows xp (32/64)? please be as specific as possible so i can try to replicate the issue. thanks.

Thank you so much! Just what I needed. You saved me :)

IE8 has trouble rendering pngs. There is not anything I can do. Can you set the background (transparent) color to the color of what is behind the image and save it as a jpg?

Thank you for a quick reply, Mike! No, unfortunately the design doesn’t allow for this. Thanks for your help and a great plugin anyway!

Nice work gud luck