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Man thats hard, is there an undo last move function ?


Hello! Yes, there is an undo function for all last moves, also there is a redo function. Thank you for comment!

Great game! It would be great if you can create a leaderboard.

Good luck with sales!

Leaderboard is a great idea, will be coming soon. Thank you for comment!

Also it would be great if you can make the last move in a different color, makes it easier to find where you are.

For your information. I’m using Firefox 22 and the board is not shown. I can see only the top bar. I did try to remove the frame but it didn’t solved. With Chrome it works perfectly. Regards.

Thank you very much for your comment. Fixed.

Great puzzle and nicely presented. I’m still having the same problem though as Nicero with Firefox and Opera. Interestingly with both browsers everything works fine if I open the game from the file on my local computer, but when I’ve uploaded it to my server I just see that top bar. Everything is fine in Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Just to add, I can play your preview at http://codecanyon.net/item/canvas-knights-tour/full_screen_preview/5211078 fine in Firefox. Wondering if I need to do something on my server to get it to work in Firefox. Something in .htaccess maybe?

Hello. Sorry, it’s my fault, because archive for buyers contains old file. Made an update now. You can download a correct version when update will approved or contact with me by email and I will sent it to you Thank you for comment and purchase!

Thanks, RiodeJaneiro. I’ve just uploaded the new version to my server and can confirm it’s working perfectly in Firefox and Opera now. Very much appreciated.

Any news? It would be great if you can create a leaderboard.

Hello. I can’t create a leaderboard with JS or HTML5. Server-side language is required to do this. May be I will do it but now I haven’t free time (study).

Hi Any news about Leaderboard thanks