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Can i use this plugin for Dog grooming ? can the images of cars be removed or replaced after purchasE?


1) If the plugin fulfils your needs, you can use it in any business type.

2) Yes. You can change them directly via dashboard.


We try to reply for all questions from our customers within 24 hours. I’m sure that someone from our support team will solve your issue soon. Thank you for your patience.

I suggest a hotel booking.


Thank you. I will consider your suggestions.

Pre sale question.

Is the plugin able to make PayPal money request or how does that work.


Yes. This option is disabled in live preview. When it is active, you will get a link to PayPal next to this caption.

Oh great, and i guess im able to get that link in a pop up or something like that. (can we make something in order to book a service and just leave a status like “waiting for payment” and when i get the money it updates to “paid” so i can book it?)


1) Paypal is opened in new window.

2) You have access to statuses of all transactions via plugin.

Is there a frontend theme included ?


Yes, this is a plugin – you have to have a theme.

Okay, Can I buy the theme ?


Yes, of course. You can buy theme on ThemeForest and use it with our plugin.

Hi, This is such a great plugin. Just a pre-sales questions before I purchase, 1. Can I change the icons of cars? I will put instead our category for IT services. Like WiFi troubleshooting, Phones and CCTV installation. 2. Can I customize the form from below, that I can add login or remove the Make / Model of car textbox remove? 3. Steps 2/5, Can I make 8 packages or services.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English. I just want to create and estimate for our IT services.


1) Yes, you can change them directly via dashboard.

2) Yes, but you have to edit plugin files. There is no option to do it in dashboard.

3) Yes, plugin doesn’t limit number of packages/services.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Hi sir, Please, is your plugin working with the current WP VERSION? and can a user book a time without payment method, and use only check box to accept the regler before at click on the submit button? Regrads A.J.


Yes. I can do it for you for an additional fee.

Great, I sent email to you, please, check it.


Please kindly check your mailbox.

Pre sale question. Is it possible to disable booking feature to make it only “Booking inquiry” form?


No, such option is not available, unfortunately. Let me know if you have further questions.


Kanhaz Purchased

i just purchased this booking system but what is the shortcode for this plugin


Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum: http://support.quanticalabs.com/forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

1st question: does this plugin have Deposit payment? Let said the buyer select everything come in total 100$ , they need to make 25% deposit payment first thing before I come to do their service? people doing service like us, we often got many people wasting our time. We got to the address, they are not home, making excuse to cancel. waste 1 hour just to drive there and not able to get the job. If this plugin have 25% deposit payment . if they cancel anytime we still able to keep that 25%. If the customer busy we do rearrange different time, we’ll do their service like usual.

2nd question after booking does this email to our client for their receipt of what they purchased?

3nd Hopefully you guy can make more payment option for mobile business credit card processor on the go. Such like Square that we connect to our phone or our tablet for process the credit card.

If all this are being add or thinking adding in the future this be awesome!!


1,3) At this moment both of these options are not available. If you really need such features, please kindly send me private message using contact form from my profile page: https://themeforest.net/user/quanticalabs

2) Yes. E-mail message is sending to customer with all details and to the admin.

Thank you.

I’m considering to buy your Plug-in, i bought a theme from you before (Nostalgia) with great support. The plug-in is only usefull to me if Google Callender Sync is included. Most WP calender plug-ins have this basic funtion nowadays so i asume it’s included. Just asking because i can’t see it anywhere. Is it included / or can you add it?


No, such option is not included in our plugin, unfortunately. Let me know if you will have further questions. Thank you.

Can you implement Google Sync for me (and all other users)? How much would it cost extra?


Please kindly send me private message using contact form from my profile page https://themeforest.net/user/quanticalabs with description of job scope. Thank you.