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hi , how i change the defult number of pieces in start? when i click shuffle . it give me 25 pieces and i want 16 pieces (parts of puzzle) thanks yogev

in what file i find (or add?) this default pieces? thanks!

In index.php

thanks !

Hi, presales question : Can this project be embedded in a Angular/Typescript project easily ?

It can be embedded, But is not as straightforward. you have to create a declaration file (I’m assuming is angular 2)

declare function require(path: string): any;
export let Jigsaw: any = require('./js/canvas-puzzle.min');
in your component html file include the game template:
<div id="canvas-wrap">
  <canvas id="canvas" class="canvas"></canvas>
  <canvas class="hidden canvas" id="image"></canvas>
  <canvas class="hidden canvas" id="image-preview"></canvas>
you can’t “hide” the element with an ng-if because the game needs the canvas element, you must hide it with css (display: none).

there are some elements that the game assume are present in the html (timer, some buttons, modals…) that if you are not going to use you have to remove that part of the code from the game code because it will raise an error

G’day. Some pre-sales questions:- Can sound be added? Can canvas-size be full-screen? I use a program called HTML5 Executable and am wondering if output puzzles could be packed using it? Thanks. Graeme DB.


The game doesn’t have a way to add sound but you will get the full source code, so you can add sound (I can assist you with that)I have not used HTML5 Executable so I not sure if it can work with it (but it works with electron)

G’day. Thanks for your response. If i decided to add-in the sound code, with your help, how much would you change to do that?