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good job, can we remove the frame over the text ? and use the text only?

Thanks..you want remove caption. Right? if yes then yes it remove.

I can change the sticker , put another ?

yes you can change all are the .png image.. Thanks

i can add more fonts?

yes you have to place ttf file in asset folder for that..Thanks

Compatible in lollipop ?

yes but design is not material. Thanks

can i edit and change the app steps ? first select/take a photo , then go to write a caption ? how ? must edit code ?

how can i remove frame over the caption ?

yes all that possible but you have to edit code if you don’t know about that i will do it..please mail me. Thanks

I want some support How Add some pictures I try to add more photos, but do not appear when operating I Edit the file (FirstActivity.java)

But the same thing

Okay please mail me we talk there. Thanks

There is a bug/error after select text and add more stickers. Existing stickers are not able to move anymore after added new sticker. It is only able to move the new sticker always. Please fix it as soon as possible because this is very important feature to make it usable just like other photo sticker editor app!

No this is not possible.

hello,thanks for your good app,when i get a photo by camera or by gallery,when pic transform to app,it’s ratio is not same by original pic,can i resolve this problem?

reply via Email. Thanks

Hi, I have a few questions. It’s possible and easy modify the language? Can I modify all the stickers and frames, splash screen, icons? Thanks

yes you can easy change language and yes also sticker ,frame all are image so you can easily changed that. Thanks

Hi, the app is great! But when i get a photo by camera or by gallery, it’s ratio is not same by original pic. The same issue when load a default png. Can i resolve this problem? Thanks

okay please mail me we have some solution try on that if possible. Thanks

hello sir i do like to order this app but i don,t have any idea about eclips and other developer software if i order will you make this app for me with my brand Thanks will waiting for your answer

Hi, yes basic installation I will guide you. Thanks

Hi, great app. I’m having problems with the installation since I can’t use eclipse. This is what I found when I tried to download eclipse. I appreciate the help. http://developer.android.com/tools/help/adt.html https://www.dropbox.com/s/xc1d27p1o6wi7ch/Screen%20Shot%202016-03-18%20at%2012.50.51%20AM.png?dl=0

This code for eclipse not in Android Studio so please mail me I will provide Android Studio code. Thanks

i need Android Studio Code !!

Hi I like your app i will purchase ASAP but small bug…when i add a sticker theres is no option to remove or replace the sticker…..

Is this feature is available or not…

is it available in android studio ? i need android studio project

After purchase I will provied it. Thanks

i want custom keyboard can u do that and how to increase its word writing limit? how much you will charge for the changes?

Please mail me. Thanks

Hello, is this code compatible with Android studio?

Hi, after purchase I will provide Android Studio code. Thanks