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At first I thought it was auto putting me on the next level, then realized it was just repeating the same level.

How easy is it to add more levels, and do you have any plans to include a menu system that shows that you are progressing to a new level?

To create more levels to play, every time you need to copy the same level, and just change the landscape of the sprites, as you can easily add any sprites on the map in the form of trees, buildings and other details.

If you are interested in this project, I can personally for you to do a project with such details as the Start menu + menu levels + multiple levels, so that you could easily figure out how it’s all done

Why not do it for all of us? I’m interested too

Well, after a week to do an update which will, start the game menu, a menu of choices levels, and add a few more levels!

When I try to open the C2 file it says that a plugin is missing. HELP

Download the file from the site again, I updated the game, now it runs without plug-ins on a regular C2

If there are more questions, let me know, I’ll be sure to help you in solving them! =).


please, update for more levels.

How many levels you want to see used?

is this working on adroid.?

Yes, and very good!

Are you able to do a chess game? Or a casino bundle (poker,solitaire,etc)?

Yes, you need game?