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this is just not fair, you know that the system have problem and you are selling to people.

i need to Develop hybrid mobile app you code is support this ???

it is include sgl database?

need sql database

just install script as per documentation, sql tables automatically generate.

further issue please send your hosting credential to , our support team install script in your server.

thank you

The seller is ignoring my emails, even though he previously answered them in a timely fashion (that is before i actually bought the script and just asked about it).

The script is redone from the they’r previous scripts – it still has room booking variables and other stuff in the core PHP.

The main search button ( in the index.php) is still “btn_room_search” .

Overall I payed for a script that needs a lot of fixing to work properly, but i guess you get what you pay for.

People who can’t code don’t bother.

The script’s are still in pre php 7.0 and do not support mysqli. (unless they have an updated script, but as I mentioned they are not replying to my emails).

does not matter what variable name in the script. we accept delay to reply, sorry for that.

php 7.0 does not support our script, that mention in product page that software supported. we will update soon mysqli extension.

thank you

Can we have different level of admin (managers) with this script? For example, Location A 5 Cars and other location different cars Another question i have is if this system can be locked for authorised users only?

Hello! We are developing a project for renting equipment with the team.


1. Is your system suitable for my activity?

2. Is it possible to pay for the equipment from the website through your system?

3. I understand that the order specifies the personal data of the client. So is this data stored on your server or can I save it on my server?

3.1. If the data is stored with you, how much is it reliable?

4. I have several units of different technology, you can make for them different calendars and not mix all the equipment in one calendar?

5. Is it possible to make a date range choice in the calendar?

6. Is it possible to indicate in the calendar when the equipment is busy and not give them to book?

7. Is it possible to specify different prices for different periods in the calendar? For example, last month one price per day, this month another


mfar1984 Purchased

When i try many time, i have issues with this script since i try many time to contact support but no reply.

I have issues for mail.class.php.

i already change smtphost, smtpport, smtpUsername, smtpPassword in mail.class.php either non ssl or ssl. but still not working after complete transaction.

you can try live transaction at

hope you concern about your script before you selling.

Please reply my email at