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could you help me to translate RTL format to my site

I would like to help you but due to my current workload, I’m not able to. I can give you some pointers if needed, but you will need to do most of the css changes

ok.. tell me the points to do right direction of css changes

Well, first you need to start by modifying css files in /themes/master/css/ each file will need to be changed accordingly. Here are some tips to get you started

Header displays the following message: Sis kor’o gingivalo ho. Des zorgi nedifinita e, ro bis kroma sezononomo, he ene dume liva havi. Avio esti fine mem iu, io trans fontoj tempolongo des, celo kombi ng ari. Gh kaŭze decilitro eksteraĵo tro. Fiksi frida lo nea, arki helpa sep bv..

how do I get rid of it? what does it say?

Never mind. It shows up under the header if “Show News” is enabled as one of the news articles.

Thats correct.

Dear, when I add a new listening the color cube keep spinning and nothing happens after that. Can you help?

Ok, what is the error message, can you please email me from my profile page.

Here is the error from debug consol. And the problem with listing remains the same… Mail Sent!

Your screenshot does not show any errors or warnings. I got your email, and I will look into it.

I dis-activated the listings on my site and when I got to inventory it says “We have found a total of 0 vehicles matching your criteria.” which is expected.

What was not expected is that it still shows how many # cars per make, condition, model, etc. Those # should also show 0 correct?

Are you referring to admin panel stats?

I am talking about the /listings page. On the sidebar filter – conditions, makes, categories, etc – populate a number like “2” even if there aren’t any active listings in the entire inventory database. Where is the code populating numbers? Does it check if the listings status = 0?

Yes, it does check for expired listings or active/pending, but only if you have cron job enabled.

v2 how to add button Share on Facebook?

Where exactly do you want to add share button? On what page?

Page items, such as version 1

Open up /themes/current theme/item.tpl.php and place your share button where ever you want.

Hi, i purchased your car dealer pro but there CSS am unable to change on the listen item page and the more of a seller..the features writing color and background color all same so ain’t seen.which cs file do i use check my website

Sorry, I’m not sure I fully understand your question. What colour exactly do you want to change?


mkala Purchased

just tell me which css file has divs and classes of listed car description and features and showroom name

I have replied to your email.


skhamoud Purchased

Hi, when I add a new listing the main image comes bigger than expected and when I later try to add additional images it gives me a SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Unexpected token, means that format returned is not Json format. Try using chrome browser, or firebug if you have it installed. Inspect element, and watch in console view of your browser what the exact error message is.


skhamoud Purchased

there is none in browser console, but in php debugger there is a warning : some rand function in the utilities class that is expecting an int and getting a float

Would you be able to install on live domain, and if you run into the same problem, let me know and I will look into it.

Hi, I have 2 questions. 1) Why icons doesn’t work? 2) How can i change FONT? This font doesn’t support other lang characters.

Take a look at admin login page, under username field. There is a bus colour icon, which is not part of default set.

Dude, your and my admin login screen are same, only difference that my icons doesn’t work and your way of support doesn’t solve my problem

I’m not sure why, but I see different icons on login screen. For some reason icon font files are not loaded, in firebug I’m getting
"NetworkError: 403 Forbidden -"
Either wojoicons.woff file is damaged during upload, so try upload and via ftp, or for some reason your server does not recognize woff type.Open up .htaccess fiel and add this to the bottom of it
<FilesMatch ".(eot|ttf|otf|woff|woff2)">
  Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" 

hello , i want buy your car dealer pro for create car listings portal online and will add Ad-sense account too. i don’t have any I.T knowledge will you support me ? is it suitable for me without having any knowledge kindly suggest me? will you support me for deployment, database setting up, ad-sense account ?

Sure, I can help you with those. Please email me from my profile page, and your cpanel credentials as well as url where you want script installed.

Hello, I need a help regarding a translation of the used script. I would like to know if it is 100% translated or many words are directly in the source code of the file.

You can fully translate all language phrases. Nothing is hard coded.

Hi, I have a question: for car dealer takes a cms? or is car dealer pro a cms?

There will always be a support and a development over time as wordpress or joomla?

Thanks, regards

It’s not a full cms, but you can create pages, besides ability to list vehicles. And yes, it will be fully supported regardless.

Hi, if I buy a regular license, I can create a system to manage up 1,000 vendors and up to 10,000 cars?

For each car I can also upload photos? Photos must have a default format or automatically are resized and optimized to load from car dealer pro? Regards


gewa13 Author

You can have as many dealers/vehicles, as long as your server is fast enough to support it. Images will be automatically resized to specified dimensions for faster loading. You dont need to resize images before uploading.