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Do you have any plans on making a web site price calculator?


No this is only a car calculator script.

No this is only a car calculator script.

Please repair live preview link… now is broken.

This plugin is broken, Envato. Please re-test it and either get the bugs fixed or remove the item. I’ve emailed the author but no response.

Please describe your problems with the plugin here and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

I can also agree with the above comment that this plugin is broken and does not work. I have contacted the creator for feedback.

Please describe your problems here and we’ll see what we can do about it.

You can review the other two calculators at Affordability Calculator and Cash-back offers and Reduced-rate financing calculator This plugin was officially tested with WordPress 4.1 and it works great. To get quick support send us a message on Facebook. Enjoy!

Hi there guys, i know there is no support, please tell me how to change the currency from $ to R Thanks

All you have to do is add this code:


to line 24 in car-dealer-calculator-pro.php

That will change the $ sign into the British pound. Change the £ code to the html code you want:

jQuery(\'.cdcp-dollarSign\').html(\'MONEY CODE HERE\');

You can see the html codes here

Hi Will I need to change anything if Iam to use this script on a non wordpress site

This plugin only works with WordPress, you will probably need to hire someone to make the changes, let us know if you have any further questions.

Hi there,

this plugin is not working with SiteOrigin Page Builder – any chance to get it working without using shortcode?

Also installing the Plugin makes my header menu centered???

Best, Christian

It also doesn’t work in the sidebar

Can you send us a link to your website to ? We need to investigate your issue further. You can also use the plugin via PHP like this:

<?php $themeInclude = 'white'; echo cdcp_display_cashback_calc($themeInclude); ?>

bcb Purchased

Hi! re: Car Dealer Calculator Pro How do I change the default Sales Tax and Interest Rate values?

Thanks in Advance, Stephan

Yes you can in car-dealer-calculator-pro.php on lines 27, 28, in the example Sales tax changed to 2 % and Interest rate changed to 4:

   jQuery(\'#cdcpl_st, #cdcpa_st, #stPerLoan\').val(\'2.00\');
   jQuery(\'#cdcpl_rate, #cdcpa_rate, #rateLoan\').val(\'4.00\');

bcb Purchased

Thank you! Perfect :)

Does this calculator have the functionality to add Balloon Payments?

No sorry, we will have your idea in mind when developing new features.

Just installed this on the latest version of Avada and it breaks the the page layout when activated. Any chance of a fix?

how do I remove some of the fields in the form. We don’t need a couple of them.