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In add Listing, is there any way to show the progress bar while loading multiple images. After the images done loading then it should remove the progress bar and display the images.

Progress bar is available for image gallery only, but not for individual product image.

Can you please shared with me the progress bar. There is no way i can see the progress while uploading images to website.


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Hi, I bought a new server, but they don’t support php intl extension, so i am getting this error

20180221T161520: PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Locale’ not found in /hermes/bosnaweb27a/b909/ipg.ali76363/cardealer/admin/init.php on line 92

20180221T161521: PHP Fatal error: Class ‘IntlDateFormatter’ not found in /hermes/bosnaweb27a/b909/ipg.ali76363/cardealer/lib/utility.class.php on line 493

20180221T161521: PHP Fatal error: Class ‘IntlDateFormatter’ not found in /hermes/bosnaweb27a/b909/ipg.ali76363/cardealer/lib/utility.class.php on line 493

What Can I do now?

If you have your own server, you can install INTL extension. Just ask your hosting company.


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Hi, Where is the documents?

I am understanding the flow. How a dealer is paying? How an admin can make a payment for anything? How to set the dealer limit.

How an admin can directly sell an item?

Don’t know how the financial transaction is made.

Please point me the document of user manual.


There are no detailed tutorials on those topics, they are basically self explanatory>
1. Dealer needs to purchase a listing package in order to submit listings, unless you create a package thatis free.
2. Admin cant sell directly, you need to create an account via front end, and afterwards, you can assign yourself listing package from admin panel.
3. Payment are made using one of the payment gateways provided in admin panel

Any plans to update the script with functions like Sitemaps? // new theme’s?

Yes, there is a plan for new themes. You can generate site map from admin panel in XML format.

So where can I find this Sitemap function? I’m searching for it everywhere!


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Hello, can you tell me when your next major update will be released?

Most likely in a month or so.


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Hi. I purchased your CMS and installed it on my development server, everything worked fine. then I moved the site to a live host and it wont save anything into the database, servers are identical configuration. I tried moving existing site, tried fresh install, same thing. it saved the stuff that was entered during the setup, but is saving nothing that is entered after.

please advise.

Try enabling debug console from lib/config.ini.php and set debug to true. Look for any errors or warnings within console for clues. Also check your php error log. It could be many different thing, I can tell what the problem is without actually having access to your server.

may i use this with Stripe payments only? thanks

Yes of course, you can disable gateways you don’t need.


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how about the update contact forms ? the forms doesn’t work.

Did you try changing mailer to SMTP?


DDMarvin Purchased

Yes, but redirects doesn’t work. The same problems have the codecanyon demo. Try to register an account on

Demo site has that feature disabled.Open up /lib/config.ini.php and set DEBUG to true. Try gain refresh your page and look for any errors or warnings within console tabs, then email me with the exact message.

Hello, I am planning to purchase your app and install it on my server. I have some questions, like can I modify the user roles? When I try it on demo version, I am not clear what Editor does and Admin does? 1) I want to modify the editor privileges, but it just allows me to enable or disable the existing privileges, but not remove that or add new one? How can I do that?

2)Apart from this, I want to add new user with mixed roles? can I adjust these roles based on what I need for that user to do?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Yes, I do. Please send me an email from my profile page with your request.

I have sent you an email.

Reply sent.