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Touch screen in browser does not work! Please fix it, or refund!

I’ve answered.

I replied…you should have check the live preview on mobile and desktop version before buying the template…

In description i have mentioned clearly that each desktop and mobile version have different controls.

I hope you test live preview both on desktop and mobile version before buying game in future.


Please do not show touch controls on the version which doesn’t have any of them. I was misled because of them.

thanks wall-e :)

Really interesting game.

thank you dexterfly

You may add more levels to the game, and if so, how have to.


Yeah i will add in the near future…thanks for the suggestion

Isn’t there any sound?

There are sounds BG music, guns, fire bazooka lot of…please check live preview

Tried this on iPhone and desktop, (works on desktop only) do you have touch events setup for this game?

yes it works on all mobile platforms including iphone with touch events….live preview is only for desktop..

I really like the concept of your Captain War game. How much would you charge me to make it so that I could have a different monster for each level? Also, how easy is it to add more levels for someone that knows absolutely nothing about CapX? If I were to provide the material to you, could you add them in for me? Lastly, what about leaderboard? Is that something you could do? I am anxious to hear from you. This looks like exactly what I am after if we can get it going with these things. Have a great day.


Can you please add me on skype or email me so we can discuss this. I would like to know what exact changes and more features you want in the game.

Skype : mehta.himanshu14

Email : freakxapps@gmail.com