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Great game! GLWS :D

Nice, very nice, GLWS!

Are you available for freelance? If so, what’s your email so I can send you a request

yes i am available for freelance you can email me at or you can add me also on skype mehta.himanshu14

hey, this is real cool for a web-app! good luck!

This is also available for android ??

Yes i have given a android apk example link also here it is :

no keyboard arrow to go left and right?

its a drag and move game so you can drag the car by mouse or if you are on mobile you can drag by touch

Great Work !
Good Luck

Can this be imported to Intel XDK platform ?

No request send me ur skype

Thanks to the seller! Great direct support!

thanks please rate our game 5 if you like it :)

The sounds are not played when I make a test export to HTML. Any idea why ?

It wont work on browser if you open the page on mobile but when you make apk or ios build it will work fine

I import the HTML to Intel XDK and make an Ios build. But everytime I start the game it says: “index.html. exported game won’t Work until you upload the….” Then I can click OK to start the game. Any idea why ? Thanks,

What is your Skype id?

u r already added on me – mehta.himanshu14

:-) I will get back to you, when I am home.

The game is addictive. Good job!

adding html files to assets folder on my android webview source code via eclipse is enough?

i dont think tht would work…either u have to use phonegap or intel xdk, cocoonjs to get the game work on android phones