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Hello, very good code thank you

I have only one problem.

I have a live app on app store and when someone uploads car picture for both “large picture” and “thumbnail” image is not showing up in the app. I checked through admin and all pictures are uploaded in IMAGE_UPLOAD_DIR

but because script have wrong url generated – they are not showing up in the app.


The whole listing is live, all info (car name and other details) works fine but pictures are not showing because of the wrong url.

I set up base_url on both php and xcode and I can upload images from web admin and everything works. Any idea why this is happening? – https://postimg.org/image/udctsm85t/

I feel like problem is somewhere in “rest” folder

Thank you

I just emailed you, please have a look. Thank you

Email from xp**@gmail.com

Replied already on the email.

I’ve been waiting since March. You said the ANDROID version would be completed in April. and now you say that for the month of December. In December you will say that for the month of January 2017?

how to make money with this app? Can buyer and seller register via the app?

Hi, we added ads integration on this app. Only seller, for buyer, it is for sharing to social networks and possible contact details to seller.

Can I have Chinese version?

Hi, yes. We have an update for this to latest code and setting.

Android version anytime soon?

Also, can you add models for each make? or just make category will display all cars withing that category all mixed together?

HI yes, for categories it is by car brand. Example, Ferrari -> (LaFerrari, F1, etc)

Android version coming any time soon?

Yes, but before that. The Car Finder iOS will be updated to new UI.

And when would all those changes take place exactly?

After we uploaded the 2 Android version of Event Finder and Deal Finder.

Some Android version? And iOS10?

Hi, it is currently develop. This will be updated to new Look & Feel and better usage.

hi I have too many problem can you help me ?

You can email us here for support. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

the app it have admin panel ?

Hi yes it does have.

ETA for new update ?

HI, we expected to release it next month. We are still busy this month because of our Ultimate app. :)

Hi there! Any ETA for new update ? I want to buy it but not sure working fine on Xcode 9 thanks

Hi, we have two new apps coming. After that we will launch the update on Car Finder as well as the Android version.

Hoping for the new app will be approved next week.

Hi, So approx when will the new car finder app be ready and is the current version still working properly?

It will be ready next week. We have adjusted the backend for the new update.

Hi, it looks like you have an update coming for CarFinder for Xcode 9 – My Q is how easy is it to have the Main image Square – just like the thumbnails are Square ? Might this be possible as a one off version – if so is this possible with the next update that you ar releasing ?? Thanks

Hi, so you mean the homepage is a grid?

We will be releasing it this week.

Hi, how would I go about making the main photo of the car Square as opposed to Rectangular ??