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Kullanici adi ve sifre nedir acaba onu da yazarsaniz. ?yi dusunmussunuz. Rent a car isiyle ugrasan tanidigima alabilirim.

Kolay gelsin iyi satislar :)

?u anda demoyu kontrol edebilirisniz.

no plans of adding a web20 frontend? really nice app btw.. but i need more such as the frontend because i’m not a coder.

We use Zurb Foundation. Therefore, all projects have the same theme.

whats the username and password ??

UserName : Password : 123456

Demo doesn’t work
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you need to allow whn adding vehicles and adding users they should be able to upload images for cars, in the listing the cars thumbshot should be visible mayve 50px size. This script should have frontend so anyone buying this script can install and run a car hire business. The required things are simple, take a copy of the same backend booking facility and make it frontend.

In the frontend website the listings should be morelike ecommerce sites , products, display of vehichle image maybe 150px size and vehicle information and a button titled (Book Now).

The backend is complicated make it simplified. I will buy a copy when its ready, currently its not ready

i so agree with oxmedia. this is the best way to entice potential buyers to really buy.

I also agree with oxmedia, with these features I would purchase also. And would definitley boost sales..

I was about the say the same as oxmedia, but they got in there before me lol.

This script has a lot of great potential if there was a front end booking system where customers could book and pay deposit.

Good luck with sale :)

hopefully this can be multi-user..

demo not working, the site has expired.

is there a new link?

fixed issue

Ciao, esiste una versione per Wordpress? E’ stato implementato un sistema di prenotazione in front-end? grazie

The structure of the code is very simple. Can you do if you have PHP knowledge.

Can you make the demo(for all your files) in the English Language? There is no option to select language, even though you claim to support multiple languages

hi, if u want i can do Polish translation. u give me regular license i give u translation. contact: pawel.szymanski(at)

You can be the translation. language.php edit the file will be sufficient.

demo is not working. Bandwidth Limit Exceeded The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

Hi @bakerlad he server has been activated. Thank you for your attention.

This seems like the perfect app for our business, but we would want it for costume rental inventory. Can we change it to the terms we would need (costume terms rather than car terms)? Also, which license would we need to purchase to use it for our business? Our current inventory is here:

This process can be done by changing the information.

Hey demo is not working says no connection to server, I would really like to try it out!

Can you try again?

How can I see a demo? Thank you

Could you check again?

This is not a car rental script system !! This script allows you to only add cars to a database but there is no booking system ! it’s a scam ! I want my money back

Problem area where you live? Car reservation is made. You do not use.

demo isn`t working :/

Can this script be used for other vehicle types like motorhome rentals?