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Hello please the upgrade the new reCAPTCHA thanks René

Hello screen to print no map: https://bigimage.cz/di/WRS8/nomap.png Thank you help

Hi, This is a screenshot of your listing to PDF software and not of the actual popup which does have a map. Click here: http://codiator.com/real-estate-made-simple/plugins/print-classifieds/printListing.php?reid=364 and click on ‘Cancel’ on the print dialog box and scroll down.

Oh yes thanks you happy

hello, I want you to help install the theme

Hi, You can pm me and it will $15 for installation.

I do not know how to transfer money to you, and you do the same demo for me? you can chat with me now. skyper: batuochanoi

I want to change slie by a short video that can guide me? http://sangiaodichoto.vn/

Hello print listing to PDF no map images please help Thank you

Hi, The listing pop up shows the map. Now it is up to your printer or pdf software to save/print the displayed map. There’s nothing this script can do about it.

How to make money money with this?

You can charge people for posting ads. on your site and you can also use banner ads/adsense.

Hi, do you have support for SEO urls with nginx?

Hi, Currently it doesn’t have rewrite rules for nginx so you’ll have to convert .htaccess yourself.

Hello i like it, but who i can translate for portuguese?

Please check admin options of the demo and see if your language is available otherwise you can edit translations of English to Portuguese on language tags page after you login as admin.