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voipjam Purchased

hi does the car dealer pro script support arabic? please let me know

By default it does not RTL CSS modification will be required.


voipjam Purchased

i can see language manager – how do i add a new language?

Language manager is used for easy translation of language phrases. To,add a new language make a copy of existing one in /Lang/ folder and rename it using two letter country abbreviation code.

just installed and its not letting me login as admin. I can’t sign up new user account. Please help.

Please check your database with phpmyadmin and see admin account is created under users table.

there is no users table, there is admins and members table. and there is admin account under admins table. Also at the signup screen, the address field is showing undefined??. I reinstalled the script but no use.

I got your Cpanel access and I will look into it shortly. In regards to signup screen, you will need google map API key. Obtain one and enter it under admin configuration page.

Hi, When will the database be updated to include vehicles after 2015? Thanks

I’m working on it. Most likely by the end of August.


whoare Purchased

Dear Sir, I have a similar question as I seen someone asked before: the /listings page. On the sidebar filter – conditions, makes, categories, etc – populate a number like “2” even if there aren’t any active listings in the entire inventory database. Where is the code populating numbers. When I delete the cars from UI, there is no update on the sidebar. You mentioned cron job and I tried which does not update the sidebar in my case.

Could you please email me from my profile page with your URL, and Cpanel access so I can take a quick look?


lee97 Purchased

Hi, from the car search. Make is only showing 9 makes missing the full list, Model also is missing the full listings, can you help and fix thanks


lee97 Purchased

Hi, from the car search. Make is only showing 9 makes missing the full list, Model also is missing the full listings, can you help and fix thanks.

IS their any way to have a french pack for this.

I don’t have any other languages, gut you can easily translate one single file, using language manager.


voipjam Purchased

how can i remove the newsletter section on the homepage?

Flash Newsletter – Sign Up To Get The Best Deal

I want to remove

Go to admin configuration page, and disable Show News option


soleqa Purchased

Hi whenever i try to login my account/admin the login session expires within seconds,so i have to login again which is headage. Is there any solution to that?

Contact your hosting company and have them check session temp folder.

Hello sir ! I am looking to buy this awesome script. Quick question, I would like to use it for posting only our cars, that we currently have, I don’t want people post their own ads. Can I disable registration and login, and use Admin panel, only as Car dealership sale. B2C. Thank’s ! Owww, one more. How do I translate it to Russian language ?

Sure, you can remove login and client section, and just use for a single dealership. To translate, all,you have one,do is translate one single file from admin panel under language manager. If you decide to purchase it, and have problem removing login features, just send me an email, and I will remove those for you,

I would like complete change to the landing page layouts, can you give a simple step by step, on how would i go about changing the elements on the homepage, for example if i wanna has a list of pictures instead of the slide, where is the file where i can edit that?

Sure, please send me a quick email from my profile page with your request.

Hi, hows that update coming along for the end of august. I want to buy this

Sorry, I will need to postpone update, due to my current workload.

Fatal error: Class ‘Locale’ not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\nichiba\init.php on line 71

You need to enable php INTL extension.

Many thanks, everything works fast & looks good, except for payment processing - Payfast (errors: supplied variables are not according to specification & signature: generated signature does not match submitted signature) & Payza (error: button configuration incorrect) gateways.

With a passphrase, does not work. Without a passphrase, then it works and only gives me instant eft option – NO pay by card. How fo I get around this?

Slider image text is not responsive, how do I change this?

Could you please email me from my profile page, with your ftp access?

how do i just keep the sale price on the vehicle and remove the listing price

That would require, bit of modification, please email me from my profile for instructions.

only the home page found but others like this error

The requested URL /listings/ was not found on this server.

I try to many more time .htaccess but this type of error The requested URL /listings/ was not found on this server shows everytimes. Please help

See my reply above.

I want to change required field or remove all required condition. How can I do it.

Which required fields do you want to,remove. Most of them are needed for system to function properly.

When I add listing Sometime I don’t want give some information just suppose make and also I will give ask instead of price

Ok, but you’re still not telling me which fields, you want to remove. For example address fields are required, since they are used for vehicle location. First and last name as well as email and username are needed.


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alsparc Purchased

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alsparc Purchased

review that!

After i purchase the car dealer pro how do i conect my domain and how its link to my hosting plan godaddy

First of all I would suggest getting any other hosting company but godaddy. Their shared servers are very restricted in terms of php enabled extensions. Afterwards all you have to do,is upload card dealer to your site, and install wizard will guide you through install process.

Any idea when add Spanish language?

I dont have Spanish translation, but someone here might be able to help you out.