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This phrase has no sense “This bundle we have 155 Make, 3624 model and 22005 year” We are in 2015 and you talk about 22005 year :) What is 155 Make ?

Dear sir i am telling you total data of year so u need to understand that…

155 total make u will get this bundle and u will get total 3624 model based on make and u will get 22005 years based on make and model

got it ?

Please answer me about this plugin. I also purchase by giving money (not for free). and you gave me old code which is not working.

From past 2 days asking you for latest code.

How do I upload the csv or sql file?

Dear sir this is actually database of car parts and csv but my question where you want to upload my car filter plugin ?

I would like to upload it to your WooCommerce Engine and Fuel Filter Plugin that I also purchased.

Dear sir this is actually will work for car and part filter module but if u want to really use it for that then we need to change something for database i am not sure u can so my email contact with me thanks :)

Hello I have a question i can use this database with Thank you

yes you can but after buy it then you need to just change database colume name or i can help u no problem 5 min job so buy it then contact with me thanks :)

Hello! Can you show structure of database or give test? Can i import this database to WP ?

check images thanks :) it has csv and direct database table also thanks :)

How to import the sql files in phpmyadmin ?

i have the wordpress version for woocommerce and i want to improt the make, model and years, how do i do that? (i already purchased the csv file)

sent you reply thanks :)

i have the wordpress version for woocommerce and i want to improt the make, model and years, how do i do that? (i already purchased the csv file)

still waiting your reply

i purchased this: and this

the csv cannot be imported via phpmyadmin or directly from the carparts plugin.

i need help with that!

contact with my email address thanks :)

i figured it how to do the import. :)

Hello Bigboss555, i need a car database for a digital marketplace. I use the theme “Marketify” with the Easy Digital Download and Easy Digital Download – Frontend Submissions plugin. EDD has its own “Category” area for the downloads. I would like to import the Car database to use it as Categories, Subcategories, sub-subcategories. Example: If a “vendor/seller” wants to add a new download, he first need to choose the MainCategory: “Cars”, then the Car Make, then Car Model Name and then Model Year. Same if a “user/visitor” wants to SEARCH a download, he choose it same way, first Car -> Car Make -> Model Name -> Model Year.

Is it possible to realise ? If it would cost not too much i would even pay for it if you can help me out. I really dont want to add thousends of Categorys, subcategorys, etc, manually by own self :D.

PLEASE HELP ME ! Im fighting with it since at least 5 days. Be my Hero ! :)

Best regards, Denis Hentschel

contact with me my email address i will give u my skype thanks :)

thanks for quick reply, i wrote you a mail :)

hi i have sent you admin access please check your email

what us your email address ?

Hi can you post a how-to use the csv import plugin with the CarParts plugin on the comments please? I’ve bought both plug-ins and the search/list one installed but the csv one won’t install. Should I be seeing a ‘upload from csv’ in the Car PArts plugin admin?

so u bought this data base so where u want to import it ? this package has csv and script thanks :)

Hi, thanks for the reply. I have car model data in a csv (it’s a Japanese-specific site). I wasn’t sure where to put the files which were in the CSV importer zip. – do I use PHPmyAdmin and put the PHP script in there somewhere? And the other three data files – what do they contain?



send me admin and phpmyadmin access i will take care of it for u :)


HI, how do that in prestashop? Simple upload of CSV file?

or u can change database table we have table and csv both :)

I need an auto parts website like . can your database help me to achieve that? i already have wordpress with woocommerce installed on the website

contact with me my email address thanks :)

please I am still waiting for your reply. which solution do u recommend for me?

This csv file is updated to the year and month? This includes all marhce cars on the European market or other markets? Thank you, I have to import this data on prestashop 1.6 higher

Hi bigboss555,

Does it work with OpenCart? Meaning, can I import this car database of yours into OpenCart based web shop? I have import/export tool ready. Thank you.

that depend on your import module this is CSV file so check your import module thanks :)

I am looking for a Module where i have a data also of vehicles Like Year, Make, Model, Submodel and Engine I want that i get this kind of extension with data base. I like to talk with you My skype ID is ahsanbilalsaleem

knock me from skype thanks :)

actually i need the following 1- part number 2- compatible with ( which car brand wn which model of this brand) 3- which years 4-substitutes of this part

can you send to me sample

i sent you reply check thanks :) can u send me any example or reference website link plz thanks :)

Hello, You heading misled me into buying this product, you tagged it as “Car Parts database” however it is just “Car Database” because it does not show any parts. Where is the parts section of it. Tell me where to find parts for each of the make and model you listed. this is not good.

you forgot to read this

This bundle we have 155 Make, 3624 model and year also and we have included CSV and SQL table file in one zip file.So its really helpful to any car store. In CSV file total 22006 rows.

Thanks :)

If you have confusion you can send me email before purchase thanks :)

I said you didnt have parts as you put it in your head line; AUTO PARTS DATABASE…it should have being AUTO DATABASE. However, I already but it before I realized that you did not have what i was looking for.

I was looking for the one that has parts of the cars included.

sorry we dont have that thanks :)

Hi BigBoss, is useful the Database for the following products “WooCommerce Unlimited Product Information” and “WooCommerce Car/Parts Filter Plugin” ???

WooCommerce Unlimited Product Information u cannot use for this for u can sue that for WooCommerce Car/Parts Filter Plugin thanks :)

Before purchasing this from bigboss…. If you want a continuously updated car parts database .. just go here:

we update each year thanks :)

Okay then I will go with Edmunds.

ok thanks and kindly remove this link from your message thanks :)

thanks :)

Does the database work with Woo commerce? Can I only import it to woocommerce?

car parts database actually for make model year database not parts database thanks :)