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skype id ??

just email support please email to wasiq.iws@gmail.com

Can you work make model

make model i will add in new release

Hi, has this had any recent updates? I would like to buy it, but would like to know if your going to keep updating it and making it better?

If lets say someone is interested in a car? how do they contact the seller?

You can contact a seller via seller phone number and email just click call button seller number will show automatically,same way seller email will be available in back end,In car details screen call and email links are available

How to completely remove the adv

when user upload car is it required admin approval ?

Must I have a new database instead of takeawayapplication.com?

How can I prepare my own domain?

How can I get a stronge database standing more than 100 visits at the same time?

you must have programming knowlege of programming. try godaddy.com for hosting

i can change langauge as franch !!

yes you can do that.

error iformation link demo !!

yes we are fixing that

demo isn’t working?.

any plans on new updates?.

ios app coming or no?

I will check the demo. yes it will be in mid of april as we are busy in our takeaway project update. No we are not planning for any ios app right now. but may be in future