Canvas: Show any content in a fullscreen slide

Canvas: Show any content in a fullscreen slide

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Please note: A non-WordPress version of this plugin is also available.


Canvas was designed to be a simple and straightforward WordPress flyout plugin that allows you to display some extra information in a dedicated, full screen area. It’s responsive all the way down to tablets and smartphones, ready for retina screens, and is a great add-on to any theme. It’s super easy to set up and use, but don’t let the clean looks deceive you; the content you’ll display is in no way limited to a predetermined layout.

Freedom to create

Insert text, images, videos, forms etc. as you would into any post or page, then mix, match and format them however you’d like. You are only limited by the tools available in the WordPress editor and any theme add-ons and/or plugins you use on your site. If for example you use shortcodes with your theme, then those can of course be used as well.

As of update 1.4, ‘Canvas’ also fully supports widgets, which can be shown in a single, two, or three columns. As is the rest of ‘Canvas’, the widgetized area is fully responsive as well; on smaller screens, the columns will be automatically moved underneath each other to make their content fully viewable.

And as of update 1.9, we also included a handy settings page that allows you to pick the corner you wish the activation button to appear in, which side of the screen you want the slide to slide-in from, as well as quickly replace the activation button’s icon (choose from 350+). You can also choose to hide the close icon that appears inside the slide as well as select whether you want the activation button to appear above or below the slide.

Putting it all together, it really is up to you how creative you want or need to get.

Make it your own

Canvas makes use of the built-in WordPress customization tools, allowing you to make color customizations with literally just a few clicks. With unlimited colors at your disposal, you can change the slide-out’s entire background color to anything you’d like, as well as the triangle button’s background color, the icon’s color, the icon’s mouseover effect color, and also override the colors of the content appearing inside Canvas (useful if you’d like link or widget colors to differ from the rest of your theme, for example). In addition, you can replace the icon itself as well, with over 350 different ones to choose from.

Bottom line, you can make it as simple or complex as you’d like. Canvas doesn’t get in the way.

CANVAS customer testimonials

As folks who’ve already purchased Canvas can attest to, we take good care of our customers. In fact, we’ll take a step back here and let them do the talking:

Canvas: Show any content in a fullscreen slide - 4


- Activation button can now be hidden (useful if you want to use your own trigger)
- Updated icon set to latest version
- Fixed potential mousewheel issue in desktop webkit browsers
- Created settings page that allows users to:
--- change activation button position (top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right)
--- change slide-in direction (top, left, right, bottom)
--- hide the close icon
--- easily change the icon on the activation button
--- toggle activation button visibility (above or below the Canvas slide)
- Updated icon set to latest version (now with even more icons)
- Activation icon is now more reactive on touch devices
- The slide can now also be closed by pressing the ESC button.
- Reworked the slide; it now opens and closes noticeably smoother on touch devices.
- Updated icon set to Font Awesome 4. Please note: if you have a previous version of Canvas and update to 1.6, you'll need to re-enter your activation button icon (FontAwesome 4 was a major overhaul that changed the way its icons are entered; still, it won't take more than a minute to update your icons; look at the updated documentation for info on how to make the change).
- Addressed potential iOS 7 icon display issue
- Added widget support
--- Updated documentation accordingly
- Added more color customization options
- Updated icon set to latest version
- When Canvas is active, the page below it can no longer be unintentionally scrolled.
- Added option to trigger Canvas via simple text link
--- Updated documentation accordingly

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