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When can we expect an update to wp 4.4

Hello Team I install this plug in and get some errors, I contact my server supply thinking it was wrong with my server and Tech Support reply me this:

Hello Luis,

Comodo WAF is blocking access because security rules are being triggered. It appears ModSec rule 230000 is being triggered a lot on your server from various IPs and on various sites, here are two examples:

2016-01-19 15:44:03 404 230000: COMODO WAF: Brute Force Attack Identified from (3 hits since last alert) Hide Request: POST /wp-admin/admin.php?page=add_vendor&noheader=true Action Description: Access denied with code 403 (phase 1). Justification: Operator EQ matched 0 at IP.

2016-01-19 16:38:30 404 230000: COMODO WAF: Brute Force Attack Identified from (89 hits since last alert) Hide Request: POST /portal/wp-login.php Action Description: Access denied with code 403 (phase 1). Justification: Operator EQ matched 0 at IP.

We can whitelist this rule globally for all accounts once you review this and confirm that you agree. This can be reverted later. Have you tried contacting plugin vendor to check if there are any known issues with this plugin?

Thanks for your help


plugin work with wordpress 4.4.1 ?

Yes.It’s working.

hello I like very much your plugin I have few question.

1. can we edit the Booking? (if we need to change the dates?) not the customer,but the administrator, I see you have only edit the Customer edit. 2 If some one return back soonest the car ,how “I say” in the system the car is now again available?

Sorry,Above feature is not available in our script.

Hello, when i put booking in the text on my page, it is always to the top left. How Can I put this where i Want? Thanks

This Plugin can use in website with 4 languages? I’m using wpml, and I need to show it in 4 different languages at the same site. Is this possibile?

sorry in current system can’t use 4 language at a time. also can’t be work with wpml.

thank you

OK thank you. i can install 4 wp and use iframe. I suggest you to fix this.

Hi, is it possible to use a TPV payment? maybe installing wocommerce and this plugin ?

Payment integration possible.please send quotation –


I have wrote them but no answer. Another suggestion?


thank you

Hi, Before I buy the plugin I should like to know some things

1. Your plugin works with The WordPress Multilingual Plugin WPML ? At the moment the site is in English and Greek but will be more languages.

2. Another discount is for different season I give different discount like low season if you stay more den 5 days you get 5 € off and in high season 3 € off is this possible? Hard to explain but you can see our price table here

Thanks, anweb

1. sorry not work with wpml

2. need to customize system. please contact with for quotation.

thank you

Is their any option for Multi Pickup Locations?


Are users able to add their own car and booking/price?

Hello, Can anyone tell me why this plugin doesn’t send notification emails to the admin or to the client? How cand this be fixed? I have opened a support ticket and still no answer…

4 days and still no answer. Also your support system doesn’t work. When i try to check the ticket status it doesn’t send any email with the link…

already replied ticket : 06/23/2016 3:34 pm

please check ticket status from here :

thank you

When i try to check the ticket status it says “Buzoianu – access link sent to your email!” but i didn’t receive any email. I have tried at least 5 times and nothing. Your support system is horrible

Dose your plugin support WordPress 4.5.3? I am ready to purchase, but I need to insure that this plugin is being currently maintained.

Yes,it’s supported.

Can you fix the demo? Internal server error

I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to set up different costs based on pickup and drop off locations while also based on specific time periods (I must be able to set different pricing even for specific days (like for example Christmas etc.) while also rental duration (if you book it for 5 days it should be cheaper than if you book it for 1 day)

People should be also be able to view final pricing but not book the car. People should only be able to send a reservation request.

Am I able to do this with your plugin? Also, will it work with my theme?

Thank you very much in advance,

Please send your quotation our sales department – we will get back soon.


i would like to know if i cant convert this to a marketplace ?

Hi, does this plugin support google map autocomplete in location field?

hello an eta for the update ?

Hello, are you still planning on supporting this plugin with newer versions? I can see that there haven’t been any replies for 3 months

Also, will this work in a responsive theme?

Thank you

is wocommerce suported any debit card payment system for indian users

woocommerce does not support. need to integrate payment gateway with booking system.

thank you

Hi! Love the plugin!

I just had a pre-sales question.

Is it possible to use this plugin for booking bus routes that are pre-schuedled on specific dates and times?

Like MegaBus or GreyHound?

Basically the user would go in and just select one of the pre-set routes ( from point A to point B ) and choose one of the pre-set times and book it and pay?

Or is this different?