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Hey Guys,

I was wondering if it is possible to create different canvas for different pages. For instance, in a portfolio section, each panel would bring a different information for each project.

Best wishes

Hi there. Just the single slide site-wide.


Hello! I have a pre-purchase question:

Can I use a PHP archive in your plugin? Like index2.php to show custom content of my site. If not, works with de JS version?

Hi there. Not exactly sure what you’re asking. You can enter any content though as long as it’s entered through the WordPress page editor.


I am trying to add the trigger text to a button that is a link and it’s not working. Please help, it’s important I get this to work. Thank you!

Hi there. You don’t have a buyer’s badge, so I can’t help you since I can’t confirm you’ve purchased this plugin. Everything is detailed in the included documentation though.


I purchased the Behemoth theme and it came with it.

Hi again. If that’s the case then please contact me through the comment form on my profile if you need to. In any case though, the code is well marked so you should be able to see where you need to make the change (look for the ”<!- BEGIN SLIDEOUT BUTTON ->” marker).

If you don’t have the know-how to do something like this yourself, then you’d really need to get a freelancer as something like this falls under customizations and doesn’t count as item support.


can I change the size of the trigger icon or change the image?

You can change the icon (there are several hundred to choose from. Changing the size would require a freelancer though.


ca i make bottom – center position for icon ?

Hi there. Out of the box, it’s the four corner positions.


Hello, I just purchased and installed this plugin, It works fine but its conflicting with another plugin I use. it makes the logos plugin I use not even show up.

when i disable your plugin, all is fine again. id really like to use your plugin with my setup.

heres the url: please help with this.


Hi there. Canvas doesn’t do anything except add a customizable slide. It doesn’t mess with logos etc. So the issue could easily be originating from another part of your site. The last-activated item isn’t necessarily where the problem lies when dealing with faulty code.

That said, I’ll gladly take a quick look but I need details. What ‘logos plugin’ are you using? Where is the logo supposed to be shown? How is the logo entered? Email me this info through the form on my profile as I offer support via email.


OK, sending you info now Thanks!

Making the background with the ability to be transparent would be a huge improvement. Any chance or a suggestion in making the triangle transparent?


Hi. You can make the button triangle background transparent by adding this to the stylesheet:

.bonfire-slideout-button-triangle-background, .bonfire-slideout-button-triangle-background-top-left, .bonfire-slideout-button-triangle-background-top-right, .bonfire-slideout-button-triangle-background-bottom-left { opacity:0.5; }

Then just change the “0.5” value to whatever you’d need (0.5 is the same as 50%, so if you want 75%, change it to 0.75 etc).



Hi there. What’s seen on that page and Canvas are two completely different things. All of Canvas’ features and options are detailed on the item page.


Hey I always really like your plugins. I got your TapTap menu a little while back. I do have a question about Canvas. I know this involves customization but would it be possible to have a series of 12 (or so) custom images that when clicked on they trigger different canvas overlays, instead of the icons in the corners of the screen? I wonder how complicated this would be and would I switch out the icons for images.

Hi. Canvas was always designed to be a single-instance, site-wide slide. So you’d certainly have to have firm knowledge of coding to make the modifications you mention.


Ah got it. Thanks.

Can you make it start full screen automatically on a selected page? Eg: I want to run a full page/screen slideshow when visitors first land on a site?

Hi. I’m afraid that’s not a feature.

Happy Holidays!

Quick question : is it possible to use this with any “link”/button or does it have to be your icon at the bottom ?

Okay just bought it and it works. Cool :) Now how do I go about having multiple canvas, if possible ? Like one link is “canvas-text-trigger-1”, another “canvas-text-trigger-2”, if possible..?

Okay I read other comments saying not possible so I found a quick,although a bit brutal, workaround : open all the plugin files in notepad, do replace all “bonfire” to “bonfire2”, and “canvas-text-trigger” to “canvas-text-trigger2”. Install again. Works like a charm.

Yup, that would work :)

Does not work for me .. instructions followed but does not work & no response from support..I give up!

I cant find a reply -please re-send

Content will Not load , site uses WP-Layers page builder.

I see the content inside Canvas fine. You have an image, a slider and a bunch of placeholder text there.

What is the possibility of activating the canvas with an additional link inside of the page. (aside from the corner buttons)

What I’m trying to do is temporarily assign an order button to the contact canvas page that pops out for the time being.

Have a look at the documentation, under “F) Using simple text to trigger Canvas”

Is there any plans to be able to have multiple for different pages? The plugin looks great but if I could ado info and help depending on pages I would but it in a heartbeat.

Hi. Canvas was designed from the ground up for a site-wide slide, so no plans to update it to multiple canvases.


I’m also hoping for a multiple-slide option. Reading through the comments this feature gets requested a lot. So I wonder, is this ever coming? I also read about the quick workaround installing multiple instances of canvas, but that seems too bloated (duplicate code) and canvases would stack on top of each other if not closed one-by-one. Here’s what I had in mind if possible:

Any chance of this happening? Would also be willing to purchase in advance to motivate :grin:

Hi. That’s not something that’s planned for Canvas at this time.


I am interested in a plugin like this with the ability to show disqus comments; does yours support this?

Hi. Haven’t tested with Disqus. But Canvas is site-wide anyway, so on the front page it wouldn’t have anything to load.