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WordPress tells me that there is no style.css style sheet and it won’t let me install it

Car dealer script is not word press plugin, but stand alone php script. Just follow install instructions included in the pdf manual.

Hello, i just installed car dealer pro however it doesn’t seem to work well because i’m not able to connect to admin or even create an user, when I click on ok it loads indefinitely.

Is it because i’m using php 8 instead of 8.2?

gewa13 Author

Yes, you will need php 8.2+, as per install manual, ,as well all the other php extensions during install.

hello gewa13, i need ask you a few questions before buying i pay you up to 70$ for your help my email ` `

Please email me from my profile page for quicker response

Hello how are you, There is big Bug in this Car Dealer Pro script user just registrated cant publish a Listing becose of ShowRoom. But bigest BUG is that user see all Admin Listing that make and can edit that or delete that listing. Also can i get info how to show Currency simbol to right or price in my countrt that is coming after price.


Sorry, what do you mean by user can not publish listing because of the show room. You need to create a showroom/location before being able to create listing.As for the user being able to edit or delete admin listings, that’s not possible, unless its users own listing. Just make sure you have the latest version.
Currency symbol is automatically positioned based on your country locale set in the admin configuration page.

Hm found out if any user register whit same email as email that admin use automatically have access all listing from Admin that he add.

Currency is not change place automatically because i change to Bosna and it stay on left side.

When i try to edit listing geting Nothing to process i change several things but still cant save add.

I have ShowRoom addad but still user cant select that ShowRoom.

In process of adding Listing user when traying to add location Showing proces of adding Location but not showing several filds that bean required so becose of that that not exist you cant add location.

If you want access to site to check all what i mention above send me mail i will send details. I have latest version few hours ago i buy the script. Thx alot

Email address has noting to do with the listing access. Admin users are stored in completely different table vs regular users.
Currency position is determined automatically based on country locale, I have no control over it. Its php default behavior. You can however modify function formatMoney() in /lib/utility.class.php and format price the way you want.
I can have a look at your install, please email me from my profile page with your ftp access.

I am testing out the script on my local machine and I seem to have an issue with the “Add Location” button on the user’s end, when trying to add a new listing an error pops up saying “Field Postal Code/Zip required” which I don’t see as part of the input fields.

Can you please email me from my profile page with your ftp access, and I’ll have a look

Alright, let me do that. Thanks.

Reply sent

if you are in states, please give me a call 347-601-0139 Serge

Sorry, Im not in the states. Currently in Europe, than back to Canada.

when i upload a image on a page i got a broken image, when i inspect the url i got this: page/contact/[SITEURL]/uploads/images

[siteurl] is in between the path, how to fix this?

it should be


HI, I BOUGHT your script and have some issues: 1) how get logo in the header bigger 2) add new listing, circle stay running but nothing added 3) how remove right above login/register 4) want to upload in buk 12 images, but system dont load them, when i select 3 it will select 5) default i want to load it on https, now its on http 6) when all is setup i want to move to live site, what to do?

1) i changed css

I have replied to your email.

for the price we can use the script and add many cars if we want? In the demo i see a anual subscriptionplan

You as the owner can add as many vehicles as you want, You can also use subscriptions for other users, or you can set the price of membership to 0, and anyone ca add cars for free.

great, i have a iframe and saw i can add it but can see it how it looks on the frontpage, because can’t save it. Is there a way to see if this works? The login/register in the top can be removed?

Reply sent

This script waooo. Since I saw it can’t take my eyes off it. Please can you add bidding functionality to it, so that a live bidding can be done.

Secondly the latest patch download not working

You can not get script in laravel since its not build for laravel. Car Dealer like all of my other script use semi MVC framework developed by me.And lastly, since you have not purchased it yet whats latest patch are you referring to?

Latest patch v0.04 Download In codecanyon link not working, I want to ensure everything is fine before purchase. Am running php 8.1.0 currently, can the app run on it or I will have to upgrade it before installation.

Hello, create work, am interested in your script, though am still going through, i have noticed , there is option for showroom in dd listing form in seller account, but am not seeing any where where seller can add showroom, or location,how does this work, Another question, why is it that there is no option for seller to edit his listing

Login as seller -> Add Listings, scroll down Add Location section.Of course in demo mode you can not make any changes. As for the sellers ability to edit listings, this will be added in the future if there is a demand for it.

can see it, but the select option is at the top ,should move it up

can you just add , locations/showrooms just like it is on the admin side,

कृपया पहले कोड को खुद टेस्ट कर पब्लिश करें

Plz ckeck full code…. it is not useable for me….have many many many Bug in code…

All of the reported bugs are fixed. I just updated script few minutes ago. You can download in about an hour.
You keep saying many bugs, and not letting me know what the actual bug is does not help. If the feature does not exist, or if your server does not meet minimum requirements, please do not report it as a bug

Plz Refund my payment…. i purchase a other code…

I’m sorry, but it does not work like that.

The setup doesn’t work, can’t connect to the database i need some help.

Could not connect to MySQL server SQLSTATE42000 Unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4,’

I have replied to your email. You need to upgrade your database

Does this application support Arabic language and RTL?

Any language is supported, but you will need to modify css files in order to have RTL languages. Simple online LTR/ RTL converter will do the job.

What about language switcher not found in demo

It can be easily added, I can help you with that

Money thrown away, I will open a dispute with paypal to see if you get it back, but unless you are a programmer and willing to fix the buses, do not buy this system, because the owner will not help you at all. I tried to get the system to run just a headache. it may be that the old versions work but this new one is a waste of time you fix it on one side it spoils on the other. I gave up, I even tried to argue, I sent videos of the errors, I showed them, I re-showed them and nothing. unfortunately I gave up on the system. I’m glad that at first it was worse than setting up the whole system and then discovering that it sucks.

You seem to be very ignorant . After sending you numerous videos, and screenshots, of everything working as it should, and the problem is not with the system, but you not understanding basic concept. You can not enter word “Deron” in VIN search field, and expect to see the results, you need a real VIN number. Even though I have explained to you, you still keep pushing the same agenda. This is just one of teh examples
Maybe its time you pay someone with the knowledge to setup and manage your site.

I bought the system two days ago, and I can’t put it to work, error on top of error, I asked for support but I wasn’t answered. I paid for the extra support for another 6 months but nothing, I will ask for a refund.

You keep saying no support, and yet .I’m constantly replying here and via email.

I need the support to solve the system bugs just answer the email saying that the system has no bugs it is not support, I need the solution to the simple problem, I want you to see the Bugs in my system and tell me what problem to solve, the support It’s paid not free. however, you only answer the email saying that there is no error, but it did not connect to my system, I even sent you a video of the bugs.

Sure, I can have a look at your install. Please email me your ftp access and admin login credentials

Web app not Good….Please refund payment… have many many bug in code….

There are absolutely no bugs, latest patch fixes all of the existing issues.

I sent an email to the support request. or should i open some ticket?

Please send an email


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