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Need server to integrate API ?

No need to have any server. You just integrate you own google maps api key thats all! More info at: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/android-api/ Regards

Hi, it says: [2016-06-14 11:13:25 – google-play-services_lib] Unable to resolve target ‘android-22’

Right Click on Project -> Properties -> android -> choose your target api level you have, Then press Apply and Ok

And clean the project once and rebuild it.


Go to Windows -> Android SDK Manager Install the Android API Level you want, in this case android-22

Hi Gvarani,

Just about to buy your app, been looking for an app like this a while already. However tried to run your app on 6.0.1 android device and it doesn’t start, message popped app says “unfortunately car finder has stopped”. Any working APK I can test?

Hey ShohruhSanakulov, thank you for compliment. Did you try again? or try this apk it should work: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fko9mc4aww8i0qp/CarFinder.apk?dl=0 Regards

It is still not starting up on that device, tried both the one from play store and this APK from dropbox… I will try to test it on other device later… Thanks.

This is very strange. Which device do you have?

hi , where is the source for this app ??

Did you download the zip file?

where can i find the zip file?

Go to your username and then click downloads you will se the Car Finder item.

and how do i turn it into APK? Should I use eclipse or android studio?

You should use eclipse. Export to apk is very easy. You should watch this for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMD-wdkvMhY

hi, I tried everything you told me and I still keep getting this error,

C:\Users\ahmed\Carfiderprrrom\CarFinder\res\layout\activity_collected_carfinder.xml:38: error: No resource identifier found for attribute 'adUnitId' in package 'com.gvarani.carfinder'

Can you just email me the source file please because this is too complicated. I tried everything but it still isn’t working. “ahmedismaeel2121@gmail.com”



The project does not work on devices with android 6.0.1 Please give me solution

Hi Chuchuau, what kind of error do you get?

!! Car finder has stopped !! works in other versions of android as 5.0 but 6.01 does not start. not that you have in google play

Try to change: minSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion to the lastest version. 6.01

planned to purchase but app is crashing on marshmallow


You have an application to remember to give maintenance to vehicles …


Hi, I sent you an email, please check it out.

The email didn’t go through. I wanted to send you screenshots of the problems on the app that I got on eclipse, what email should I send it to?

any android studio version?



Thank you:)

Hi … presale question ..1- Do u still support this product? ... can i just send you a logo and you put it on the app and send me a ready-to-upload APK? ... if yes .. i will buy it tomorrow

Hello, sry for late reply. Yes I can do that if you really want. Kind regrards.