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what’s the problem? Where’s the model?

I have replied to your email.


I’m currently looking into your configuration right now.

How long to wait for a response from you?

Why is my paypal does not accept credit cards? And the only other Account?I do not set up correctly?

Each country will have different payment methods. So i’m not sure if paypal for your country accepts credit cards. I’m currently looking into your configuration.

Hi. Does is support not only cars? Like: Cars, Motorycles, Vans end atc? Like: Used Cars category, Motorycles category, Car parts category ant etc.

Script is developed primarily for cars, but you can sell motorcycles as well, now for auto parts, that’s bit different. And yes New and used vehicle option is available as well.

hello sir….

i have purchased this crm but after following alll instructions in installation guide i am facing 500 internal server error.

can you pleas let me knw how to overcome this issue..

thnks and waiting for your response

Sorry, I don’t see your poof of purchase.

Could you please tell me how to stop listing title from changing to Car Make and Model? Whenever I customise title for car listing, and it successfully changes it (temporary), the moment I try to edit the same listing, the custom title is no longer there and it is replaced with car make and model. Thank you. :)

Sorry, about that. Here is the correct modification. Open up /lib/items.class.php on line 161 replace

CONCAT(, ' ', AS title 
l.title as title

Perfect. Thank you!

Youre welcome.

hello I send you an Email to wojoscrits but no respone

Hello gewa13 Nice script! Any update planned with new features?

Sorry, not yet.

Is it possible to add ‘SOLD’ label on Manage Listings Page in Admin Panel? Just so you can see which cars have been marked ‘sold’ instantly, without going into ‘edit’ mode to see whether ‘sold’ option has been marked in ‘Description’ or not. Thank you.

Yes, you can, click on vertical elipsis icon for more options, and one of them is SOLD

Hi gewa13 i purchased this script in 2014 and are only using it now (silly i know) my support period has expired so ill try my luck anyways.

After installation, the website is visible only at fist level. If anything is clicked i get an error 404.

“Not Found

The requested URL /search/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

It seems your htaccess file is not configured correctly, or does not exists in script directory.

thanks gewa13, it was indeed missing. an oversight on my part. Thank you very much for your assistance. A+++++

You’re welcome.

Hi. i’m Denys. After install script, have a troble code “HTTP ERROR 500” domain name

Most likely your .htaccess file is not configured correctly. Could you please email me from my profile page with your URL, and ftp access?

If I enter a UK VIN will this populate the fields?

I have not tested with uk vins, but if you could email me from my profile page, with vin number, I can test it for you.

Hi, I’m intrested to buy this but need one clarification can you tell me which PHP framework you used.

I have not use any know framework.

is that coming with database to us when i buy it?

Yes of course.

Hi, I’d like to buy your script. 1. can I use it for recreational vehicles (van, motorhomes, caravans,...)? 2. can I modify the producers database list? it possible to have the field “model” as a free text input field without a combo box with predefined values? Thank you

Yes, you could use it for other types of vehicles, and yes you can modify database as well. In regards to make/model relationship, this would require bit of modification.

How hard would it be for me to convert this script to sell RV Campers? Can I go into the script of phpmyadmin and rename the items and categories to items related to RV Campers?


You don’t need to do it from phpmyadmin, you can rename features, categories etc.. all from admin panel.

Is there a version update to 2.04 Also my icons (fonts don’t load)

I have paid for support renewal. :D

There is no update available. In regards to icons, try uploading themes folder via ftp.