Discussion on Canvas: Show any content in a fullscreen slide

Discussion on Canvas: Show any content in a fullscreen slide

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I am having a couple of issues.

The first issue: the images I uploaded to the Canvas, by Bonfire page are not displaying in full size even though I have them set to display as full size in the WordPress settings.

The second issue: the changes I am making to the Canvas, by Bonfire page are only showing in my logged-in Chrome browser. They are not being reflected on mobile, incognito mode in Chrome, or in Safari. I have cleared the site cache.

Hi. We offer support via email, please send us a message via the contact form on our profile and include your site address as well.


Can you have Canvas open by default? I would like it on my homepage for users to decide between two main sections of my website (like the mens/womens option in the example screenshot)

It is possible but not out of the gate. We’d have to do it for you as custom work. Please get in touch via the contact form on our profile to follow up.


Hi, do I get support for this item (v 3.0.1) from my Envato Elements subscription?

It shows a black panel and the content I added to the canvas page never showed up. I have tried to add both text and image.


Okay, I just checked it and the version should be 3.0. Thank you!

Hi there.

I’m afraid Elements doesn’t include author support. If you’ve become a marketplace customer though, feel free to get in touch va the contact form on our profile; we provide support via email.


Hi there, hope your well. May I ask a question please?

1 – On the demo you have 4 different canvas content, can we create as many as we need? ie 1 x video – 1 x booking plugin

2 – Can we call each canvas by our own themes button (they have options for ID & class) anywhere in the page like menu/header/body?

3 – I have a booking plugin that doesnt load in my modal, just outputs shortcode [booknetic], does your canvas plugin load any types of shortcode and support ajax?

4 – Will it load full screen in mobile (100% of screen w x h) and allow me to setting padding/margins on content?

5 – Tryng to keep things as light s possible, can we disable Font Awesome and just the font icons in my theme or none at all if using my themes button?

Thank you very much. (if it doesnt work with the booknetoc booking plugin could we request refund at all)


Canvas is designed to be site-wide, single-instance.


Sorry, I posted this on Canvas, meant to be on Nest :( Please ignore

1.- Do you have any demo that works? 2.- You have real photos of how the software is. 3.- Is it a plugin that is installed in my template? 4.- Can I only use it, or can anyone who has access to the url use it? 5.- Do you have any demo to try it?

That’s the demo site that shows the plugin on a live site, correct. Like I said earlier, there’s no trial version available.


I’m looking for this, how will I know what I’m going to buy if you don’t show it to me? would you blindly buy something?

The item page and demo site are very clear on what the product is. No one’s ever been confused :) What you’re after there is something completely different though.


hi, is possible call the slide from php? how?

Hi. Canvas shows the contents of a page. If you wish to load content from php then you’d need to have it customized accordingly.


No, sorry. we need call the content with php, no add content with php, now if click button slide the content, we need trigger this with a function in php. Is possible?

Either way, you need to get it customized for something like that.


It is safe to update to wp 5.0.2? it is compatible?

Thanks in advance

With regards

Hi. Yes of course, update at will.


Hello. I am trying to decide between this and your other plugin (fly out panels). Can you tell me if you have tested this plugin on mobile devices whilst “Add This” social sharing plugin is enabled? I just bought a panel plugin which does not work on mobiles with Add This…. some conflict with the Add This floating layers. Add This is quite important for us, so i cannot really do without it.

I can of course buy and test your plugin, but hope you would permit a refund if for whatever reason it does not work as intended. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi. We don’t see why it wouldn’t work as it’s not designed to interfere with anything. We can’t agree to blind refunds though; that said, should there be an issue we can’t overcome, we never want a customer to feel stuck with a product they can’t use.



After installing the extension I realised that I can set up just 1 slide and 1 button. The picture of the item on envato page is confusing. You show a page with different buttons in the corners, leading to think that the extension allows multiple slides at the same time…

Are you considering to update the extension functionnality in order to have multiple slideouts on a page?

Hi. We don’t advertise upcoming updates. Pretty sure that’s against marketplace rules as well.

But sounds like you just need to change the z-index of your popup. Contact the developer of that add-on and ask how you can change its z-index.


All addons behave the same way, so you recommend me to contact all of them, and not trying to solve this from your side.

So this is the support you give? sending the support responsiblity to others? pretty bad…

What are you talking about? :) You said you wanted to increase the layer order of your popup, so I gave you a suggestion. You can of course LOWER the layer order of Canvas but there’s no telling what other elements in your installation will start appearing above it then as well.

If you just need to change the behavior of a specific element (in this case, your popup) then it’s best to edit that very element.

If you however want to go the other route, then Canvas’ z-indexes are in the canvas.css file. There are just two instances of it, simply lower both until you reach your desired result.

Have a good weekend, cheers

Hi there, is it compatible with visual composer? Will it show pages built with vc without functionality or styling issues? If not, will you be adding compatibility between these two in a future update? Thanks!

Then VC is placing some code your content is depending on outside the actual content area. There’s no update that Canvas can provide that would alter VC’s behaviour, as there’s no way for it to know what that dependent code is (nor would we release something that alters a third-party plugin’s core functionality like that).

Cheers. basically canvas doesn’t output the correct code from vc so it’s just a javascript conflict perhaps? Can you test it in your own? Thanks!

No. Canvas outputs what is entered into the content area of a post, as it should. But VC also enters code OUTSIDE the content area of a post (the content you enter via VC is made dependent on code it also places outside the content area). There’s no way for Canvas to know what that code is because, again, VC places it outside the actual content area. There’s no change or update to Canvas that can override VC’s behavior, nor would we release an update that would just re-write another plugin’s core function like that.


Thanks for the free DL, really nice work :) GLWS

Thanks for this freebie!

Please provide more screen-shots and more examples in demonstration.

For what? It’s a free file right now. Just download and install it :) Read the documentation and you’ll be well on your way.


Cheers… Much appreciated :)

I am interested in a plugin like this with the ability to show disqus comments; does yours support this?

Hi. Haven’t tested with Disqus. But Canvas is site-wide anyway, so on the front page it wouldn’t have anything to load.


I’m also hoping for a multiple-slide option. Reading through the comments this feature gets requested a lot. So I wonder, is this ever coming? I also read about the quick workaround installing multiple instances of canvas, but that seems too bloated (duplicate code) and canvases would stack on top of each other if not closed one-by-one. Here’s what I had in mind if possible:

Any chance of this happening? Would also be willing to purchase in advance to motivate :grin:

Hi. That’s not something that’s planned for Canvas at this time.


Is there any plans to be able to have multiple for different pages? The plugin looks great but if I could ado info and help depending on pages I would but it in a heartbeat.

Hi. Canvas was designed from the ground up for a site-wide slide, so no plans to update it to multiple canvases.


What is the possibility of activating the canvas with an additional link inside of the page. (aside from the corner buttons)

What I’m trying to do is temporarily assign an order button to the contact canvas page that pops out for the time being.

Have a look at the documentation, under “F) Using simple text to trigger Canvas”


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