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Nice, good luck with sales

Thank you for comment!

Hi RiodeJanerio, very nice and clean game.

But it downst works with Firefox

Work in Firefox fixed. Also added a start button. I sent you a message with link to download update or download it in the next update here. Thank you for comment and purchase!

Thank u for the Response and Update.

Hi, Very good game :) Can you make a version which can be used with ANDROID PHONES? Please let me know. Thanks.

Hello! Thank you for comment :) I do not quite understand what you mean. Web-game in javascript through the browser, but with the on-screen buttons to control? Or an application (.apk game) for android phones?

I want onscreen button to control also if u can ad sounds it will be awesome :) Will it fit the screen size automatically in android??

I understood you. Will make soon.

It depends on resolution of android device screen. Options bar will fit if it possible, for game board there are buttons to change scale. You can see how it look on my phone (xperia v):

I think that for phones need to change the resolution of game board (now it 40×20) and increase scale. I can do it.

Hello! One question: Can I modify the content resolution to adapt it to others widths and heights manually?


Hello! Yes. There are variables responsible for the board resolution (default 40×20) and for the size of each cell in the pixel (default one cell is 21 pixels) at the beginning of the code (application.js file).

There are a few grammar mistakes but it’s really clean!

Also, if you press down + left simultaneously, it will glitch and cause you to lose.

Thank you very much for comment!

If you find this is not very difficult, could you point me to the grammar mistakes? Maybe not here, but through private messages. I’m from Russia, and English isn’t native for me, so I have a problem with it (especially with punctuation, because the English punctuation is very different from the Russian). I will be very grateful to you for your help. – “You hit the himself” – It should be, “You hit the snake.” Other than that, it’s good.

Privet. Est vozmozhnost peredavat kolichestvo ochkov v bazu dannyh?

Privet. Takoy vozmozhnosti net, potomu chto dlya ee realizacii nuzhen serverniy yazik.

igra napisana na html5? Mne nuzhno tol’ko chto by po okonchaniju igry otkryvalos’ forma v kotorom otobrazhalsja kolichestvo ochkov i forma dlja vvoda nika, a jeti dannye ja uzhe sam obrabotaju.

Could you make the game work on an ipad?

Good day I have a request to edit the snake when the snake gets bigger it is published in the canvas or in code ?